Friday, July 25, 2014

Memebox VIP Restocks!! OMG2, K-Style 2, My CuteWishlist 2!! Plus 15 free Memepoints for VIPS

 Omg, you guys!!  Memebox read my mind!  LOL!!  I wanted Memepoints and now I have some!

Look what else they've been up to!  NEW boxes!!!

15 Points for VIPs Only! To become a VIP you must have purchased five boxes in the last three months.  It resets each month, too.

All Your Favorite Boxes, Upgraded!

My Cute Wishlist 2:
From miniature beautifying trinkets to precious pouch portables, this 2nd
box is full of darling delights that will make you bubble over with giddiness!

It's Back! We spritzed, powdered, and puckered up our way through thousands of precious darlings to bring you a box that bubbles over with cuteness!

The second edition of our My Cute Wishlist Box is loaded with darling delights that have swoon-worthy signature cheeky Korean names and gosh-darn-cute packaging. From miniature beautifying trinkets to precious pouch portables, this box full of darling beauty finds will make you bubble over with giddiness.

K-Style 2:
Find out the K-Style secret with our K-Style 2 Box! Korean makeup is all about radiant feminine beauty, and with this box, you’ll be able to recreate all of your favorite K-celeb’s beauty looks! Whether you want to take the spotlight with a fun and dramatic K-pop eye and lip combo, or want to perfect understated elegance with bright and flawless skin, and signature K-drama celeb lips, the final results will be some kind of gorgeous.

OMG 2:  
The 2nd OMG Box is loaded with even weirder, even kookier Memebox cult favorites that wilsatisfy all you beauty adventurers and beauty-holics!
If you haven’t had enough of our kooky beauty obsessions, take the OMG 2 beauty challenge!

We rounded up some of the kookiest and most unusual beauty trends that took Seoul by storm! From funky makeup trends to cool skin and hair treatments, these fun cosmetic innovations will definitely inspire you to rethink your current makeup routine. Loaded with even weirder, even funkier Memebox cult favorites, this box is a must have for beauty enthusiasts and beauty-holics!
Memebox codes:

AFGG00- $5 off in July!
MEMEBUNDLE3- $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4- $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes

VIP 10% off on Orders Above $100 VG6F
VIP 15% off on Orders Above $150 G7M3
VIP $7 Shipping Charge Waive L2PO

Forgive my frantic post and any errors.  I wanted to make sure you got the news FAST before these sold out!  With all those free Memepoints floating about, it's likely to happen.

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  1. I saw this earlier today and snagged the OMG/cute wish list bundle. Can't wait!

    1. I want the My Cute Wishlist so much! I'm not adventurous enough for the OMG box. I don't want silkworm poop or birds nests in my skincare! I just can't do it! Watch, it'll end up being completely amazing and I'll be kicking myself for missing out. :D

  2. Ohmygosh why does Memebox do this to us?! After buying the Sweet Shop box that I wasn't supposed to buy, I told myself I was way over my spending/Memebox limit for July. Then they go and release this! I had just come to terms with missing the first edition and convinced myself that I didn't need to get it. AND NOW I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO GET IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

    1. If you got the points then you might as well, right? LOL! If you didn't get the points then don't buy! Easy peasy!
      I wanted the My Cute Wishlist but I wanted the Earth and Sea more and I felt guilty when I put both of them in my cart so I took My Cute Wishlist out since it's probably not as useful as Earth and Sea. And I have so much already!

    2. Sadly, I don't have the points. I was using different email accounts to use the TRYMEMEBOX code (3 times!) so I didn't hit VIP status. But that means I only had to pay shipping for the sweet shop box! That alllmost makes me feel like I'm justified to get this cute box, but I'll resist. Thanks for helping me reason!

    3. If you're lucky then they'll restock them right before they ship them out and you'll be able to snag one then. That's two months away so save your pennies! I'm gonna wait and see how the first ones turn out, then grab a restock or not based on that.