Thursday, July 10, 2014

Memebox Waxing Box Contents

Oh, Memebox.  Well, I'm going to say one thing.  I am not too impressed with this Waxing Box.  Especially when there's no waxing product in it!!

The Cost: $29

1. INTERCOS Smooth Sensitive Removal Cream 150ml Full-size ($36)
When summer comes around the corner, every girl needs a proper waxing for her under-arms, legs, arms, and bikini-lines. With Intercos’ sensational hair removal cream, waxing can become so much quicker and easier. There’s no need for a razor blade or a painful waxing procedure anymore. Simply apply the removal cream and after 5~10 minutes rinse off in a shower.

2. BENTON Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel 100ml Full-size ($15)
Benton’s Aloe Propolis soothing gel is suitable for all types of skin especially for troubled, sensitive skin that are easily irritated by external environments. This soothing gel contains 80% of aloe barbadensis leaf juice and 10% of propolis extracts for moisturizing, soothing, and protecting your skin from possible damages or loosing moisture. Also, propolis extracts deliver skin relief and relaxation.

3. ANGEL FACTORY Under-Arm White Peeling Perfume 5ea Full-size ($30) If you've been troubling over darkened spots, uneven skin tones, or unnecessary odor from under your arms, this is the perfect solution for you! Follow the quick 3 steps to care for your underarms after having waxed them.

4. RAY PEARLS Shaving & Face Wash 200g Full-size ($12)A super innovative shaving cream made in a chewy texture which stretches out like a gum! Its gum-like texture allows it to adhere tightly to the skin and protect your skin from possible razor blade cuts. What’s more, this product can be used by men as well, to be utilized as both a shaving and a face wash. The gentle formula and the chewy texture works to minimize skin blemishes and irritations.

5. DORCO TINKLE 3 For Women 2ea Full-size ($16)Dorco’s shaving razor designed especially for women smoothly and gently removes hair without irritating your skin.

While I wasn't impressed with this Memebox, others are great!  Plus, you can currently still get Memebox Global #16!  I think the numbered boxes are still the best variety and value.  Luckyboxes are a close second.  They are only second because they contain only repeats from previous numbered Memeboxes.

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  1. This box is truly baffling--I expected it to be full of wild waxes and all sorts of pain's...not. Hmm. I feel like there's a final review/critique step missing at Memebox--the "does this make sense and is it a good idea?" step. Most of the time they're doing fine, but some of the stumbles seem avoidable--I wouldn't be surprised if they're short-staffed. LOL--I kind of want to drop them a note and get all professorly like "Hey, if you want to send me a draft before the due date so I can give you some feedback that's totally cool"--ahahahaha.

    1. LOL! I've thought the same thing actually. Wouldn't it be fun to sit down with them and see how they figure out what to put in the boxes? Quite honestly, I don't know how they are keeping up. Constantly putting out new boxes doesn't seem sustainable. I'm really hoping that they go to a subscription model just because they are going to run out of ideas at some point! Until then, I have *lots* of them :P

  2. I think this box is OK, but it is a bit weird that they called it "Waxing" box and not just "Hair Removal" box!

    1. That's EXACTLY what they should have done!! It would have made WAY more sense to call it that!