Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Beauty Test Tube July 2014

My New Beauty Test Tube came today!  This is an "every other month" box so the last one was in May and this one is July 2014.

The Cost: $29.95 bimonthly.

What You Get: A carefully curated selection of beauty must haves six times a year.  You will receive a TestTube filled with 7 or more deluxe and full-size products from the hottest beauty brands. You will also receive a subscription to NewBeauty magazine, delivered quarterly..

I've only received one of these boxes previously and that was the May box.  I had seen no spoilers for this box so it was a complete surprise!

OMG!!  I love my itCosmetics Heavenly Luxe brush that I got from BeautyDNA and now here is another one!!  I was hoping it was a different kind of brush but it is the same.  This is such a gorgeous and high quality brush.  I absolutely love it!

The itCosmetics brush was too big to fit inside the actual test tube so it was on the side.  This box also comes with a full color pamphlet of each item.  I have learned to appreciate these informational cards.  I always thought I could do without them but writing these blog posts means I need them desperately. :)

Here's a picture of ALMOST all the goodies.  This is missing the full size Biosilk Leave In Treatment because I gave it away before I realized I still needed to take some unboxing photos.  Whoops!

itCosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush-  This is an ultra luxurious, ultra plush, cruelty free all over powder brush.  It delivers a flawless airbrush application with a mega high brush hair count and gives a perfectly poreless optical blurring effect.  This brush feel like heaven against my skin.  Sometimes I just like to brush it on my face without any powder at all!  Is that TMI?  Seriously, it feels sooo good!
Value: $48

Grande Face Lift Finishing Serum- This is an extra sample.  I think there usually should be a "to-go" bag that comes with each Test Tube but this time there wasn't.  I'm not sure why.  Smooth and brighten your skin with this nourishing serum.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner-  A gentle cleansing and conditioning duo that adds moisture while boosting volume for soft, full manageable hair.
Value: $3 for two travel size tubes

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream in All Light Skin Tones-  Well, I do have a light skin tone and my legs are like ghosts so maybe this will help them!  This is a 5-in-1 BB cream for your body that hydrates, illuminates, visibly firms and evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of imperfections.  I'll try this.  Why not?
Value: $12.99/7.5oz
Size Included: 1oz

AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact in Tan Blush-  This is way too dark for me so I can't really use it but its definitely interesting!  its a foundation-soaked cushion inside the jar.  You press the blue pancake sponge onto the cushion to pick up "the perfect amount" of product for your face.
This multitasking compact hydrates, protects and acts as coverage.  This has an SPF of 50 which is great.  It also has green tea antioxidants to help fight the aging process.  Seems kinda iffy to put a color specific type thing in a subscription box but I suppose New Beauty isn't the first one to have done it.
Size Included: .14oz

Strivectin EV Get Even Brightening Serum-  Okay, I love this.  I need this kind of thing!  This has Niacinamide for skin tone evening and Vitamin C for brightening and I want both those things!  Who doesnt?! :D  StriVectin is a great company and I always love seeing their products in my boxes.  Especially a nice size like this!
Value: $89/1.7oz
Size Included: 1oz

Revlon Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy Line Filler- This is a lightweight, colorless formula with hyaluronic acid  that instantly fills fine lines, wrinkles and creases to visibly smooth the skin and readying it for flawless make up application.  Well, I'm starting to get fine lines and wrinkles so I'll let you know how this works.
Value: $13/.4oz
Size Included: Full Size

La Roche-Posay Mela-D Deep Cleansing Brightening Foaming Cream- Micro Exfoliating lipo-hydroxy acid.  Fade dark spots at every step of your skin care routine starting with this exfoliating cleanser.  This will help increase radiance and even skin tone with regular use.
Value: $25/4.2oz
Size Included: .5oz

BioSilk Color Therapy Lock and Protect Leave-In Treatment-  I don't have a picture of this because I gave this to my sister in law who has gloriously curly, color treated hair and she would get way more use out of it than I would.  I hope she likes it!
Value: $12.50
Size Included: Full Size

VERDICT: This box has about $120 worth of goodies in it.  That's based on my rough calculations and terrible math.  I think this is a pretty good box!  With a $10 off coupon this is $19.99 plus shipping and I got some pretty great stuff!!  If I didn't already have the itCosmetics brush, that would have made my entire day!  Still, this has StriVectin which I love, Biosilk is a great brand, so is La Roche-Posay and I've actually always wanted to try the Revlon Wrinkle Filler!  Everything else is a nice extra.  The Dove products will go into my travel bag, the AmorePacific up for swaps and the Jergens into rotation for reducing the white ghastliness of my legs!

In fact, I like this box more than I did the May one and this one didn't include the usual To Go bag!

If you would like to try New Beauty Test Tube, it is a bi-monthly subscription so the next one won't be until September!  You can sign up here using my link and get $10 off your first Test Tube!  That makes it $19.95 plus shipping.  I think if you sign up now, you can get this exact one but I'm not positive. 

*referral links were used in the making of this post and I'm always appreciative when they are used!


  1. I love super soft brushes and will also rub them on my face just because it feels so good! It's like a mini-massage for your pores.