Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Memebox + Restocked Milk and Whole Grain!

Memebox New Arrivals New Arrivals!
Confronting a new work week can be tough! So in order to make you feel- and look- your best, we have our Daily Dose of Beauty Box to add a little spice and sass to every day of your week! 

The Cost: $29

Shipping begins August 27
Here's what it says:
*Makeup Mondays: Beat Monday Morning Blues!
*Treatment Tuesdays: Give yourself the ultimate skin pampering session that is fit for a queen!
*Weird Wednesdays: Surprise yourself with crazy beauty who-know-whats!
*Therapy Thursday: Give yourself a therapeutic relaxation session
*Funky Fridays: Glam up and let loose!
*Wrinkle-free Weekends: De-stress and erase the years off your face!

The photos on the box pictures are deceiving so don't think thats what you will get!  I think we've all made the mistake of thinking the box picture was some kind of representation on what was in the box... And then been disappointed.

Also the Memebox Milk and Memebox Whole Grain have been restocked and are still available.  The Oriental Medicine was also restocked but it's currently sold out again.  You'll get 5 memepoints back if you purchase either of these boxes which is pretty awesome :D

Don't forget to use codes!
AFGG00- $5 off in July!
MEMEBUNDLE3- $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4- $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes

Also check my Memebox Deals page for the entire list of boxes on sale or with deals available.
It appears that TRYMEMEBOX is now officially expired but I'm awaiting new ones since Memebox seemed to indicate in an email to me that there would be new ones.  I don't know when, though.
Aloe Vera Cosmetics Superbox!

Also, if you wanted to know what was in the Aloe Vera Memebox, here are the contents.  They are glorious and if you want to buy that box, hurry up and do it!  I want it so much but I want a code for it!!

*affiliate links were used in the making of this post :)

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