Sunday, July 27, 2014

One Year of Birchbox Plus $25 credit for $74.25!?!

This is just a quick note to say that you can get one year of Birchbox on sale at Gilt City for $99.  You will also get  $25 credit.

And if you buy within the next 5 days and use the code EMPLOYEE25, you'll get 25% off that total!! So you will get 12 Birchboxes and $25 worth of points for just $74.25!!

I just bought it.  It's for new accounts or accounts that haven't received a box in 3 months.  You have to use your voucher by September 4th.

New accounts are really easy to make... Just saying...  
As a side note, I used this voucher deal on an account that's only been closed a month and it worked fine.  Now... what to spend my 250 points on... :D

This might be the cheapest Birchbox year in the universe!!
 That's $6.10 a box!!

Sign up for GiltCity right here!  This is a national deal so if you don't see it on the homepage (you should) just Search for it. 


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  1. I wish they allowed current accounts to use this because it's SUCH a good deal! Arrrgh!

    1. I have an account that hasn't received a box in three months and I'm going to use this on that one. Birchbox isn't my favorite sub but this is a ridiculously good deal. I'm thinking of the things I can buy with all those lovely points! :D

    2. I just thought I'd mention that I used the voucher today. On an account I closed in June. And I added the Mystery Sample Pack to my purchase. The voucher is applied in the promo code field. I had absolutely no problems with it even though my account wasn't new and it hadn't been 3 months since my last box. I would have tried to apply it to my current account but I'm already on a 3 month sub with that one.

  2. SOOOOOOOOO TEMPTED TO DO THIS. But IDK if I want to get locked into another yearly sub since I currently have one already (that expires in January). BUT THE VALUE IS SO GOOD. I'm so torn. XD

    1. Just do it. You are like the BB queen! I used mine today on the account I cancelled after my crappy June box came. If you subtract the $25 you get in points it's only $50 for a year! :D /enablertalk