Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Only 4 Days Left to get Your July LootCrate!

 July Loot Crate Theme
Loot Crate has put together what a legendary homage to the baddies that everyone loves to hate. 
The Cost: $13.37/month
What You Get: A box of phat l00tz centered around a geeky theme.  Exclusive T-shirts often included!

Not only does the VILLAINS crate include an EXCLUSIVE shirt, but they're also teaming up with Marvel to get you a special Looter Exclusive variant cover of Rocket Raccoon #1 .
July’s crate has three exclusive items, and some awesome new surprises.

You don't want to miss this crate!  Sign up here!  Use code VILLIANS to get 10% off any length subscription or HARLEY to get $3 off your first box.

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