Friday, July 11, 2014

Pashbox July 2014 Review + $6 off Coupon!

My July 2014 Pashbox arrived today!  I love that they ship USPS First Class.  It means I don't have to wait ten days for it to get from Florida to my home in Washington State!

If you haven't heard of Pashbox, it is a new accessories subscription box that has been dealing primarily with scarves and sunglasses!  The box that I got is the Scarf Box.  Pashbox started out as a monthly subscription but now is moving to a quarterly subscription instead.

The Cost: Currently under construction, it appears.  Pashbox is moving away from monthly subscriptions to quarterly subscriptions.  The new model will be fashion, accessories and beauty box  You can possibly get your first Scarf box for $6 off using this link!  Pashbox uses Paypal subscriptions so that link will take you directly to the payment screen.

What You Get: Well, I'm not sure anymore since I just visited their website and discovered everything had changed!!  Previously, it was 2-3 on trend scarves but it looks like they will be upgrading their service to include more than that!

This month there were two scarves, a mask and a treat.  I like the fact there are unexpected bits sent along with the scarves!

Infinity Scarf #1- This is a lime green and grey animal-ish print scarf.  It's very lightweight which is good because it's summer!  I really like these colors although it's not something I would choose for myself.

Infinity Scarf #2- Hot pink and black feather print on a white background!  I love this!  I just wish it were cooler.

Cala Soothing Aloe Vera Sheet Mask-  This are great for after a day in the sun.  I'm loving all the sheet masks I got in my Memebox and this will be added to the stash.  I'm using masks regularly now so I'm using them up pretty quickly!

Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp-  This was completely melted but that didn't stop me from trying it.  It still tastes pretty good even when all the chocolate has melted to the inside of the package.

VERDICT:  This box was $22 which makes each scarf about $10.  Not a bad deal even for unbranded scarves.  I love the colors they chose but I do wish it hadn't been two infinity scarves.  Unfortunately, I think it's just too hot right now for me to be able to enjoy my box and the scarves in it.  I'm curious to see how much the new box will be and what it will include.

If you currently have a monthly subscription, it will be discontinued after the month of July.  Pashbox is moving to a quarterly subscription model.  If you purchased a 3 or 6 month subscription you will have the opportunity to get a refund or apply your balance to the new quarterly box.

Subscriptions become available on July 16th.

If you would like to sign up for Pashbox, you can get your first Scarf box for $6 off using this link!  Check out their website, too, since the link will take you directly to Paypal.

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