Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Petbox by Rover Free Box Review + Free Box and Coupon Codes!

This is not a regular Petbox.  This is a collaboration box between Petbox and Rover.  It's "free" but there is a shipping charge of $6.99.  I figured that was worth it since the stated value was $19.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Barkboxes but I wanted to see how other dog boxes stack up against them.

The Cost: This particular Petbox was free for the price of shipping at $6.99.  Petbox has several types of subscriptions ranging from a $8.99/mo Snack Box to a $59.99 Multi-Pet Household Box.

What You Get: Enjoy a mix of healthy treats, toys, and accessories for your dog or cat each month.  Yes, they do cat boxes!

This Petbox was only treats.  I had thought I read somewhere that it was going to be only toys and I was kind of bummed.  Now I wish it had had a little of both.  It's okay, though.  I paid only $6.99 after all and there is a LOT of stuff in here.

InClover Glow for Skin and Coat Soft Chews for Dogs- This is a nice big bag at 5oz.  These are grain free and have fresh egg (including the shell), Omega-3 in the form of algae and Biotin and zinc.  Oh, and fish oil.  And they smell like fish oil, too.  The dogs loved them!
Value: $8.99

Aussie Ear 100% Natural Water Buffalo Ear-  This is a thin rawhide ear and it's not very big either.  I'm totally okay with that because I don't think my dogs need to become fat pigs, noshing on huge treats.
Value: $1.99 Coupon for first night free- Rover is a dog sitting service.  They will find you a dog sitter in your area.  Dog sitters sign up and fill out a profile and then you go through and find one who will do what you like and hire them.  This is actually a pretty great coupon and worth about $40.  We may actually use this!

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Plus Chews- Two fairly good sized dental treats. Grain, corn and wheat free.  Made with Green Tea Extract.
They have chicken in them which means Dexter shouldn't eat them.  Unfortunately, I did a bad thing.  I gave one to Bugsy which he immediately ran off with.  I then got distracted by something (squirrel!) and left the second one, still in the plastic, on the coffee table.
You can guess what happened.  I'm actually not sure Dexter ate it but one of them did.  Needless to say, I left the dog door open just in case someone has an amazing bout of diarrhea.  /sigh
Value: $1.99

Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care- A topical application for sores, cuts, wounds, abrasions and skin irritants. Its got hypochlorus acid, salt and water in it.  I already used this on Dexter's hot spot.  It's safe to be licked (not that I want him licking!).
Value: approximately $8.99 (this is a 2oz sample size- the 3oz sells for $13.99)

Petbox Coupon Book-  I never give coupons a value unless they're for something free that I want.  This does have a couple coupons for free stuff and the coupons are pretty good.  I will be using a few of them so this is a win for me.

The Honest Kitchen Keen Cage Free Turkey, Vegetables and fruits Dehydrated Food-  All natural dehydrated dog food.  Just add water!  This one is for Dexter!  No chicken :)
Value: $2

The Honest Kitchen Force Free Range Chicken, Vegetables and Fruits- All natural dehydrated dog food.  This one is for Bugsy, its grain-free :)
Value: $2

So I used these for the dogs dinner.  These are single use packets which was perfect.  All it needed was 1/3 cup of water.

Here is the food in all it's glory.  It actually does become pretty thick!  And it smelled good, too.  The dogs were hopping around my feet getting very anxious.  They know if I take their food bowls to the kitchen that they are getting something amazing.  Usually, it's just because I add yogurt or pumpkin to their kibble but this time-no kibble!
They snarfed it up pretty quick since they didn't have to chew.  I'm surprised Dexter didn't choke he ate it so fast.  I think he forgot to breathe, too.

Just in case you were wondering whether the dogs like the fishy skin and coat treats...  I was trying to take a picture in the sunlight and I had set the bag down to display what the pieces looked like.  When I lifted up my camera to take a picture, this is what happened...
My crazy, wild-eyed rat terrier took his chance to snap up another one!  What a bad dog! :)

VERDICT: I paid $6.99 in shipping for this box and received about $24 worth of items, not including the coupons.   Everything in this box will be used or eaten which increases the "usability" value for me.  If this box is indicative of what I will be receiving in the regular box, I'm pretty excited!  That box will be here on Monday, I believe.

You can still get a free Rover and Petbox Collaboration box for $6.99!  It's available here.  As far as I can tell, there have been no variations on the box, so if this looks good to you, go for it!

You can also get 50% off your first Petbox of any type using the code PBROCKS50.
Remember they do cat boxes, too!  From what I can tell on their website, there's a way to choose the exact items you want in your box but I haven't figured out how it works.  I think I'll email them.

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  1. That's a fantastic box for only paying shipping! I love that treat snatcher action shot :) -- those eyes! Full of excitement and terror at the same time. I hope Dexter's okay and not too pooey! Poor guy. Those fish treats look pretty intriguing. I try to give my dogs fishy things to give them a shiny coat, but I also think it's what's making them fat. Macho's become SO fat since I started feeding him salmon kibble. Haha. Thanks for the link; they're out of this particular box but I'm on the waiting list for the next free one! :)

    1. Luckily, I think it was Bugsy that got it because there were no incidents :D Poor Macho! He's probably feeling his fatness when Pebbles gets wound up! I think Corgies have a hard time staying trim anyway, don't they? Seems like they're all little chubbers when I see them but it could be the hair.
      The treats do stink but its way better than the sardines I was feeding them. They grossed me out so much I stopped even though they're supposed to be so good for dogs.
      I'm bummed they ran out! They're still advertising it, too. So maybe they will do the next box soon. It really was worth it.

    2. Hey Sarah & Sheri! They are offering a FREE PetBox, just pay for shipping. Check it out:

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