Thursday, July 10, 2014

Popsugar Must Have July 2014 Review

Finally!!!  My Popsugar July 2014 box arrived!  It should have been here Tuesday but instead it sat at the PO for two extra days!  Now it's here and I'm thrilled!
This Popsugar box might be the most eclectic one I've received so far.  This is a hugely wide range of items.  I've really been enjoying each of my Popsugar boxes.  I don't think I've ever gotten one I hated or thought wasn't worth it.

The Cost: $39.95/month (use code REFER5 to get $5 off!)

What You Get: Full-size products and premium, hand-selected items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food.

I'm starting with the most awesome item!

Michael Stars Beach Hat-  This is SO cute!  It's got wire in the brim so you can adjust it to it's absolute cutest shape.  I have a tiny head and when I first put it on, it came down to my eyeballs.  Luckily, its also got a drawstring!  So I untied the bow, tightened it up,  and retied it.  Now it fits perfectly!  It's perfect!
Value: $48

Dang Foods Toasted Coconut Chips-  Wanna know what is delicious?  These. Yes.  I've already opened them and I'm trying to stop myself from scarfing the whole bag at once.  I need more.  If you've ever been to Hawaii and had the toasted coconut you can buy at roadside stands, this is like that.  So tasty.
Value: $3

Sun Bum Sunscreen and Lotion- SPF 30 sunscreen and cooling after-sun aloe lotion.  The Cool Down Lotion is made with cocoa butter and jojoba oil as well as aloe and it smells so good.  Or maybe I'm just hungry and thats why everything is making me drool?  :D
Value: $20

Acme Party Box Chevron Straws-  These are old fashioned paper straws and they are so pretty and summery.  I don't know if Ive used paper straws before, though. It seems like they would... well, get soggy and melty in a drink.  I guess I'll find out. 
Value: $7

French Bull Ziggy Salad Servers- These are so summery and colorful I can hardly look at them.  These are not really my style but this *is* a summer box so I can see why they are in here.  Hooray for picnics and sunshine!  I'm not sure I would use these for salads since they are both spoons (is that weird? Shouldn't one be a big fork?) but I could use them for all sorts of other things.  Including a gift for someone who loves crazy colors.
Value: $12

TKO Jump Rope with Soft Grip Handles-  This is a 9 foot long jump rope with a PVC "rope" and smooth swivel handles.  Actually they just feel like cheap plastic but whatever.  Strangely enough, DH was just saying he wished he had a jump rope (don't ask me why).  Well, now he does. Yay!
Value: $13

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara-  If I didn't already have two of these from other boxes, this would be amazing!  I don't care what brand of mascara it is as long as it doesn't clump and it makes my lashes long and thick.  Normally I use Clinique but I've been branching out with all these sub boxes.  Some of the good brands are terrible and some of the meh ones are great!  I really liked the NYX Are you DeprEYEved mascara that came in a Blush Mystery Box.  It's gone now, I used it so often :)
Value: This is a special extra and not counted toward the value of the box.  $8

VERDICT: Okay.  This Popsugar box is a summer box so it should definitely have had sunscreen in it.  I really like that it wasn't *just* sunscreen but also the after-sun lotion as well.  Brownie points!  The hat is fabulous.  I love it and I will wear it.  Hats tend to always look dumb on my tiny head but this one is adjustable and the wire in the brim allows me to give it a shape that doesn't hide my whole face.  The jump rope is plasticy and isn't my favorite but it will be used.  The Dang Toasted Coconut Chips are heavenly and I'm so glad they were included.  The spoons are festive and summery but not something I'm sure I'll use.  Paper straws are only cute and basically useless, sadly.  I'm not going to complain about the mascara because it was an extra so I'm glad to have it.

Not every box is going to be fabulous.  This was a good box but it didn't have a big "wow" factor.  I'm not holding that against them because I don't think every box can have that.  Did I get my money's worth? I think I did.  I would spend $20 to get a nice hat (though not $48 like this one!) and while I wouldn't have purchased a jump rope, salad spoons or paper straws, I would have paid more than $10 for sunscreen and lotion and the mascara.  So this box is worth it for me just because I would have naturally purchased some of these items.  The rest is bonus!

If you would like to purchase this box, you can do so!  Sign up at Popsugar and use code Refer5 to get $5 off the regular price!

What did you think?  I know value is always in the eye of the beholder and we are all different!

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  1. I was wondering why you hadn't posted your review earlier! Boooo post office booooo.

  2. I've had those coconut bits and they're soooo good! Not sure if you have a rice cooker, but if those salad spoon things are made of plastic they'd probably make for good rice paddles. And yeah, it is a little weird that they're both spoons. :P

    1. You are right! They'd be perfect for rice. I think I could use a little more color in my kitchen, too. I did look them up and they are heat resistant to 350 degrees so I could use them for some kinds of cooking.
      I am happy and sad at the same time that they sent a small bag of the coconut bits. Sad because OMG I WANT MORE! And happy because if I had a bigger bag, I'd still have eaten them all by now. :D