Monday, July 28, 2014 Rachel Yeomans #RYQ01 Review

It's my first box since Nina Garcia's!  So far I've stuck with Nina Garcia's Quarterly box but since I loved them both so much I decided to branch out!

This is Rachel Yeoman's #RYQ01 Quarterly box.

The Cost: $50

What You Get: A handpicked selection of items from Fashion, Literature, Technology and Wine.

First look.  Not too impressive but it was a pretty skinny box.  I was surprised to see so much paper pages.  I don't know much about Rachel Yeomans but her website looked interesting so I thought I would subscribe and see.  Also, since I forgot to take a picture of the Twitter pamphlet by itself, please note it's bright purple presence here in this photo! :D

Every Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator about why they chose the items they did for the box and explaining a little about themselves.
Here are the box contents.  I...  was expecting something more exciting, I'm not going to lie.  There were more paper crinkles in the box than anything else.  Remember this was $50!  More than a Popsugar box and the same as a FabFitFun.
M.M. LaFleur The Greenwich Avenue Italian Leather Belt- Textured (Ostrich) blue leather with gold buckle.  This actually is a very pretty belt.  It's a little small, though.  It's always hard to include a clothing item in a box because there are SO many different sizes of people that you are automatically alienating a good number of them just by choosing a size.  I'm a size 4 and I think this belt is small.  It does say in her card and on the attached tag that you can exchange this for a different size but I don't know how difficult it is.  I think I will just keep this size since I do have the perfect dress to wear it with.
Value: $60
MapTote Wine Tote- A canvas tote for a wine bottle.  For shopping or gifting.
Value: $15

InStyle Essentials Perfect White Shirt Collection Coupon- Get 25% off and free shipping with coupon code.  I went to the website mentioned and all it is is three white shirts.  You choose a shirt based on your bra size.  The coupon is for 25% off but the shirts are currently on sale for 50% off and the coupon doesn't stack. **Thanks to Ricki, I found out that while the discount does not stack, the free shipping does, so the coupon does have some use!**
Value: $0

The Working Wardrobe.Print Magazine 01- The Working Wardrobe blog contents in a printed format.  A magazine with color photos and articles from her blog about working, wardrobes, fashion, travel and tech.
Value: $3?
Quote Card- A collection of quotes from Practical Magic printed on a card and ready for framing.
Value: $5?

Twitter Tips- (I forgot to take a picture) A cheat sheet for Twitter and a collection of Rachel Yeomans favorite Twitter friends.  I'm not sure what this is actually for since there is only one "tip" and that is a list of Twitter terms and their appropriate symbols.  The rest is a list of the people she tweets to.
Value: $0

VERDICT:  I can't say I was thrilled with the box.  The belt is beautiful but that is the only useful piece in the box.  I'm not sure I'm happy I paid $50 for a wine tote and a belt, especially when I don't drink wine.  But that part is my fault because I knew it said "wine" in her list.  I'll use it as part of a hostess gift or Christmas gift.  Everything else is... paper.  At least it's recyclable! :D

I did not end up keeping this subscription but there are others at Quarterly that I am subscribed to try.  I've got Arianna Huffington and Toys and Collectibles along with Nina Garcia coming next.  You can see if there are boxes you would be interested in at

What did you think of this box?  Do you know Rachel Yeomans and think this is totally "her"?  I forget sometimes that this is about the curator as well.

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  1. Honestly, I feel like this box is more about her than it is about style and fashion. Two of the things were things about her that you could get on her site or twitter for free. The coupon, really? A coupon. The wine tote seems impractical. Who carries around their wine in a tote unless they're going to a party? The print seems like another sheet of paper. It would have been nice if it came with a frame. Otherwise you'd have to supply your own frame if you want to display it. The belt is the only thing that seems to fit (loosely). You're alienating so many people. And you shouldn't have to exchange it in for the right size. An accessory should be sizeless to begin with unless you have fitting options for every subscriber.

    1. I'm thinking I should take advantage of the return program. I didn't realize I could do that. I didn't really think of it, but you are absolutely right. This is a box full of promotional material! Which I paid for! Coupons are terrible additions to sub boxes unless they are for something free (or they are completely extra and related to something else included). Haha, and the belt doesn't fit loosely ;) It's pretty tight. :D (I couldn't resist). I'm small so it fits but not everyone is a midget like me!
      It does seem pretty strange that she would include something sized when her whole blog is about clothing! That should be the first thing she thought of before she included it.
      And now I've totally psyched myself up for a return...

  2. Wow uh... yeah, sorry but I have to say that this box is absolutely terrible. :( The belt is cute, but it isn't worth the cost of the box, especially since it probably won't fit a good majority of the people who bought it.

  3. I did use the coupon code because I was in need of a new white shirt. While the percentage off does not stack with the current 50% promotion, the free shipping does. I am trying to exchange the belt, so we will see how that goes. I actually liked the box, even if I am not sure what I am going to use the wine tote for.

    1. Oh, I didn't even think about that! I will edit and mention that. I'm actually SUPER curious about the shirts because I always have issues with popping buttons. My problem is that Ive just gotten out of the habit of wearing button ups because of it.

  4. I just got my box and was really disappointed. I have already sent an email to the company to try and exchange the belt and hope the large will fit. I normally use a medium size belt so was really disappointed when this didnt fit me. I am not a drinker so the tote is useless to me and I don't use twitter. I may actually cancel this box as this was a huge disappointment for me.

    1. I cancelled. I just don't understand the inclusion of a sized item! A better choice would have been to include a voucher for the belt so we could get the proper size. But then the entire box would have been paper! :(