Monday, July 14, 2014

Rainbow Honey July Mystery Bag Review

 Rainbow Honey Review Rainbow Honey is a new cosmetics company that deals primarily with nail polish but also has a bunch of other goodies they are working on like lip balms and sugar scrubs.

Subscriptions are currently only available to the US but they will be opening up to Canada shortly. Yay!

Here's the deal:

The Cost: You can buy a Mystery Bag by itself without a subscription which is what I did.  I got the Mini Mystery Bag and it is $10 plus $3.95 shipping.  Or you can get the Large Mystery Bag for $25 with free shipping!
Subscriptions are the same prices, just recurring.  OR you can get a free Mini Mystery Bag with purchase of $65 or more in regular shop items.

What You Get: Each Mystery Bag has sneak peeks and previews of new lacquers, unreleased samples of future collections and exciting new products made by the Rainbow Honey Lab!

The Mini Mystery bag is not very big and will fit easily into any size mailbox.  I have seen reviews for this company floating around and thought it was time I tried them.  So, while I didn't subscribe, it was SUPER nice to be able to just get a one time order with the same things regular subscribers were getting and for the exact same price!

Here are the bag contents.  Something had spilled inside and so all the papers stuck together.  I think it was the roll-on perfume because it smelled good.  Anyway there's a coupon code for 20% off your entire purchase if you want to check it out!  The code is MIXTAPE20 and is good til August 18th.

I actually used that code to purchase this Mystery Bag, so I got $2 off.

Midori Cuticle Balm- Enriched with vitamin E and made with avocado oil, coconut oil and candelilla wax, this will protect and moisturize your nail beds.  I like that they've included the ingredients.  It contains some interesting choices (and a spelling error :D).  I know this is a cuticle balm but I kinda like it as a lip balm, too.

Midori eau de parfum Roller- A new summer scent reminiscent of summer fruits.  I think they need someone to help them be more creative in their descriptions!  This smells heavenly like melons.  Unfortunately the scent doesn't last long.  I just keep applying it.  It makes me hungry.  Don't stick your nose too close to the freshly applied perfume, it gives you a whiff of alcohol.  I'm trying not to drool now that I've just reapplied.

Midori Cooling Gel-  A brand new product enriched with aloe to protect you during hot summer days.  Well, I don't know that an aloe gel is going to protect you from heat or sun but it will help afterwards with cooling your heated skin.  This is composed mainly of water and aloe leaf juice.  The last ingredient is tin oxide.  I wonder why that's in there.

Viridia- Neon green stars and pastel glitters in a shimmery base.

Deep Heart See- White hearts and neon glitters in a sheer blue base with purple shimmer.

Chemical Plant- A sparkling magenta/violet with sparks of blue and gold shimmer.

Here are some swatches:

Viridia with the neon green stars is pretty hard to maneuver.  I'm by no means a pro but these are big glitter bits and its hard to make them look good/even on my nails.

Deep Heart See has the same problem.  The glitter bits are large and tend to clump in a group.

Chemical Plant is my favorite.  You do need three coats to get the good rose gold color, though.

VERDICT:  For $10 this was a great opportunity to test Rainbow Honey nail polishes.  It was great to get the extra, non polish items, too.  I don't think I'm a big enough fan of chunky glitter polish for this box to really wow me.  They also feel a little on the young side so they will be gifted to my niece who is 11.  She'll love them.  I do adore the Midori scent, though, so the perfume, cooling gel and cuticle balm will be used.

I do get the feeling that this is a very young company.  Typos, sticker labels not quite stuck on all the way, clunky website, etc.  However, they have to start somewhere and offering $10 bags is a great way to build up clientele.  So I would say try it!  But don't expect a perfectly polished (ooo, a pun!) product just quite yet.

*applies more Midori parfum*  If they could get longevity into this perfume, I would buy it.  It fades too fast right now but I love it.

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