Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Blooms

This is a way to help me remember the names and looks of my daylilies.  I have a lot of them and so far they have all managed to keep their name tags.  So while they are still labelled I need to take pictures of them!

 Baby Talk- First Bloom July 5th

 Today's Charm-First Bloom July 5th
 Siloam Double Classic
 Barbara Mitchell- First Bloom July 3rd
 Raspberry Pixie- First Bloom July 5th
 Chorus Line
 Elizabeth Salter
 Unknown Tet-
 San Ignacio- This is my absolute favorite of all the ones I've seen so far.  LOVE!  It's as big as my hand!
 Xia Xiang
 Seminole Wind- First Bloom July 5th.  This is the most gorgeous dark salmony color.
Autumn Red- First Bloom July 2nd.  This is a "spider" daylily with its skinny, elongated petals.
French Tudor- These are huge blooms!
Best Kept Secret- My second favorite.  This is a beautiful rosy pink and I love the petal color contrast.
Strawberry Candy- First Bloom June 26th

 Pandora's Box- First Bloom July 5th.

Janice Brown- First bloom July 3rd

As you can see, I really like pink Daylilies!  I actually have other plants blooming in my garden but they aren't quite so photogenic.
Currently the bees are loving the Salvias I have and the hummingbirds are fighting over the monarda (Bee Balm/Bergamot).  They get so mad when I come out there and they sit in the trees and chirp at me until I get out of the way.  It's pretty funny!  I had no idea hummingbirds had so much personality.
This is what monarda looks like.  These are just starting to bloom.  If you've ever had Earl Grey Tea, this is what adds that special flavor.  Monarda is also called Bergamot and Bee Balm.  You can actually suck the flavor/nectar out of the little tube shaped petals.  I don't because the humming birds love it so much.  These plants are currently taller than I am, so they are over 5ft tall!

Yesterday was so much fun!  We saw lots of 4th of July fireworks and one of our friends came over when it was dark and did a Fire Dance!!  It was so amazing!  It was the first time I've ever seen him do this and I can't remember the last time I saw something so awe-inspiring!  At one point he had a flaming ball on the end of a chain which he wrapped around his neck, unwound and then kicked it around with his foot!  I tried to get a good picture but it was mainly just fiery blurs.  Seriously, this might have been the best 4th of July ever!

I've got a lot of boxes coming at once because of the mail holiday break so I'll be busy busy writing up all those reviews.  I have three Memeboxes on the way, too, including Summer, Oriental Medicine and the Grapefruit Scentbox.  And for some strange reason, it looks like Boxycharm has sent me another June Box!  I wonder if it's because I emailed them asking about if I would get it or not.  I was only charged once.  Hmm...

I hope you like gardens or flowers because now that its Summer, my garden is coming into it's own and I loooove it!  This is the best time of year!


  1. my favorite are (from your pictures:
    Siloam Double Classic, Chorus Line, Elizabeth Salter, Seminole Wind and Strawberry Candy :) ps beautiful pictures!! haha yes birds are very cool that way (sparrows does that to me :P) woow fire dancing is soo coool!! Seen it a lot (high school)

    is there a mail holiday break? huh?

    1. Yes, the post office doesn't work on Juy 4th because it's a government holiday on Independence Day.

    2. ooooh I thought you were talking about a long holiday :D pffew

  2. Oh my gosh, your flowers are beeeautiful!! The Siloam double and Best Kept Secret are breathtaking! I think I have a black thumb because I end up killing all of my plants :( And then I like to blame it on the hot temps where I live. Hehe.

    1. I've killed plenty of my plants :D It kinda goes with the territory. You are lucky because you have Hibiscus growing like weeds all over the place. I can't get them to grow at all in my rainy Seattle garden :(

    2. Ha! I'll trade you my hibiscus for your daylilies anyday!