Sunday, July 20, 2014

Steepster July 2014 Review

My July 2014 Steepster box arrived on Saturday and I immediately had to test out a few of the teas I received.

Such a great variety this month!  I'm not sad I accidentally bought this box by forgetting to cancel. :)

If you are not familiar with Steepster, it is a premium, loose leaf tea subscription.  Each month you get a flight of 5 teas sent to you.

The Cost: $24.95/month.  You can get $10 off your first month using my referral link.

What You Get: Flight of five teas, tasting notes and brewing instructions, detailed reviews and product information and surprises like brewing filters, discounts and other fun stuff.

This month includes the requisite five teas.  There's been a nice mix of herbal and caffeinated in the boxes I've received.  Also in the box but not pictured was a package of 10 tea filters.  This box had Oolong, black, green and herbal selections for the month of July.  
Summer Garden Citrus Mix- Herbal tea by Verdant Tea.  This is billed as a crisp and tangy blend.  This has oolong, green tea, spearmint, bergamot and other earthy flavors.  I usually don't consider a tea herbal if it has caffeine in it.  This is listed to taste floral, fruity and menthol.  I'm not a tea snob but I did like this one a lot.  It's nicely minty and the citrus is pretty subtle.
Moroccon Mint- From China, this is a rolled green tea with spearmint.  The tea smells delicious and is very tiny bits.  The tea seems more like dust when compared to the other teas sent in the box this month.
Hibiscus Berry Punch-  This is amazing!  It's tart and sweet at the same time.  It's made with hibiscus, rosehips, berries and apple pieces.  This is a bright magenta tea and its fantastic.  I'm just disappointed that there isn't more of it.  It's the first time I thought the amount was skimpy.  Each packet contains 8 grams of tea and this one did, too, it's just that the contents are heavier since its not actual tea.
Here's a photo of the color of the Hibiscus Berry Punch.  I'm laughing because when I first went to take the pictures this teacup was full. It's really great tasting.  I'm thinking of doing the next batch iced because this would make a FANTASTIC iced tea.
Organic Nilgiri- Black tea from India with a slightly fruity taste.  A classic, brisk tea that is perfect for iced tea and a little lemon.

Formosa Oolong #1- Oolong tea from Taiwan with a toasted flavor with a hint of a honey finish.  An unrolled oolong, rich and hearty with a deep amber color.

I haven't tried either of these yet because I tried all the others and I want to keep some sealed still while I finish the ones I've already opened.

Included on the info card is a way to make Iced Tea:

1.  Use an entire pouch (8g) with the same water and brewing instructions as are on the pouch.
2.  Fill a small pitcher with ice and pour hot, brewed tea over the ice.  Set aside to cool.
3.  Serve tea in a glass over ice.  Garnish with lemon wedge or a little sweetener.

VERDICT: Steepster is pretty great.  I really like the variety I get.  You do earn $1 off your next box with each review you write which is nice.  So I got this box for $22.95 instead of $24.95 because I wrote two reviews.  I forgot to do the others.  This tea subscription is still above my tea sub limit of $20 so I'm not keeping it.  It's not because the tea isn't good.  The tea is excellent!  But it's summer and not really tea weather.  Later in the Fall, it's likely that I will take up Steepster again.  The only drawbacks are the non-resealable packets and I wish they included more tea filters because ten isn't enough in my opinion.  I'm actually wondering if it means one Tablespoon per serving not teaspoon.  Since it says 4 grams per teaspoon serving and the packets have 8 grams of tea.  Hm. That means there's a little over an ounce of tea (40g) in this box for a whopping $25.

If you would like to sign up for Steepster, use my referral link to get $10 off your first month!

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