Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Style Quarterly by Pashbox + Coupon Codes

Pashbox is going through a major revamp of their subscription system.  Now, instead of monthly Scarf and Sunglasses boxes they are turning to a quarterly subscription model!

The Cost: $39.95/quarterly plus shipping

What You Get: 3-6 on trend fashion accessories and beauty products delivered every 3 months.

"We've gone Quarterly! PäshBox is now Style Quarterly by PäshBox and each season we'll deliver 3-6 lusthave fashion accessories and beauty products straight to your door! 

Use coupon code TRY5 for $5 off of your first box when you subscribe to our quarterly subscription. Boxes are $39.95 plus s&h.

Save 15% with our semi-annual plan and receive boxes for just $33.95 plus s&h. 

Currently while in Beta, Style Quarterly by PäshBox is available only to US residents. 

We hope to open up membership to our friends in Canada early next year."
I've really enjoyed my monthly Pashboxes and I'm super excited to see where they go with this!  I think there is a great opportunity for "style boxes" right now.

It's hard because I think the expectations tend to be REALLY high for this kind of box.  I'm thinking of Social Bliss.  Many people were unhappy with those boxes because they promised cutting edge fashion but instead received discontinued items or things that had nothing to do with style.

Pashbox, though, is doing fashion AND beauty and I think that's wonderful!  It gives subscribers a nice variety and it gives Pashbox more options for box inclusions.

I think Pashbox is actually a very generous subscription.  In the last two boxes I received, there was more than I was expecting and I hope that continues. 

You can see my reviews here(July) and here (June).

I have really high hopes for this subscription!  It's very new and I think this is a great move.

Sign up at and use code TRY5 for $5 off your first box!

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