Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Snippets + Memebox Giveaway Winners + Garden

It's a gorgeous sunny day and I got up early to work out in my garden.  I was so happy because some neighbors came walking by and said they love to admire my flowers every time they walk by!  Woohoo!!  Someone besides me likes my garden!  It's pretty big, a lot of work and kiiind of a mess because I don't actually know what I'm doing.

My SIL and her family are here from Ohio and I love my little niece and nephew so much!  Of course, they're at an age where they have no idea who I am but I don't care.  I'm just happy they are here and I get to see them.

Memebox Giveaway

Also, CONGRATULATIONS to all my Memebox Giveaway winners!!  Rowena, Jenny K, and Shaunie all have Memebox awesomeness coming their way!  Thank you all for participating.  I can't wait for the next one. :D

My Ipsy Glam Room updated and it's not my dream bag!  Two out of the five are things I wanted and the rest will be traded.  Why is Purlisse in so many sub boxes?!  And why is a full size bottle $55?!  The ingredients aren't gold and diamonds!!

In other Ipsy news, I received my Be A Bombshell replacement items!  That mascara smelled so bad and it made my eyes water.  When I went to see if I was the only one who noticed this, I realized there were LOTS of people who were concerned.  So I contacted Ipsy and they said they would send me a replacement product.  I got it yesterday and they sent TWO!

Be A Bombshell Lip Gloss in Sugar Lips- A nice bright pink but it stinks, too.  Not sure I want to use it but I'm gonna go smell my other lip glosses and see if they smell the same.

StarLooks Eyeliner in Obsidian-  I've never used Starlooks!  I definitely don't need another black eyeliner so this will go up for swaps.

Props to Ipsy for taking care of me and not only sending two products but also one that was NOT a Be A Bombshell item.  I've been so happy with my Ipsy bags and I just love getting them every month.  I don't always love everything but that doesn't bother me.  Ipsy isn't a mind reader :)  Plus, it's only $10.  Not a whole lot of room to complain when I get a bag of fun goodies for that cheap.

My Birchbox is still on June's contents and it hasn't shipped yet.  I'm surprised that I liked the Harvey Hello fragrance sample that came in that box.  I'm so persnickety when it comes to perfumes.

My Sample Society box shipped!  It always takes forever to get here but since I know what's in it I'm not *as* anxious.  Or maybe I'm more anxious because I want the contents so badly! Haha :D

My Honest Company Order should be here soon.  I got some of their new sunscreen products.  They have a 40% off coupon right now.  UBER40 will get you 40% off your first bundle so if you've been thinking about ordering now is the time to do it!

I'm curious about Pashbox and what they will be doing with their new subscription model.  I can see why they are doing it because thats a lot of scarves even for a scarf lover.  What I'm really excited about is how they are branching out from just scarves to accessories and beauty as a whole.  I wish I knew how much they were going to charge for it.  It's really easy to justify $20 but when it gets to $40 I have a harder time feeling like it's worth it.

Ooo!  What do you think of Glossybox' new cancellation plan?!?!  I feel like it should be illegal to not allow someone to cancel before they've even received their first box!!  Isn't that what it says?  If you cancel after the 15th, you still have to pay for the next months box. 

"Going forward, you will have till the 15th of any given month to opt out of the renewal to avoid receiving the next month’s box. Any change after the 15th will not apply to the next box, but will take effect the month after."

Rainbow Honey Cosmetics
I'm also really excited for my Rainbow Honey box!  I got a small Mystery Box after seeing seeing Sheri's review on Pint Sized and Simple.  The box is only $10 plus $2 shipping and is PACKED with stuff.

If you like jewelry, Cate and Chloe is offering the chance to get your first VIP month for 30% off using the code JULYVIP30.  This is actually the best deal I've seen from them yet.  Their jewelry is beautiful but the retail prices they claim for them are absolutely ridiculous.  The price you pay for your subscription is the price the items are truly worth, in my opinion.  They are gorgeous, though.  I love the pieces I've received from them.

They are also having a giveaway if you are interested!

Win a Vip Membership 

 Time to show off my newest daylily blooms!

 This is Scintillation of Pink.  This isn't a perfect bloom, sadly.  I think this is my third favorite after Best Kept Secret and San Ignacio.  It also is a huge bloom (bigger than my hand) which doesn't really show up well in a photo.  So pretty!

And Janet Benz surprised me with blooming four at once on her "first bloom day".  Love the dark pink with the yellow.  And ruffley edges are also fun.

I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed with daylilies and I think I'm done with buying them.  I can resist for few more years I think.  Luckily they grow quickly into large clumps and then I can spread them around everywhere!
This is Wahoo.  It's a great hot pink.  This bloom is about three inches across so its not huge.  I need to move it to a more visible place.  I didn't realize a) how small it was and b)how fast everything around it would grow.

My obligatory favorite garden picture.  Considering this used to be mud and lava rocks, it's looking a lot better than it did three years ago!

In other news, my yard is full of rabbits and rabbit babies.  I have two dogs.  They are rat terriers.  They catch rodents.  Rabbits are rodents (basically).  My dogs almost caught a rabbit yesterday.  While I was super proud of them for being dogs doing what they were made to do, I was also horrified at the prospect of them actually catching one.  I do not want to kill a rabbit, I just want them to leave my yard!!  Ack!

In other horrible news, I have to confess something horrible that I did.  Or rather didn't do.  My very good friends got married in Hawaii last November.  It was a family only affair so they were going to have a celebration reception when they got back.  That celebration reception was yesterday.  I had forgotten about it.  Yes.  We didn't go.  I feel so terrible!  This was a really big thing for them and a way for all their family and friends to meet and we didn't go!  I feel so awful about it.  I hardly know what to do with myself.  I wanted to go!  And instead we totally forgot and weren't there. GAH!  I feel like a bad friend and I hate that!

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  1. congratulations to the winnres!!!

  2. hold on! I love your garden too! :) I really love the hot pink one!! I find it very hard to see but is that just normal soil or is that woods chips or something you have where you plant your flowers etc?

    I don't know if you dogs actually will kill a rabbits, their instincts are to hunt but to kill... every dog has to learn that in their puppies years. maybe in the enthusiastic they can kill but not to hunt kill and eat. or you had to learn them that.

    Maybe you are clumsy but not a bad friend and I think they'll understand if you tell them how you feel.

    1. It's a combination of dirt and bark (little wood chips). Mainly because I need to refresh the bark everywhere but I haven't ordered it to be delivered yet. It's a lot of work to spread it out but it looks pretty and it keeps the weeds back.
      I hope they don't kill one. I don't *think* they will but who knows! They're dogs :D
      My friends were very nice about what happened. They were sad we weren't there but they are such good friends, they didn't get mad at us. We just had them over for dinner yesterday to make up for it. :) I still feel bad about it, though. I like to support my friends!

    2. Aww thats good to hear!:D

      but how do you fertilize the ground in spring and place new plants and not burry half of the wood chips in the ground?

    3. Well, I don't fertilize actually. I may toss some granules on the top of the bark and then let the rain wash them in but that's it. The bark will eventually turn into dirt, too, so it doesn't stay forever and I will need more in about three years. If you want to plant a new plant you just dig a hole in the ground and put it in :D