Saturday, July 5, 2014

Wantable Intimates July 2014 Review

I love my Wantable Intimates box so much I just can't give it up!  This review is for the July box I just received.  I really like getting a box of mystery intimates.  It helps me branch out and introduces me to new brands.  Plus it encourages me to toss some of the things I've had since high school.

The Cost: $36/month or $40 for a one time box

What You Get:  Four to five premium essentials sent to you based on your preferences.  There is a fairly detailed profile you fill out before you sign the dotted line.  You can change your preferences at any time and as often as you want.  This gives you the ability to decide what types of things you receive every month which is really nice!

Here's the first look.  All I can see is leopard print.  I'm trying to think positive because I'm pretty tame and leopards are quite wild. :D  I was going to say that I don't own a single animal print item but thats not true.  I did buy a leopard print beanie one year after I read a style book that said everyone needed one piece of animal print in their wardrobe.  My husband loves that hat and has begged me to wear it out a few times.

My new Wantable stash!  Four items this month and quite a variety!  I am not complaining at all.  I just wish that I could convey the feeling of some of these fabrics through the internetz.

I mentioned earlier about how you can customize your profile.  Here is how I customized mine this month.  So I received only things on my Loves and Likes list.

NikiBiki Cami in Aqua- This is a jersey camisole and it is sooo soft and sleek!  I love it!  This will be for lounging or layering because it definitely needs to be worn with a bra.  It's super stretchy which I appreciate.
Value: $18

Sophie B. Laser and Laced Hipsters- These are super cute with the lace band and are made of nylon and spandex.  They are virtually seamless which I love.  I like these so much I think I may change my profile and get rid of the Fun and Flirty and see if I get things more along these lines.
Value: $$16

Per Lei Intimates Animal Print Sleepshirt-  SO comfy.  It's made out of rayon which I think is kinda weird but its super stretchy, too.  I'm wearing it right now.
Value: $26

Pima Apparel Slub Tank in White-  Well, white is kinda boring but this tank is so unbelievably soft.  This is the second piece I've received from the Pima brand and I *love* the last one.  These fit so nicely!  Loose and comfy, perfect for lounging.  The tank is definitely going to be handy for these hot summer nights.
Value: $12

VERDICT:  My favorite items are the undies and the white tank top.  Then the sleepshirt because its so handy.  The cami will be used but since it can't be worn alone (no shelf bra or anything), its at the bottom of my list.  While this wasn't the flashiest of my boxes, everything is useful.  The nice thing about Wantable is that if you hate everything, you just stuff it all back in the box and return it with a postage paid label!  They make it really easy for you to get something you want and it's one reason I continue to subscribe.  I love the return policy and I love the ability to customize each month differently.

If you would like to sign up for Wantable, head over to their website and fill out your profile.  They do have other box choices like Accessories and Make Up but I personally prefer their Intimates.  Mostly because you can't get Intimates like this from anywhere else. You can see some of my other reviews here and here.

I don't have any coupon codes for Wantable but I do have a little tip.  If you put your box in your cart and head to the payment screen but close the window before you pay, in a few hours you will get an email giving you 10% off your cart contents.  Head back to your cart and your discount will already be applied and waiting!

*referral links were used in the making of this post and I'm always thrilled and thankful if you choose to use them! :)

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