Friday, August 22, 2014

Barkbox Allergy Box for August 2014 Review

This is the Allergy Barkbox for August 2014.  You may not have known that Barkbox will curate a box for dogs with allergies!  They don't promise to avoid your dogs exact allergies but what they do is remove any items that are the most common among allergy suffering dogs.  Chicken, wheat, soy, corn, gluten, etc, etc.

I was so happy to read about it that I subscribed for a whole new box, just so I could see what the difference would be.  You just have to send them an email and ask for the Allergy box and they will confirm via email that they have marked your box to be curated as an Allergy box.

The Cost: $29/monthly or less, depending on the length of subscription.  You can get 10% off any length subscription by using my link.  That's a pretty substantial savings for a longer subscription.

What You Get:  Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets! Don't forget to request an Allergy box if you need one!

I was so excited when I saw these box contents.  They were completely different than the regular box which I had received the day before.  I wouldn't have minded if it had contained some similar items since I loved that box but there was no overlap!  It came with a note, too.
Barkbox acknowledged my request for an Allergy box by email and confirmed it doubly with this card inside the box.  So these products are not an accident, they really did make a box just for my dog with allergies.
Dexter cannot digest chicken.  It's a bummer because so many treats come with chicken in them even if its not labeled as a Chicken treat.  It can be the tenth ingredient in the treat and Dexter will puke it up.  Sorry! TMI but its true!  When I wrote the original email I told them that but I don't know how much stock they put in it since really they just promise to avoid common allergens (and chicken is one of them so I lucked out).
Here are the boys with their Barkbox!  Bugsy wants that red frog so much, as you can tell.  Dexter is being perfect and looking at me, waiting to see if I'll say "Okay" so he can go stick his nose in.  I decided I better take care of the toys before Bugsy had a heart attack from all his excited shaking.
R2P Monkey Silly Bums- This is a crinkling, squeaking... Monkey bottom.  It actually has no top half. No face... just the bum.  Bugsy went NUTS for this.  The crinkling had him playing with this for hours. Literally. Hours.  He only just stopped in order to eat dinner.  I opened this box about four hours ago.  Haha!
Value: $8

Pet Qwerks Red Tree Frog- This has, wait... had a squeaker.  Bugsy killed the squeaker already.  The frog is still whole, though.  He looks hilarious carrying around since one of the legs is usually hitting him in the eye.
Value: $8
While the toys were a hit with Bugsy, the treats were for Dexter.  We always end up with chicken treats (although the Posh Pet Box catered to his allergies, too, which was nice) but not in this box!!

Dexter is a rat terrier (so is Bugsy) but he is our little recessive dog.  He got all the problems.  And then he has his ears.  I don't know what happened but his ears curl backwards. This is a pretty good picture of it. You know how dogs with floppy ears have ears that flop forward? Yeah, Dexters flop backwards.  The vet said she'd never seen anything like it.
He is, however, the sweetest, lovingest dog in the universe and we love him to bits!
Treat Planet Hare of the Dog 100% Rabbit with Aronia Berry-2.5oz- Dexter hit the jackpot today!  Rabbit treats! Hooray for unusual proteins!  These are made in the USA and have two ingredients!  Rabbit and aronia berry.  Dexter loved these, he grabbed one and ran off so fast!
Value: $9

Healthy Dogma Blissful Banana Crisps-7oz-  I bet I could eat these.  Maybe I will...  Tastes like banana :) The only ingredients are bananas and coconut oil.  I've had this brand before and those treats were a hit, as well.  The packaging is a little inconvenient but the dogs happily cleaned up what spilled.  It's a lot of treats!
Value: $12

VERDICT: I love the fact that Barkbox has a box for dogs with allergies!  I love this box because it made my dogs happy and it had two treats that Dexter can eat without any issues.  They are both limited ingredient and tasty!  I paid $29 for this box and it has $36 worth of toys and treats.  Plus I didn't have to make a trip to the store and I get to try things I can't find near me.  The novelty of some of these toys and treats is what gets me.  I never would really think of getting these things myself but so far the dogs have enjoyed everything so I think it's worth it!

If you would like to sign up for Barkbox, you can use my link and get 10% off your subscription! Personally, I think this is one of the best things I've done for my dogs because it keeps them busy with new things and me stocked up on tasty treats.

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  1. What a great box! I want a monkey bum! If not for the dogs then for myself. I think that's the cutest, weirdest toy I've seen.

    1. It's really ridiculous. Bugsy did eventually rip into it and get the crinkly bit out. It's not really made for super jaws...

  2. I think your dogs are fabulous and maybe they have imperfections but I think they are just wonderful with those things, It makes them special, even more cute and funny and some are signs to just cuddle them more and take good care of them :) That dexter cant eat chicken means you have to take extra care for hik to sort out the good stuff for him. And with bugsy you have to watch him when he goes to crazy with toys (if he would swallow a plusheye or somethimg:) My dog Tara as you know she's pretty blind, Somehow I love that about her because I always have to watch her and because of that she gets extra attention extra than the usual. Also that I can give her a life without her knowing how blind she is (she has so clue) Also her asking me where she is or what we would do know is just adorable. I see imperfections are the beauty, cute and more reason to love them more so I think those ears are so beautiful and that picture is wonderful :)
    Just saying how perfect your dogs are :P

    1. We do love his ears! I'm glad that he's in our family :) Tara is a pretty amazing dog, too! I don't know how I could live without my boys :)

  3. Your dogs are adorable! I did not know that you could get an allergy box. My girl Lucy does have a few allergies (mostly to grass) but she does have a sensitive tummy sometimes. I currently have a 6 month sub (only 1 month in) so I wonder if I could email them to make it allergy friendly?

    1. You can! Just send then an email with your account info and they will switch over for you. That's what I did. :D. Poor Lucy, being allergic to grass might be one of the worst allergies for a dog ever.