Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Escape Monthly August 2014 Paris Review

My August 2014 Escape Monthly Paris showed up early!!  Now that doesn't happen very often.  Woohoo!!
I've been pretty excited about this box because, well, PARIS!  The first spoiler looked pretty good, too.

Escape Monthly bills itself as a Vacation in a Box.  They send you the sorts of things you might find if you actually travelled to a certain destination and include a guidebook to give you all the details you could possibly want to know about that area.

The Cost: $49.99/monthly- Use code YOURESCAPE to get 20% off for the length of the subscription. Ruelala is also offering a deal on Escape Monthly!  $29 for your first box! Escape Monthly on RueLaLa

What You Get: A box full of luxury products from new destinations every month, along with a guidebook.

There were eight products in the box this month, all revolving around the Paris theme.  There is always a body product and food included and this box was no exception to that.

Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves-  This is actually a bonus in the box.  I like this brand already since we can easily get it here and strawberry jam is delicious.

Edmond Fallot Mustard- Dijon mustard!  First created in 1840 and still being used today.  This company is based in Dijon and still grinds their own mustard seeds.  I hate mustard but DH loves it so this will be used.
Value: $6

Rick Steves Pocket Paris Guidebook-  This is a great compact guidebook.  It's got tons of information and I like Rick Steves.  Now all I need to do is go to Paris and use it.
Value: $12.99
Pierre Biscuiterie French Butter Cookies- Fine French cookies since the 19th century, these are made with real butter and you can taste it.  Yum!  This company is based in Normandy and uses simple, natural ingredients to make tasty sweets.
Value: $3.99

L'Abbaye De Flavigny Gourmet Candy- These are Lemon Anise flavored candies.  I love them because I love the anise flavor SO much.  These are more like jawbreakers than mints, though.  Crunch at you own risk.
Value: $5
Nuxe Paris Body Shower Gel-  This was actually supposed to be a scrub and a gel but I got two gels on accident.  Nuxe was founded in Paris and excels in creating natural, luxurious face and body care products.
These are Orange and Almond scented.
Value: $8

Institute Karite Paris Shea Butter Precious Hand Cream in Almond and Honey- The Institute Karite was the first French brand to exclusively sell shea butter based beauty products.  It's a favorite among Parisians now.
I'm really glad I got the Almond and Honey because I hate Rose and that was featured in the spoiler.  So Yay!
Value: $26

VERDICT:  The value of this box comes to just over $60.  That's definitely better than under $49 which is the price paid for it. A large part of this box' value comes from the Institute Karite Hand Cream and while I really like the fact that it's an authentically French brand but I can't decide if I wish there had been something else in place of it.  The only things I can think of are ridiculously stereotypical so never mind.  Other than that, there is food, sweets, and bath and body care.  And the guidebook, so the variety is there.
I just can't decide about this box.  It's a large price to pay and I don't think it's worth it for me.  I think that they are trying really hard to curate their boxes, though, and it's likely they'll only get better.
I got this using a Living Social voucher so I paid $29 for it and even then I'm not sure the "use it" value is there for me.
I feel kinda bad saying that but I think maybe it's just that this box is not for me.  I'm not even making sense because I will use the shower gel and the hand cream.  The mustard, jam and snacks will be eaten, too.

Maybe it's more of a "I don't want to spend my money" on these kinds of things issue for me.  Does that make sense?  Because this isn't a bad box at all, it's... well, it's kind of boring.  And there you have it.

Check out Escape Monthly here.

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  1. Every Escape Monthly box I've seen looked kind of interesting and useful, but the price? Not so cool. Expensive hand cream is still just hand cream, y'know?

    1. Exactly. They're fun but not as fun as a Popsugar box and they're more expensive with less value. I don't think I could bring myself to pay full price, that's for sure.

  2. I emailed Escape Monthly too because I got two shower gels and no scrub and the response was "sorry for the confusion" and that there wasn't supposed to be a scrub! Um, but the brochure says body scub AND shower gel as well as shows a photo of both products!

    1. Interesting! I thought it might have just been me. There's no reason to send two of the same exact product so my guess is there *should* have been a scrub but they must have ran out. I might have to scope out some other reviews, too, and see what they got.

    2. Sounds like a company I don't want to do business week. Thanks for your comment!