Monday, August 18, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2014 Soapbox "Witch Please"

If you love soap and you have a sense of humor, you should probably just sign up for the Fortune Cookie Soap Soapbox right now.  It's a quarterly thing, so you only can get it four times a year.  You can, of course, buy from their shop at any point but the Soapbox is fun because you get to taste smell all the new scents before they're released.

The Cost: $19.99/quarterly

What You Get: 8 exclusive, pre-release specially hand-crafted Fortune Cookie Soap Co. exclusive bath and body products in deluxe sample sizes along with a $10 gift card for using with any purchase at their website.

I was a little weirded out that four of the items I received had no labels on them.  It does come with a very nice card that explains what everything is, though.  And I'm going to tell you right now, that everything smells unbelievably delicious.  I wish I could eat this stuff.

The whole theme of this box surrounds the Broadway musical "Wicked".  Which I love. Really love.  I will sing "Gravity" and "Popular" at the top of my lungs while I'm in the kitchen and be perfectly and ridiculously happy while doing it. Even if I do mix up the stanzas.  Whatever.  I do it for me. Laaa Laaaa LaAAaa La!
Fortune Cookie Soap in "There's No Place Like Home"-  Curled Macintosh apple peels with a hint of cinnamon, allspice and clove.  This smells good enough to eat, I am not kidding.  Or they need to start making candles so I can smell this all day every day.

Bubble Bath Powder in "Miss Popular"-  This is a sweet honey nectar with touches of star anise, star jasmine, sweet orange and violet.  Dump in your bath and enjoy.

Hair Oil in "Hair Flip"- A new custom blend of oils, formulated to nourish and repair dry, damaged hair. One to two drops is all you need for ultimate shine without greasy residue.  Hazelnut with rich, buttery vanilla cream scented.

Whipped Cream Body Moisturizer in a flavor I can't identify in Wicked Good- There are four flavors: "BFFs"- Blueberries and pumpkins with fall spices.  I don't think it's this one.  "Green is the New Black"- Pumpkin Pie filling with cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar with whipped cream.  It could be this one. "No Good Deed"- Pumpkin puree with ground cinnamon, maple syrup, rum, french vanilla and caramelized sugar.  I feel like it could be this one, too.
"Wicked Good"- Orange, apple, pear, pineapple, and cherries with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove with vanilla sugar.  It's probably not this one since it doesn't smell fruity. Or at least I didn't think it smelled fruity.  Thank you, Kiley, for pointing out my insanity and letting me know that the jar is LABELED WITH THE NAME OF THE SCENT!  I have no idea what I thought that said but my brain never registered the fact that it was the name of the flavor.  I still don't think it smells fruity but it *does* smell good enough to eat.  Sometimes I wonder about myself... LOL!

Personal Space Air Freshener in "Flying Monkeys"- This is a fruity blend of peach, watermelon, neroli and jasmine with air and aquatic notes.  But the best part? Fresh bananas!  This smells really good, too.  I just sprayed the whole room. Mmm!

Walnut Facial Scrub in "Swankified"-  FCS is expanding their skincare line and has moved into exfoliating scrubs.  This smells of rip bananas with sweet, sugary cake batter, and walnuts.  This will probably go up for swaps because I have better scrubs.  The scent makes me drool.

OCD Hand Sanitizer in "Roy G. Biv"-  This contains a full spectrum of bright citrus notes and florals agains a cool fall background.  Lemon, mandarin, cotton blossom and vanilla play a role.  This mostly smells like sanitizer but once you've rubbed it in and wave your hands in front of your face, it smells great.

Perfume Oil in "The Shiz"-  Instead of the Wiz you get to be the Shiz!  This is balsam with mapole leaves, laurel and sweet clove.  It smells musky and warm and the scent stays for a nice long time.

VERDICT: I actually like all these scents better than I did the Summer Soapbox which was the Candy Aisle.  These are totally geared toward Fall and smell droolingly fantastic.  All of these except the hair oil and the face scrub will be used.  Someone who missed out on the box will probably be happy to swap.

These do sell out quickly so you should sign up now if you want to get the Winter Soapbox.  You can do that here.  You can also check out all their other offerings, too.  It's a fun website and everything smells amazing!
I got a great haul the other day.

They had a BIG sale of  buy 2, get one free stuff!  I'd been wanting to try some of their "Steam Me Up Scottie" Shower Bombs so I took the opportunity and ordered them.  I got 3 lip balms (Watermelon Mint, GreenApple Mint, Bergamot Grapefruit), 9 shower bombs (Sensual, Lollipop Your Cherry, Lemon Drop It Like It's Hot) and 3 Fortune Cookie shaped soaps (Unicorn Farts, Cherry Limeade, Honeymoon in Paradise).  And they sent a sample, too!

Then today...  I got another box!  They sent me the same order twice!  I'm not sure how that happened since I only ordered it once but I'm not complaining!

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  1. I'm so sad I missed out on this one. Everything looks like it smells amazing. P.s.*whispers* your whipped cream says wicked good on the label.


      Thank you :D