Saturday, August 2, 2014

Homegrown Collective GREENBOX July 2014 Review- Home Detox

Homegrown Collective sends a new GREENBOX at the end of every month.  Each box contains some new and amazing DIY eco-friendly craft project.

This month the theme is "At Home Detox.  There's nothing in it really that detoxes but its more about fresh air.  Instead of using sythetic air fresheners, you will be making your own!

The Cost: $39.99 plus shipping.  Use code BITBOX10 to get 10% off ANY length subscription!

What You Get:  A kit containing everything you need to complete a new and interesting project every month.  The focus is on being "green" and establishing eco-friendly practices.

The three projects for this month are a DIY Oil Reed Infuser, Air Freshener Spray and Candles!  I've already made the spray and the infuser.  The candles will take a little more time. 

In the box for the Reed Diffuser were a cruet (the one on the right), four essential oils in Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Cedarwood and Sweet Mandarin.  Also included are the reeds and a pipette for the oils.  For the first time ever, an ingredient was not included!  Luckily, I had sweet almond oil available and I chose to use that for this recipe.
I also thought the cruet on the right was way too cute to use for a reed diffuser and I'm going to put the balsamic vinegar from last month in it instead.  The cruet on the left is from last month and I think it's a better vessel for my oils.
One quarter cup of sweet almond oil went into the cruet.  I also put Cinnamon, Orange and Cedarwood essential oils in.  Orange tends to fade pretty quick so I used kind of a lot of it...  I am definitely doing this again for Thanksgiving and Christmas time.  It actually smells SO good!

Here it is!  In situ!  Along with several other subscription box items.  Hah!  Some of you probably know exactly what they are from, too.

The second thing I made was the Air Freshener.  This was warm water and 10 drops of essential oil.  This is actually a really nice spray bottle!  I used Lemongrass and Sweet Mandarin for this.  I used way more than 10 drops because I felt like I couldn't smell it the first times I sprayed it.  I'm not sure if spraying essential oil on the furniture is a good thing so I avoided spraying areas where there was fabric.
Lemongrass is one of the best scents ever and this smells amazing!  It was so easy to make, too!

The last project is candle making.  Since this takes a little more work, I haven't done this one yet.  The included instructions are very simplistic and because I've made candles before I can see they've skipped some important information such as the temperature you should be adding your oils at.
I'm going to be making a Christmas candle and using Cinnamon and Cedarwood together.  I hope it turns out!  My last candles have had some issues with sweating and burning strangely.

VERDICT:  I am very pleased with this box.  I love the essential oils they chose to include, too.  Mmm!  My favorites!  I do wish that they had been able to include the 1/4 cup Almond Oil in the box because not everyone is going to have that on hand.  I only have it because I like to make soap.  However, this is the first time a major ingredient has not been included.  This box is fairly expensive but I feel it's worth it because of the interesting projects included.  I never would have even thought of making my own diffuser or air freshener!

If you would like to sign up for Homegrown Collective, make sure you use the code BITBOX10 to get 10% off any length subscription!

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