Friday, August 29, 2014

New Memebox Naked Box #24 has Great Contents!

I've been trying not to bombard you with too much Memebox but this is a box I really can't resist sharing with you.  Mainly because *I* like it so much.

Memebox has been adding Naked Boxes to their repertoire fairly infrequently but the awesome thing about them is that you know what you are paying for before you get it.

If you pay attention to my Memebox Deals page, you will see I have a section listed there for Naked Boxes.
It's actually hard to keep up with because they keep changing their website in production.  I just had to fix the links again.

Anyway!  This one was too good to pass up and is probably better than a Jackpot box, too.

The Cost: $23 plus shipping

What You Get: Everything you see below!  Ships September 11th


1. DEWYTREE Real Collagen Nutrition Serum 50ml ($39) Full-sized Product
Dewytree’s popular Real Collagen Nutrition Serum is infused with high concentrates of collagen and treats enlarged pores, sagging skin, and other signs of aging with its highly moist and nutritious formula. It expedites the skin’s regeneration and renewal cycle for the look of more youthful and luminous skin.

2. IOPE Essential Tone & Wrinkle Care Eye Cream 25ml ($86) Full-sized Product
Enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil, this moisturizing eye cream will fill the lines between wrinkles around the eye area and creates a protective moisture layer to prevent further sagging and wrinkle formation.

3. THE SKIN HOUSE Face Calming Galactomyces Cream 30ml ($19) Full-sized Product
Containing galactomyces fermented extracts and other active ingredients, this facial cream soothes and replenishes skin stressed from external stimulus for a healthier, more youthful complexion.

4. INSOBEAU Perfect Deep Clean One-Step Cleansing Water 200ml ($22) Full-sized Product
There’s no need for double cleansing with this smart One-Step Cleansing Water from insobeau. Its gentle formula, made from natural derivatives, works to quickly and easily deep cleanse all makeup and skin impurities in one step. Plus, it functions as a moisturizing toner as well, protecting, soothing and brightening the skin all in one.

5. SHARA SHARA Real Sauce Lemon Mask 20g X 3ea ($4) Full-sized Product
Packed with vitamin-rich lemon extracts, the Real Sauce Lemon Mask works to balance out the moisture and oil balance, brighten up, and rejuvenate dull, darkened complexions.

6. HELLO EVERYBODY Nature Holic Hand Cream Grapefruit 50ml ($12) Full-sized Product
This super-creamy grapefruit hand cream penetrates the skin quickly to protect, moisturize and replenish dry skin and nails. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, Indian Gooseberry and grapefruit extracts, this cream will nourish skin and nails to its finest. Citrusy Mandarin Orange and Grapefruit top notes will keep your hands and nails feeling fresh all day!

The only thing I'm kinda "meh" on is the Dewytree Collagen cream and really I shouldn't be.  It is a good moisturizer but collagen just can't be absorbed by your skin.

What I really want is the Cleansing Water!  I love that stuff!  The Galactomyces Cream by The Skin House is AMAZING!  I have one and I want more.  I love masks and adore grapefruit.  I wish they would have included this hand cream in the Grapefruit Scentbox but no biggie!  It's in this one!

And I can tell you right now, the piece de resistance is the IOPE Eye Cream.  Whether Memebox inflates it's values or not, IOPE is not cheap and it's an excellent brand.  Worth the price of the whole box by double, that's for sure

Everything else is icing on the IOPE cake.

If you want this Naked box, there are less than 100 available.  You can get it right here!  Don't forget to use codes.
The August codes will be expiring soon!

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MEMEBUNDLE4- $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes
SHIP4CHEAP3- Free standard shipping on one box as long as you are buying two Memeboxes.

These below are one time use so get them while they're hot:

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  1. If I didn't already have so much stuff I would definitely get this! Probably the best Naked box I have seen. Alas, I am currently drowning in skincare stuff. Just received the Superfood box (which I LOVE) and have two more coming soon. *sigh*

    1. Definitely the best Naked Box so far. And the highest value, too. Isn't Superfood AMAZING!!? I really am enjoying the broccoli toner :D I have way too much stuff, too, trust me. I admire your restraint!

  2. Oh, I bought this box as soon as I found out about it this morning. :P So much for my resolution to not buy any more boxes for the next couple months! I agree though, the IOPE eye cream was what made this box a no brainer to buy.. have you tried it before?? I hope it's as amazing as the brand is in general.
    I don't know anything about all of the other products, so I'm glad to see that you like the Galactomyces cream! I will definitely have to try it. :-)

    Thanks again for a very helpful post!

    1. Thank you! (I thought I commented earlier but I think the internet ate it). My restraint flew out the window, too. I've managed to buy all the boxes I wanted but thought I could resist.

      I haven't tried IOPE (it's so expensive!) but it's a great brand. The value on this box is very, very good! I hope you love it all!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am soooooo happy that I waited until the end of the month to save my points! I bought this box right away when I saw this post! (didn't check my email yet) Only paid $14.99 for this box. Thank you for the discount code. ^__^ I LOVE you! >////<

    1. Woohoo!! That is a *fantastic* deal! The other nice thing is that it ships on Sept. 11, so we don't have to wait very long for it!

  4. I bought mine right ahead :D This is a great box and worth the price :)