Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Memebox Debuts Branded Makeup Brushes in USA + Flash SALE!

Memebox is very excited about their branded Memebrushes!  They are having a whopping good sale starting Thursday and they sent me a set of brushes to review in celebration!

This is a set of six brushes in a glittery black zip-up travel pouch.  The brushes are the requisite pink (which I  love) because they are a travel set, they're a little shorter than your average brush.

I used all of these today to test them out!  It was actually fun because my current brushes are the ones I received in my original BareMinerals Starter Kit.  Waaay back when, in other words.  I use mostly powders in my make up routine so keep that in mind for this review.

Multi Powder Brush (Powder/Highlighting/Blush/Foundation)-  I don't think this is full enough to work well with my powder but I loved it for my blush.  I don't have a very good blush brush at the moment but this is going to work great.  Plus it's hard to compete with my it Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush.

Angle Contour Brush (Shading/Highlighting/Blush)-  I really like this for my bronzer!  I love that the bristles are white so I can see exactly how much bronzer is on there, too.  The handle is also big and comfortable in my hand, too.

Basic Eye Shadow Brush (Eye Shadow/Highlighting)-  This picks up the pigment like no other eyeshadow brush I own.  I don't think my eyeshadow has ever gone on so thick.  I'm actually happy with that because I was going for a bolder look.  We are going to a concert tonight so I wanted it to be big and sparkly!  I got it with this brush!

Angle Eyebrow Brush (Eyebrow/Eye Liner/Concealer)-I used this with my eyeliner shadow.  The bristles are nice and stiff and perfectly tapered.  I got a great line with a nice taper down at the end.  Keeping this one in my regular routine, I don't care if it's for travel!

Eyeliner Brush (Eyeliner/Point Shadow)- I have to be honest and say that of all the brushes, this was the only one I didn't use.  Since I used the Angled Brush for my eyeliner, I didn't know what else to use this for. Hints?  Normally I would use this for smudging but I didn't want to smudge my liner today.

Lip & Blending Brush (Lip/Eye Liner/Concealer/Eye Shadow)- So the rounded end of this RETRACTABLE lip brush is the most perfect concealer applicator I've owned.  It's super soft and picked up my cream concealer from the pot so perfectly.  It applied so much better than my usual brush that I'm now converted.  This also goes in my brush cup.  
The cap goes on the round brush end.  The lip brush part retracts!  I don't normally use lip brushes but one of my favorite modelco lipsticks melted into the cap because it was so hot.  With this lip brush, I was able to get to the lipstick and use it anyway.  That's a win for me!

VERDICT: I would say that this is a great basic travel set.  For the sale price of $18, I'd say this was a steal and worth upgrading to if your brushes are ancient like mine.  I think there will always be brushes we prefer over other ones just because individual tastes and make up routines vary so much.  These are not super high quality brushes and I will be using this primarily for what it is- A generic set of travel brushes.  However, the Lip and Blending Brush,  Angled Eyebrow Brush and the Angled Bronzer I'm keeping out.  And maybe the eyeshadow brush, too.  Hmm...

The pouch is cute and glittery black on one outside flap.  It's 4"x6"x1.5" so it fits in a handbag pretty easily. The inside has a net pouch and a fabric pouch to hold various sundries.


Memebox is having a special 72-hour only flash-sale on this Memebrush Pouch Set!  It will be live tomorrow, August 14th, at 1pm PST!

Any orders in the US will receive free shipping and 50% off this set!  

For my wonderful readers who live outside of the US, while there won't be free shipping I'm going to find out if you get the sale price, too.  I'll update this post when I get that information.  **This is for USA residents only.  I contacted Memebox about it. :(

As usual, never forget to use coupons!  If you haven't used one of your $5 off for this month, you can get this Brush set even cheaper!!

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ALSO, CHECK YOUR POINTS BALANCES!  It looks like USA residents might also have all been given 3 Memepoints!  Woohoo!!  Spend wisely!

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  1. The black and white brush is a stippling brush, it's great for highly pigmented blush or for an airbrushed foundation look. Instead of swirling the brush it's supposed to be stippled or "dotted", it will help with making the makeup look flawless and pick up less color of using a highly pigmented blush :)

    1. That makes sense! And no wonder I liked it for my blush so much. I use a powder blush and I loved how this brush applied it. I'm going to dot it with more focus next time because this time I just used short strokes.

  2. Is there a code? I'm not getting a discount when I put it in my cart.

    1. You shouldn't need a code. I wonder if it starts at noon PST. Let me check.

    2. Whoops! Looked like I missed an important part!! It starts at 1pm PST! Thank you for mentioning it!

  3. Thanks! Hopefully they won't sell out before I can snag one.

  4. 14, 2014 at 1:38 PM

    Still not on sale. It's past 1pm PST already. I've been waiting for it to be just $18.

    1. Are you outside of the US? They are currently on sale for $18 for residents of the US but other countries don't receive the same deal. Missha is also on sale for 15% off and there is a new discount code for Memeshop purchases as well. That is USEEXTRA10% for orders over $50 but I'm not sure if that is only for the US, as well.

    2. I'm in Los Angeles but it still shows $36. :(

    3. Anyways, I just wanna let you know that i really enjoy your blog, especially the Memebox reviews and announcements. I usually go to your website first before going to :)

    4. I just checked right now and it's 50% off as of 2pm. I've gotta go get myself a set! :) Thanks, by the way...for your awesome blog and for replying :) Have a great day!

    5. That's so weird that it wasn't working for you!! I'm glad it finally showed up the sale price, though. You're so sweet, thank you for your kind words! Enjoy your points, too!

  5. The sale price shows up in the 'USA Exclusives' the tab on the far right.