Monday, August 11, 2014

Memebox OMG! Box Contents Plus New Superboxes and Coupon Codes!

Still haven't received your OMG! Membox yet?  If you want to know what's in it, read on.  If not, stop right here!

There are six products and they are all full size. 

Here's the Memeblurb:

"If you thought our snail slime creams and Cocoon Peeling Silk Balls were cool, then you’re really in for a treat with this new box!

Our O.M.G. Box will literally make you go “Huh?” “Hmmm…Cool!” because we’ve loaded this box up with weirdly awesome, yet effective beauty treasures that will work miracles for your hair, skin and body! If you’re a daring beauty enthusiast or beautyholic that is open to trying bizarre new trends, we dare you to take this beauty challenge!"
The Cost: $29

Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss-  This is two different shades of gloss in one bottle.  It also comes with a mirror and LED light so you can... put your lipstick on in the dark?  I love it when there's a mirror on my lipstick or gloss.  OMG factor? Zero.  Useability? As long as it's not orange, totally useable.

SKINAZ Premium Vitablet- A cleanser in the form of a tablet.  Drop it in a bowl of water, then wash your face with it.  Packed with vitamin C to nourish your skin while washing.  OMG factor? Zero. Useability?  Maybe a nuisance to find a bowl of water but there's probably a work around.  Vitamin C is good for your skin but I'm not sure how much can be absorbed as a cleanser.

SKINAZ Kissable Lip Tattoo- Randomly selected between red, orange, pink and yellow.  Apply thickly, wait 15 minutes, then peel off.  Smudge free and long lasting lip tint remains.  OMG factor? Zero.  Useability? Totally fun!  This is super fun but not necessarily OMG.

Pure Smile 3-step Bust Pack- This is a grommage peeling gel, hydro gel pack and cream that you use to prepare your bust for a bikini! The directions are HILARIOUS!  Massage the grommage into your bust, then apply the hydro gel pack for 15 minutes (you can wear this under a shirt), then massage the cream onto your bust for hydrated, soft skin.  OMG factor? How about LOL factor??? This is way too funny!!  Useability? Erm... not so much.  Well, I mean, yes, you can use it but... hahaha!

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask- A one step facial mask for both cleansing and pore care.  With green tea, pomegranate and charcoal extracts, this carbonated mask will bubble up and penetrated deep into your pores.  OMG factor? Zero.  Useability? Totally awesome!  This sounds amazing!  I want to try it.

Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator for Body- Enriched with cellulose components from papaya and pineapple this exfoliator removes dead skin from your body.  Just spray it on and rub it away to removed the dead skin.  OMG factor? Zero.  Useability?  This sounds amazing! I'd like to try this, too.  I wonder if it could be used while out hiking or camping where there's not a ton of water for cleaning.

VERDICT:  Okay, so there was nothing OMG! Gross, ewww!! I can't believe it! in this box.  What there was in this box is a nice array of interesting cleansers.  I feel like there's been a dearth of cleansers in Memeboxes and then poof, the OMG box gets three!  So the good thing is that these items are unlikely to overlap with something you already have.  Two lip products and a funny bust enhancing treatment make this a box lacking in variety but the cleansers might make it all worth it.

I admit I was a little bummed that there was no birds nest masks, bee venom or silkworm poop involved in any of these products.  Theyre all interesting and useable, though, which does make it worth it.

What do you think?


 New Memeboxes
You now have a new choice to make in the Memebox Superbox arena!  Or don't make a choice and get them both!

First up there's, Memebox Yogurt Cosmetics

Yogurt used as part of a beauty regimen dates back to ancient Egypt, when Cleopatra used it as a part of her daily beauty routine to maintain her youth. It contains lactic acid to dissolve dead skin cells that accumulate into the pores! Also, proteins, calcium, and vitamins prevent premature aging, brighten skin, and give the skin a naturally youthful glow!

The Cost: $23
Ships September 30th

Next, there's All About Brows!

We’ll take your botched brows to rehab with this expert approved All About Brows Box! Packed with all K-Style inspired eyebrow essentials, this box will give you everything to recreate the signature Korean look with full, youthful brows!

The Cost: $19
Ships September 30th

Someone made a comment that if you have light eyebrows this might not be the right box.  I think that is a very valid point.  Just something to consider before you purchase, at least.

As usual, I have to mention coupons because paying full price sucks.

Here are the latest ones:

GWFF- $5 off in August!
QACQU9- $5 off in August 
MEMEBUNDLE3- $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4- $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes

August VIP 10% off on Orders Above $100 D2WD
August VIP 15% off on Orders Above $150 NS93 
August VIP $7 Shipping Charge Waive with purchase of 2 boxes K1DR

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  1. The OMG box is a little disappointing. Hoping the second version is more shocking because that's what I ordered! I do think the lip tattoo looks really cool though.

    1. Hopefully they'll pay attention to the feedback from this first one and make the second one a LOT crazier than this one was!

  2. This box looks like it has great products, but NO OMG factor at all! Let's hope OMG2 is ONG-worthy! I'd love the peeling lip tattoo though!

    1. They're selling the lip tattoo in the Memeshop and I keep looking at it...

  3. I actually love all of the products in the OMG box, although I do agree that none of them really have an OMG! factor. Most of all, I just want that lip tattoo product.

  4. I dunno, the lip tattoo thing and bust pack might get a slight OMG out of me. Especially the bust pack, because WTF. Because I'm always like "MAN my boobs are feeling dry and dull."

    1. Haha! But you're not saying OMG about the Bust Pack, you're saying WTF!! :D That lip tattoo thing IS cool and I kinda want one... >.<

    2. Also, I seriously cracked up when I read the directions. My husband was like "What's so funny?" Bahahaha!