Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Memebox Special Waterproof Cosmetics Review

Memebox Waterproof Cosmetics was actually not my first choice of all the Memeboxes.  I think I only got it because it was in a bundle with a box I *did* want, which was Zero Cosmetics.

That does not mean that I'm not excited about what's in it!  Memebox sends out some pretty interesting stuff. Just check out the At Home Memebox to see what I mean.

The Cost: $23 +shipping.  This box has actually been restocked today!  See it here!

What You Get: The original Memebox comes packed with 4 - 8 full sized products and deluxe samples, carefully curated from Korea to give you the best experience and widest exposure to a range of products.

Here's what Memebox says about their WaterProof Cosmetics box:

"This summer, look out for the Waterproof Makeup Box! Loaded with only makeup items that passed our “all-proof test”, this Waterproof Makeup Box defies the laws of makeup with its all-day long lasting staying power. From eye makeup to lip and skin makeup, it has got only the best waterproof and sweat-proof products that are sure to last all throughout the day! You’ll look like a million bucks all day long!"

On to the good stuff!
Y.E.T. Mission Impossible Lip Marker-1.7g- This was randomly selected from Ruby, Kara, Dominique, Tiffany and Mary.  Apparently I have all the luck because I ended up with Tiffany.  Which is orange. NEON orange.  There is no denying the straight up orangeness of this particular color.  What is it with Asian lip colors?!  Who uses orange like this?! I've never seen anyone I know wearing crazy orange lipstick!  I take that back... In high school there was one girl who did and that is how she was known.  The girl with the orange lipstick.  Still.
It's so interesting otherwise.  It's a crayon and it has a smudger on the opposite end. It's waterproof and long lasting and has avocado oil, rosehip extract and macadamia oil.  I've got it on now so we will see how moisturizing it is.  It's not shiny in the slightest and in my opinion doesn't have optimum application but whatever, it's orange.  Really orange.
Croquis Eye Shadow and Blusher in Shimmer Peach-4g-This glides smoothly onto your eye contours with a nice silky finish.  Not clumpy or sticky.  The description also says that you should use this with a darker eye shadow and eye liner.
I thought this was another lip crayon and I was so happy to see such a good color.  This is really shimmery and bright.  If you don't smudge or blend it quick you'll be sorry! Or maybe not.  It's just a really bright color on me.  Use as blush only if you want the sparkliest cheeks in the universe.  This has some pretty good staying power, I can't deny that.  It also came with a pencil sharpener!  I can always use those at the rate I misplace mine.

Cheek Room Curl and Long Lash Mascara-8g- This will add volume and strength to your short, thin eyelashes (yes, the card says that) for a long-lasting, waterproof finish.  Olive oil and resin allow this to apply smoothly without clumping.
I haven't tried this yet because I'm so in love with my Hope Girl mascara.  Yes, Hope Girl, I know. But I just love the 140 SuperLash.
Rubelli Water Glow BB Cream-40ml- This BB cream works to cover large pores, and even your skin tone for a brighter, natural tone.  This contains anti-wrinkle, brightening and UV protection and also makes your skin supple and natural.  Hmm... Who doesn't want supple, natural skin?  I know I do!  This also contains BSASMTM, a patented complex of 7 kinds of natural plants, provides healthy skin as well as natural correction effect. It also uses Illite, a mineral of natural origin, to enhance spreadability and adhesiveness of the product to provide clear skin tone and natural brilliance.

Enesti UV Cut Sun Block SPF 50+-40ml-This is a waterproof sun block that also diminishes large pores and gets rid of excess sebum.  It has a gentle formula with green tea and rosemary extracts. Anti-shine emulsion.
The comes in a super cute package and between this and the Rubelli Water Glow, I think I'd like to try this one first.  Is it bad to have a lot of open BB creams?  I should check dates.
Color Bucket Flash Pop-Up Gellar- Well, I got black.  Which is boring :(  I thought from the directions which you see included that it was a color changing liner!  Remember those rainbow pencils from back in school?  That's what I was expecting.  There's 11 colors that you could possibly get and if you are getting this box, I hope you get something fun and not the black one.
This is a waterproof, gel type liner.  I think mine is broken because it wont screw up. I mean it supposed to twist up but it wont, so that's as much tip as I can get in the photo.  I might email Memebox about it and see what they say. *I figured it out.  The very bottom is a sharpener and pulls out of the pencil.  It's the black stripe that twists up the liner.  Doh. :D* I do have to add that it's not exactly waterproof, although washing the hand that I swatched it on might be a little more harsh than if it was my eye and I was just randomly in the water.

VERDICT:  Not my favorite.  I should preface that by saying that I've not been super thrilled by the make up that has been sent in the first place.  I personally prefer the skincare, so keep that in mind.  This actually is very well curated with a little bit of everything.  I think I would have preferred a compact instead of the second BB cream but then, that wouldn't be waterproof, would it? The lip color is... unwearable in public unless I want crazy stares (or use another color to temper it).  My eyeliner doesn't work and it's black but really I shouldn't complain because eyeliners are pretty much a staple in sub boxes.  I like the eyeshadow stick but I like it most as a lipstick.  I repurposed it.  Mascara is always welcome.  The BB creams are good for me because I have light skin but I can see anyone with a darker skin tone finding them unusable.  I'm also having fun finding the perfect one since I've received so many from Memeboxes.

What do you think?  And what color eyeliner did you get?!

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  1. I like my Hope Girl mascara too, for whatever it's worth. The effect is pretty natural on me but sometimes that's what you want! I kind of want to try those eyeliners but not in black. I could build furniture out of the number of black eyeliners I have right now. :P

    1. Oh, good! Someone besides me likes those Hope Girl mascaras! I wasn't expecting the to be good at all. Yeah... one more black eyeliner to add to my collection. /sigh It's not bad but there are definitely better ones.

  2. I wish I had gotten black eyeliner. :-( The color I got is pretty, but I can't see me wearing a dark pink on my warm yellow skintone.

    1. You do have a point. Black is definitely the most versatile. I guess I don't really know what I would have done with pink either... Halloween?