Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Memebox Superbox #37 At Home Review

Today I received three Memeboxes and one is the Memebox Superbox #37 At Home!  I was so unsure of what to expect in this box so it was a complete surprise for me.

If you haven't heard of Memebox, it's a fantastic way to get Korean beauty products in a non-subscription format.  Each box is centered around a certain theme and you can choose any box based on the theme.  The contents are a surprise, though, just like a subscription box would be.

The cost for this box was $32 plus shipping.  It is a Superbox so all the items are full size.
This particular box is a Superbox so it contains only full size items.  This box was absolutely exploding it was so full!  Each box comes with it's own information cards which explain how to use each item.  This helps those of us who can't read Korean figure out what on earth we do with what we got.
EXPLODING, people!  I had the hardest time arranging everything to show what was in it and it still didn't work.  And I'm going to tell you right now that I laughed so hard at one of the items.  When you see it, you'll know why.
CNKCOS Sexy Beans- Alright, so I'm starting with one of the more ridiculous items.  This box was billed as a chance to pamper yourself at home.  Well, these beans are for slimming your body.  Take a bean or two and crush it onto the part of your body you wish was slimmer.  Massage the bean in with water (it's recommended that you do this in the shower), lather it up, wait 3-5 minutes then rinse.
I have a hard time believing that a formula of soy beans, corn and caffeine is actually going to slim anything.  If it was that easy, everyone would do it!  Still, this made me giggle but it isn't the item that made me laugh so hard.
RiRe Cool Dr. Scalp+-10ml- This uses various medicinal extracts to cool down your scalp and prevent possible hair loss.  It also helps remove dead skin cells and impurities for a healthier scalp and hair.  This looks just like a lip gloss applicator.  It smells good.  I'll use it and let you know how it goes.  You just squirt it onto your head whenever you want.  No shower or rinsing.  Should be interesting!

**I tried this yesterday.  I'm not sure that it actually cooled my scalp down but I could definitely tell where I had put it.  It did not make my hair greasy in the slightest.  I think its more like a leave in conditioner or something similar.  It didn't leave a residue on my scalp either but my hair was silky soft.  I could feel the difference on the side of my head I used it on vs the control side. :)  I'll definitely finish up the tube.  While I don't know if it actually provides any benefit, I like how soft it makes my hair.

RiRe Hot Speed Manicure-15ml-This penetrates deep into the hair cuticles and delivers abundant nutrition and creates a strong protein layer for maintaining a healthy moisture balance. This is like a leave in conditioner, put it on your hands and then apply roots to tips.  No rinsing necessary.

**This did grease my hair up and it stinks like baby powder.  I hate that smell.  I didn't feel any heat either.  Blargh, the smell is killing meee!  I'm not sure that I agree about no rinsing.  Oh, wait... I wonder if my hair was supposed to be wet... I applied it dry.  Hmm... after looking it up I think its called Hot because it has capsaicin in it.  It also has pearl?  And it can be used on dry hair.  It's actually for getting rid of frizz not for heating up your scalp.  At least according to the pictures I could find.  I wish Memebox sent ingredient lists.
Withshyan Eraser and Ruby Pusher- Apply the Eraser over your cuticles, then rinse with water after 30-60 seconds.  Then use the Ruby pusher, a high quality ceramic cuticle pusher, to gently scrap off the loose, dead skin from your nails.
I don't have either of these things and I've been wanting them so this is great!  I've been paying my nails a lot more attention since I started subscription boxes.
OSEQUE Silk Foot Peeling Gel-70g-Full Size- The jelly-like texture and nutrition-rich formula of the peeling gel works to get rid of the calluses on your heels while nourishing dried out skin.
They didn't provide a buffer but you're supposed to apply this, then buff and rinse.  I've got a buffer somewhere and I loved the foot peeling mask I got so I'm definitely trying this.

**I used this today!  It really reminds me of the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial.  Rub the gel on your feet and it pills.  Like a sweater does.  I thought at first it was my dead skin but it's just the gel.
In any case,  I used it with a pumice stone because I don't have a file (thank you, Escape Monthly, for the pumice stone).  It definitely makes a difference.  Not nearly as dramatic as the foot peeling masks which is probably good since those make your feet look like Frankenstein. I'll continue to use it because I do think it's effective.

So you've read all this way and you may be wondering what made me laugh so much.  These have all been interesting products, right?  But nothing to really die laughing over.  Well, the wait is over for you.  Here it is:
LABSTORY V-Line B-Tox Lifting Mask in Pink-  Yes.  This is made out of rubber.  Your ears go in the holes you see.  Then the clips hook on the top of your head.  In the picture, I now realize it's upside down.  There is the bump for your chin and the the flat part ends up under your chin by your neck.  This is apparently to get rid of the under-chin waddle.  It also will lift up the fine lines and wrinkles around your chin and neck with continual use.
Let me just say this.  I'm wearing this for the sake of this review.  It is not comfortable and my teeth are clamped together quite tightly.  I should find a picture of someone wearing one (NOT ME!) to give you an idea.

Here we go: 
Yes.  I laughed and I laughed when I saw myself in it.  There's also an included foil sachet that you are supposed to apply to your chin before you put this on.
Think it'll work?
Cotterang Blackhead and Black Mask Economic Kit-80ml- This is a blackhead and pore multi-kit and its pretty amazing.  It has a bottle of Blackout Sauce (yes, sauce), 40 nose masks, 20 chin masks, 25 black cotton tips, a plastic dish, tiny pinchers and a plastic pouch for everything.
What you do is you place the black mask in the plastic dish, then spray the sauce on it.  Put it on your nose or chin and let it sit for 15 minutes.  Take off the mask then remove the blackheads with the cotton tip.
Maybe I don't get bad enough blackheads but do you really need to remove them with a cotton tip?  I never see anything to remove after I use a pore strip on my nose.
I think this kit is really great!  This is a complete kit which is pretty nice!

VERDICT:  First, I'm sorry about the dark pictures!  I'll retake them later in sunlight.  I wanted to get this up for you so you can see what you'll be getting.  Since this box was $32, each of these items cost me a little more than $5.  The Sexy Beans aren't something I would use because I don't think they work.  The V-Line mask is so hilarious and I did wear it.  It's kinda painful.  The only thing I really can't wait to use is the Silk Foot Peeling Gel, the cuticle eraser and pusher and the blackhead kit.  I'll use the hair items, too.  Value wise, this box was worth it because there are enough things that I will use and then there is also the novelty value which is REALLY high for this box.
It's one of the things I like about Memebox.  There are some really interesting things that can arrive in your box!

If you would like to check out Memebox and see their boxes, head over to their website and see whats available!

Don't forget to check my Memebox Deals page to get the most bang for your buck, as well.

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  1. lol I'm still waiting for this box to arrive, but that V line mask really put me off. I had to agree with @MemeboxAddict that this mak belongs in the OMG box, if I use it in front of my husband I won't hear the end of it lol.

    I'm really looking forward to the rest of the products in the box though, love the cuticles set! I can even use the black head kit on my husband to keep some peace, there are tons of boxes coming this way, hopefully it'll keep his complains to himself lol!

    1. I have to admit, I made sure my husband was elsewhere when I put this on and took it off before he could see me in it...

  2. I really like the look of this box, some of that stuff is hilarious. Makes me wonder how far they're going to push it with the OMG box.

    1. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to be really disappointed that I didn't get the OMG box...

  3. Mmm, Sexy Beans. I want some just so I can rub some on my BF and tell him that they're making him sexier, lol. As for the chin strap thing - I have one of those (different brand) and it actually does make a temporary firming effect. The real benefit is that it makes you look hilariously odd though, haha. :)

    1. Maybe if I rubbed the beans on my chin and then did the strap, I would see an even sexier and slimmer effect!? :D

  4. That.mask.is.HILARIOUS. It's something I want to try just to chase my dog around in to scare her. The blackhead kit and foot peel sound awesome and make me kick myself for not picking up this box. I hope the Dr. Scalp doesn't make dead skin flake off like the foot peel does...

    1. Oh, I hope not! I'll do it at night just in case! Foot peel is on my afternoon to-do list :D

  5. I am DYING for a v-line mask! I hope they put one in the OMG! box. Two years of Prednisone have left me with a bit of a double chin. I was so excited when I saw there was a possible remedy for this. I've already shown my husband a picture & he's promised not to laugh (in front of me). ;)

    1. This thing really sucks it in, let me tell you! I'm happy to hear from Rebecca's comment above that it actually works. This thing is the real deal, too. Very sturdy.
      I've used the V-line sheet masks and I like those because they really get the nutrient goodness soaked into the chin/neck part. Mine needs some hydrating, firming action, too :D