Monday, August 4, 2014

NEW Memebox Moisture Surge and Meme-Pouch Released!

new memeboxes
Memebox released some new boxes today!  Actually, at this point they are *still* trying to release them but I'm writing in anticipation.

They've been put up and taken down a few times today.  In any case, there are two new boxes!

**So when I put the links in here, they WERE working, and now they aren't again!  So here's both VIP links in case they decide to change which VIP page they want to put them on: VIP LINK 2 and VIP LINK 1 **

 new memebox

Memebox Special Moisture Surge-

Dry, flaky skin sucks almost as much as breakouts and oily skin! Whether you're dealing with an all-over moisture problem or battling just a few annoying dry patches, this Moisture Surge Box will cure all, even during the harshest fall and winter months! This box will lock in moisture for a dewy and supple complexion , and fortify the skin's moisture barrier for all day hydration!

Get your hydration on with Memebox because glowing skin is in!

VIP price is $20!
Regular price is $23 

memebox memepouch

Memebox Special Meme-Pouch-
Everyone has got a couple of those beauty-savvy friends that always know about the hottest new makeup trends and bizarre makeup tricks. We, however, have nearly 100 of them, and every product in this box has been tried, tested, and loved by our very own Memeboxers! From eye, skin, and lip makeup, to instant makeup refreshers for throughout the day, these beauty goodies have set up permanent camp in our Memeboxers’ makeup bag, and soon, you’ll see why!

Carry these nifty makeup goodies wherever you go, and you’ll be ready to glam up, or simply touch up your look with all of Meme's favorites!

Find out what our Memeboxers are loving at this moment, and get a sneak peek into the “it” trend at Memebox!

VIP price is $20!
Regular price is $23 

You can also get both these boxes as a Value Set!  These ship out on August 19th!

Don't forget to use coupons!

GWFF- $5 off in August!
MEMEBUNDLE3- $5 off for 3 Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4- $8 off on entire order when purchasing over 4 Memeboxes

August VIP 10% off on Orders Above $100 D2WD
August VIP 15% off on Orders Above $150 NS93
August VIP $7 Shipping Charge Waive with purchase of 2 boxes K1DR
Check out the Memebox Deals page to see ALL the deals!

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  1. Hey birthday girl!!
    what boxes have you bought already? :D

    1. I didn't get either one yet! I really want the moisture surge, though, so I'll probably get that one.