Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Popsugar Special Edition Fall 2014 Spoiler!

So FINALLY Popsugar releases a spoiler for their FALL 2014 Special Edition box! There's only a few left so hurry if you want one. This is a pretty fantastic spoiler.

 The Cost: $100

What You Get: Full size, premium items for home, fashion, beauty and life.  This box is shaping up to be well over $200 if the spoiler is any indication.

Spoiler Alert!

So we are thinking its a cashemere and wool scarf by Joie!  It could also be gloves, too.


They are both cashmere and wool.  And they are one size fits all so no pesky sizing to deal with.

What do you think?  Worth signing up for?  I'm not getting it and we are already getting a scarf in the regular September box.  Hmm... Maybe that means it'll be gloves just because lots of people get both.

Oh, and while you can't use the $10 off codes on Special Editions, you might try using the code RAMBLINGS to get a free random skincare item added to your box.  

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