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Posh Pet Box August 2014 Review- The Posh Boss + Exclusive Coupon Code!

 A customisable monthly dog box
The August 2014 Posh Pet Box arrived today!  The wonderful people of Posh Pets sent this box to me for review and I'm super excited about this.

I'm sure you all know how much I love my dogs.  If you don't know, you will soon find out.  My dogs are my children and I love to spoil them.  And that's what this Posh Pet Box is all about!

Posh Pet Box is a monthly beauty subscription box for dogs. They offer designer dog clothes, toys, treats, and accessories for the most discerning pet parent. When you sign up, you will fill out a pet profile, identify "How Posh Is Your Pet?", and select the custom or curated plan.  Yes, you read that right!
With the Posh Pet Box subscription you have the ability to create a custom box that fits your pups needs!

The Cost: This particular box is the Posh Boss box and is $49/monthly.  Plans are cheaper the longer you choose to subscribe.

What You Get:  Quality all natural dog treats and funky toys with a flair of beauty and style.  Is your dog just about the toys and treats? There's a box for that. What if you have a particularly fussy dog? There's a box for that. Finally, is your dog completely over the top? There is also a box for that! Posh Pet Box specializes in carrying designer dog clothes, all natural and organic treats, cool dog charms, travel items, and much more! 
My Posh Pet Box came in a big, snazzy black and white box.  When I opened it, I immediately loved the big heavy sheet of paper that supplies all the information you need about what you've received.  I tried not to look at it so I could be surprised but I love the way they've done this.

 This box is PACKED with goodies!  All these products and brands are new to me!  The treats are both made in the USA which is actually pretty important to me.  I'm seriously excited to use all these!  I was able to specify that I had a dog with allergies and I'm so glad that it was taken into consideration for this box.
One of the subscription options is Picky Posh and while my dogs may not be Picky, I am!
My Doggy Soft Baked Cookies in Apple Honey- These have no wheat or corn.  In fact, they only have five ingredients! Rye, honey, egg, vegetable oil and dried apples.  There's a bunch of other flavors and based on how crazy both dogs went when I opened the package, I think I need more.  This is a big 10oz bag, too!
Value: $9.50

26 Bars and a Band Avant Garde Matte Retractable Leash- This is a very, very nice leash.  I think I'm in love.  It has the most comfortable grip of any retractable leash I've owned.  It's super smooth when it retracts, too.  The one I got says "Keep Calm and Walk Your Dog" but there are a million variations on their website and you can interchange the cover!  This is so much better than the one I have now, I'm immediately putting this one into action.
Value: $30
Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits in Homestyle Peanut Butter- Another treat made in the USA!  These are soft, chewy treats made with peanut butter, garbanzo beans and potatoes.  Another treat that both dogs can happily enjoy.  And I know Dexter *loves* anything with peanut butter.
Value: $6.95

Earthbath Eye Wipes- This is a fast, easy way to keep the area around your pets eyes clean and free of tear stains, dirt and other discharge.  These are hypo allergenic and fragrance-free.
Value: $6.99

Then there was a Posh Bonus that wasn't included on the information card!  I just made up the Posh Bonus part but it is extra and it's very Posh.
It's a collar charm!  I would keep this for Dexter because this is blue and he is blue and his leash and collar are also blue if I didn't know of someone who would die of happiness to have this.  She won't actually die but I would be her new best friend if I wasn't already.

VERDICT:  The value of this box comes out to about $53.  And that is not including the charm.  So you definitely get your moneys worth.  And with this particular box, the leash made up the majority of it and it is a quality leash!  I really like the variety.  While I've received treats in other dog boxes, I've never received anything as nice as the leash or even quite this variety in the accessories route.  I do wish there had been a toy but I'm totally okay without one because the products in the box were so good.  And so perfect for my dogs!

If you would like to sign up for Posh Pet Box, don't forget that this is one of the few subscriptions where you have the option to choose your own products for your box!  Depending on the subscription you choose, you will be allocated some points to spend.  You can use these in their shop and fill up your box.

I personally like a little surprise.  And I'm very impressed with the curation and attention to detail regarding the specifics of my dogs.
Insert obligatory photo of Bugsy, who is desperate to enjoy the treat I am making him "hold".
This is the My Doggy Soft Baked Cookie in Apple Honey.  They're big treats!  I'm so glad they sent a 10oz bag.  Bugsy approves of his Posh Pet Box goodies!

You have three subscription choices:

Plain Posh-$29/mo. The Plain Posh package are for those Posh Pets who want the meat and potatoes-toys and treats. Members can select up to three items or one three point selection.

Picky Posh-$39/mo. The Picky Posh package are for those Posh Pets who are VERY particular with what they must eat. Is your pup allergic to chicken? Doesn't like plush toys? Needs to have a particular brand of treat? This is the plan for you. (This would be the plan for me, too.  Drat that chicken allergy!).

The Posh Boss-$49/mo. The Posh Boss plan are for those pups who are the most fabulous pups to walk the dog park! As a pet parent, you spare no expense on seeing that your Posh Pet is fashionable, trendy, and healthy!

Posh Pet Box is offering you a fabulous deal on your first box!  With this code POSHBITS250, the first 20 readers to sign up can receive $10 off their first subscription, and receive a surprise selection from the Posh Pet Box team!
After the first 20, everyone else will receive $5 off their first box subscription!  You can cancel at anytime.

Read more about Posh Pet Box here and support a woman owned business!

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