Monday, August 25, 2014

Post Weekend Wonderings

I had a great weekend at a Kite Festival on the Pacific Coast!  We were there with friends and it was so fun and relaxing and exhausting at the same time.

The only bad thing was that there was NO internet access!  Talk about withdrawals!  I missed my boxes and my blog.  The day we left, I even got my husband to leave late, hoping the mail would get here before we left so I could get my Loot Crate.  It didn't work, so I got home to a nice pile on my porch today.

Also, totally loving my my husbands Loot Crate.  I think anything Groot would make us happy but a Glow in the Dark Funko Groot makes us REALLY happy!

I have some new and interesting boxes that should be showing up.  Mantry has already shipped but I don't know what's going on with Hatchery.  New Beauty Test Tube is on it's way, too!  Yay!  I also signed up for a Try the World Paris box.

We got a new bed today!!  A Tempur-pedic kind!  We've had the crappiest bed ever for the last six years.
It's got two very deep valleys in it and after a friend extolled the virtues of her Tempur-pedic mattress, we finally bit the bullet and bought one.  We got the Tempur-Contour Elite.
It's so fabulous!  I can't even feel my husband tossing and turning.  We also got these gel cooling pillows that are amazing!  I sleep hot but these pillows are amazing and helpful with keeping me cool.

I also ordered a whole set of IT Cosmetics Travel Makeup Brushes from  I've never purchased anything from that site before but I liked getting a free full size Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner with my order.

Thank you dear and wonderful readers!  I just hit 275 followers on Bloglovin'!  Woohoo!  I know I love my Bloglovin' feeds and I'm thrilled to be in yours :)  Thank you for your support!

I've gotten several workings for a new blog logo and banner but nothing that is exactly what I want yet.
You may see some appear and disappear while I try to get what I like figured out.  Thanks for bearing with me during this transitional period.

I've got so a many Memeboxes coming, I've stopped keeping track and just get happy when I see one.  I still need to get my K-Beauty Wrap Up review completed but I'm having the hardest time figuring out what on earth I actually got.  The info cards this time around weren't very helpful.  And I'll say right now that the box was less than impressive.  Ugh.  I think I'm done with any Memebox that has anything to do with the "best" of anything.  Certain boxes have been absolutely stellar but the "best of" boxes seem to be severely lacking in awesome products.

On that note, Memebox has released a new OMG! box and a new My Cute Wishlist.  They've also put out a K-Style 3 but I'm not recommending it.  In my opinion, the My Cute Wishlist is freaking adorable, the OMG! was not very OMG but *very* worth it with practical products.

And if you haven't seen it yet, Popsugar has a $10 off code and a spoiler out! See my post about that here.
It's a good one and if you haven't subscribed, you might want to consider doing it.  I'm not sure if you'll get August (I think it's sold out) so make sure you uncheck the box that says "waitlist for current box" or something like that when you are checking out if you don't want this months.

I'm pretty excited for all my new boxes this week.  I'm branching out a little and someone suggested that food boxes are easier to get "rid" of than cosmetics so we'll find out how true that is!  I'm always hosting parties (or rather, everyone is always showing up at my house) so food stuffs goes pretty quick around here.

Thanks for joining me on  my sub box adventures!  I hope you are having as much fun with your boxes as I am with mine :)

*referral links were used in this post and I'm always thrilled when someone uses them.  Thank you in advance if you choose to use any of them ever :)


  1. New mattresses are the best. We moved from a studio apartment to a 2-bedroom a couple of years ago, which meant we finally had room for a proper queen-sized bed instead of a futon - I am sleeping about 400000% better now

    1. It was an investment into the quality of our life (that's how we justified the expense, anyway). We lived with our saggy one for so long so we could "get our money's worth" out of it but really we just ruined our sleep for years. That was NOT worth it. Haha! Now, though... Sleep is bliss and rainbow puffy clouds.