Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag August 2014

I only just recently heard about Rainbow Honey and this is my second Mystery Bag from them.  I thought they were just nail polish but it seems they do a little of everything.  This arrived via USPS in a bubble envelope.  Inside was the package you see above.
I still can't believe how much stuff they manage to get in that envelope!  This month there are six items, all quite fruity in origin.  This is the Mini bag, too, if you can believe that!

The Cost: $10/mo for the Mini, $25/month for Full Size

What You Get: Three mini polishes and three fun extras based on seasonal scents.

Rainbow Honey Summer Juice Body Splash- A light and refreshing formula in a juicy fruit summer scent.  This does smell fruity, too.  I wish the scent lasted longer.

Rainbow Honey Royal Fruits Cuticle Balm- Enriched with Vitamin E, this balm will protect your cuticles and nailbeds.  In a really delicious scent.  I got one of these in the Midori scent last month.  If they send these every month, I'm going to be swimming in them!  I wonder if it's safe to use on your lips...

Rainbow Honey Eau de Parfum Rollerball- Royal Fruit is a new summer scent, reminiscent of warm days and refreshing summer fruits.  This also smells delicious and I wish it lasted longer!

Rainbow Honey Royal Fruits Scented Top Coat- This smells like... nail polish with a hint of melon somewhere in there while in the bottle :)  It's a great top coat, too.  When it's dry it smells fabulous!

488nm? A no-name blue polish?- Solid azure blue creme which will be part of the upcoming 2015 collection.

Rainbow Honey Modern Hearts- A mix of peach, pink and neon matte glitters with white hearts in a shimmery base.  I have the worst time with polishes with big glitters.  Rainbow Honey seems to love them, though.  Maybe it's just me.

VERDICT: For $10 this bag is a steal.  While I'm terrible with big glitter, I like the top coat and the blue looks good in two coats.  These aren't super high quality (yet) but they sure are fun.  You also can just buy a one-off bag.  You don't have to subscribe if you just want to test it out which is really nice!  This is my second bag and I still can't believe how much you get for the price.

Go to Rainbow Honey's Mystery Bag Page!

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