Monday, August 18, 2014

Wantable Intimates August 2014 Review

This is a review for my second Wantable Intimates box for August 2014.  Yes, my second box!  So the first one I got I actually ended up sending back.  I didn't take pictures because everything was black and turned out terribly.  I felt it wasn't worth writing a review about although I totally could have.

Instead, you get a testimonial to the awesomeness of free returns and the ability to customize every box you get.

This is one of my favorite non-beauty boxes.  In fact, I think it's the only box of it's kind.  If there were more boxes like this, I would try them.  I just love the Wantable profile system, the astonishingly easy returns and the gorgeous things they send me.

The Cost: $36/monthly

What You Get: Receive four to five intimate essentials handpicked just for you by your in-house stylist.

In reference to my first box, the ONLY reason I sent it back was because everything was black.  I had made a change to my profile where I picked Love for "neutrals" and Disliked the other options "fun and flirty" and "brights".
With every box you'll receive a list of what you've got your preferences at so you can see why they've sent you what they did.  It's super handy.  This time around I put "Fun and Flirty" under my Likes instead of Dislikes.  You can change your preferences as often as you want.  So you can sort of customize your box to get what you want.

There were four things in my Intimates box this time around.  There was also a $10 gift card included with one of the ThirdLove items!
One of the hardest things about this box is taking pictures.  It is SO hard to take photos of clothing.  I need one of those dress forms or something.  You'll never be able to see how cute the polka dot babydoll is in a photo.
ThirdLove Micro Bikini in Black-We call this our “Nearly Naked” bikini because it’s so lightweight, you’ll forget it’s on. These elastic-free microfiber panties are perfect for that LBD - no VPL (visible panty line) in sight!
This also came with the $10 Gift Card! When I went to their website it gave me a 10% off coupon, too. Welcome10 gives 10% off. :)
Value: $13

Rene Rofe Dreamlike Bikini in Black- Features silky fabric and a front lace panel with matching trim.  These are super cute.  They're black, too, but at least its not two solid black pairs like the last box.  I think I limited myself too much with a list of too many dislikes.
Value: $14

Rene Rofe Mini Dot Chemise- A pretty chemise is soft, drapes beautifully and has a delicate pink lace trim at the neckline.  It's very comfortable and stretchy.  It's nice for these hot evenings, that's for sure!
Value: $38

Honeydew Modal Tank Top in Navy- This is a super-soft tank and is a very pretty blue.  It's also got cute straps and is SUPER comfortable.  It also has one of my favorite features-it's really long!
Value: $18

VERDICT:  First, I love Wantable!  It's one of the very few subscription boxes that allow returns.  Not only that but returns are absolutely free and you can do it as often as you need to!  It's really a wonderful company.  I also have found the value to be exceptional.  You can find these brands at Nordstrom if you want to pay full price but why bother when you can get it all in a Wantable Intimates box!?
Second, I love this box!  Everything fits, is cute, and is absolutely wearable! Love it!  I really love the customization.  I love that you can pick sizes for each specific type of clothing.  So you can choose one size for your underwear, a different size for your bras and another size altogether for your loungewear or tanktops based on how you like them to fit! It's a really great system.

If you would like to sign up for Wantable, you have three choices.  You can get a box of Accessories, Makeup or Intimates.  Personally, I only get the Intimates because I can get accessories and makeup from a lot of other boxes.  Intimates?  Not so much.  This is the only box I know of that does solely Intimate apparel.

Sign up for a Wantable box right here!  I don't know of any codes but if you choose your box, fill out your profile and then leave it in your cart, they'll send you an email giving you 10% off!  It will appear automatically in your cart in your account so you don't have to deal with codes at all.

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  1. I tried Wantable Makeup a while back, but still haven't tried Intimates. This box seems extremely awesome though! Very tempting ...

    1. It's on the pricier side, so I can understand why anyone might hesitate. My problem is that I never remember to shop for these things. I've still got PJ's from when I was in college and that was more than a decade ago. So this is a fun way to replenish my stock :)