Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All the Random Thoughts!

Photo: September Sneak Peek #6: True or False: Is metal the new black? #StreetStyle
Whoops.  It looks like I'm getting two Ipsy bags this month.  I tried to help my mom get off the wait list but it didn't work since she doesn't have Facebook.  I cancelled that second bag, everyone knows I have way too much stuff as it is, but not before I was already getting one. I don't know how I got off the wait list and she is still on it.

Also, it looks like I completely missed an Ipsy spoiler.  Number six (pictured above).  I was looking at my Glambag thinking where did that Briogeo come from?!  Anyhoo.  I got two brushes.  And I had enough Ipsy points (thanks, mom!) to order a freebie.  I got the Milani eyeshadow bundle.

I'm dealing with a raging sore throat right now.  I've been wondering why I've felt so lethargic and I guess it's because I'm sick.  We went to Lake Chelan for the weekend with a bunch of friends (and their kids) and somehow that got me sick.  It was beautiful, though, and the weather was great!

Lucky for me, Theraflu is now back in the stores!  The plant that makes it got shut down for safety violations or something and they had to renovate the building.  So for a year or so, we've been Theraflu-less and that is not a good thing.  I stocked up at Fred Meyer.

I'm weaning myself off Memeboxes, not because I don't like what they send, but because I have got so much skincare and only one face.  I hope to be able to continue to spoil and unbox Memeboxes for you, though, and I do have plenty more coming that I ordered previously.
I will, however, be buying the new Memebox Step-By-Step Skincare box!
All-Natural Snacks, Delivered - Discover New Favorites for Back to School!
Plum District has a Love With Food Deluxe box on sale for only $10, thats a really good deal.  Then if you use code Save15, you get 15% more off and that means it's only $8.50! Woo!  It says it's only for new customers.

I'm anxiously awaiting my Allure Sample Society box, I still have to put up my Memebox Anti-Aging 3 unboxing.  My Hatchery post needs some editing and then I need to update my swap list and get my ebay stuff up.  I feel a little overwhelmed right now!  I just got Petbox, Fabletics and Wantable Intimates, too, so those need pictures, editing and posting as well.  Busy me!  Who said blogging was easy?!  Just kidding!  I love it and it's a ton of fun.
I made a big ticket purchase so that I could blog when away from home.  I got a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition!  I've had the original iPad for ages but now they've stopped supporting it so I needed to upgrade to something.  I was mad at Apple for randomly deciding not to support a perfectly good piece of equipment (and thereby forcing people with that perfectly good piece of equipment to buy a new one) so I knew I wasn't going to get another iPad.
I love this because it has a stylus!  I didn't know I would love a stylus but I totally do.  I've never used a touchscreen with a stylus (how many times can I say stylus in this paragraph??... stylus!) before and thought it would be of no use to be but this one is pretty useful.  You can actually write on the screen in handwriting and it will transfer it to text!
I also got a keyboard to go with it and I did take all this with  me to Lake Chelan but I never used any of it because I was having so much fun.

I think thats all I can think of about what's going on in my life.  My new Tempu-Pedic bed is still amazing and I've been reading a lot in it.  I like fantasy/science fiction books and I'm reading Elizabeth Moon right now. If you know of any good fantasy/science fiction books that you love, tell me!  I'm running out of the regular Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weiss, Raymond Feist, Mercedes Lackey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Anne Bishop books!  I did not (and never will) read the Twilight books,  I like the good stuff.

Please forgive any spelling errors or randomness!  I blame sickness :D

*I think there are some referral links in here but I'm sick and my brain doesn't want to work.


  1. I hope you get better soon :P And omg you bought a tablet! xD I'm googling for a tablet for the past few days now xD you better give me a extended review of that thing when you played with it for a few days xD haha... I've dyslexia so I didn't see any typos XD

    1. Thanks, lady! I looked for a long time before I decided. I had to decide what I wanted to use it for and then find the ones with the best specifications for how I wanted to use it. The Microsoft SurfacePro 3 looked really nice but I couldn't justify the $1300 when I could get something just a teeensy bit less good for a third of the price.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Sore throats are no good. Sort of related but I've never bought Apple products because of the reason you said - it seems like a lot of their stuff is designed with obsolescence in mind. AND expensive. Good for business, bad for customers. But hooray for new non-Apple tablets! :D

    1. Thank you! And yes, thank goodness for non-apple tablets! There's a lot of them out there and I spent a long time deciding but so far so good with my Galaxy. I love it. :D And hopefully they won't just decide to stop supporting it and then make it so you cant update you apps, making them basically useless. Pfft.