Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Allure Sample Society October 2014 Spoiler #2 and Coupon Code! *Correction*

 I personally have LOVED my Sample Society boxes and since they've rebranded to be more Allure focused, they've been even better!

With the revamp, it seems like they might get away from the name Sample Society completely and just become the Allure box.  I'm okay with that.

If it's been awhile since you've subscribed to Sample Society you should know that multiple boxes variations are gone.  Your profile no longer "counts," not that it ever did, really but now it's not taken into consideration at all.  I'm okay with this, too.

We will all get the same box with minor variations in colors of nail polish and that sort of thing.  We will all have the same products.  I think that it's probably easier to do it this way and I'm guessing that Allure has a bit of clout in the makeup arena and that's why our boxes got amazingly good.  They were pretty hands off when Beautybar was running the show.

The Cost: $15/month

What You Get: Five deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products, as well as fragrance.  You'll also receive $10 BeautyBar.com gift card to redeem on any $50 Beauty Bar purchase every month.

Anyway!  Here is the second October 2014 spoiler and I'm loving it!


Yes!  Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum! This is an intensive serum that helps reduce the look of uneven skintone with a comprehensive correcting technology.

Night and day, this intensive serum improves the look of uneven skintone, leaving skin looking and feeling completely fresh and hydrated. It reduces the appearance of dark spots, discolorations, blotchiness, and redness while refining skin’s texture. Tonight, awaken the transformation to naturally glowing, even-toned skin.

Hello?! I totally want that!  AND! It's a ONE OUNCE sample!  The regular size is 1.7oz and is $92!
This 1oz sample is worth $62!  That's...  worth $15, yes?  I might have to get a second box.


I was so thrilled when I saw the size and value.  Until it was announced on Facebook that the size we are receiving is NOT the $62 size of 1oz.
We will be receiving a 7ml deluxe sample.  Still good but NOTHING close to the awesomeness that was announced first.

The only good thing is that it appears I didn't actually manage to sign up for that second box after all. I was wondering why I didn't get a confirmation email. Hm.

Use a coupon code!  I haven't seen a coupon code for Sample Society ever.  Ever!  Get $5 off your box with code 5FORYOU!


  1. Ohhhh man, I might be tempted to get a second box too!! Maybe... XD

    1. Yeah! I did. This is just too good to let go. :D

  2. Aww, shucks. I'm intl and they only deliver to US addresses... Sadface

    1. I wonder if they'll open up the shipping as part of the rebranding effort they've been going through. I don't know where you are but it would be great if they could at least open it up to Canada.

    2. The shipping is not entirely under their control. It has become more complicated with the US Govt dictating all sorts of limitations, and this affects Postal, but also UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. For example, alcohol or explosives. Believe it or not many beauty products contain substances that meet those categories and require more expensive handling procedures. Notice some will not even deliver to Alaska.

    3. Yes, the issue would be perfumes, aerosols and nail polish, for sure. Theres a ton of red tape surrounding those items and as a company they would definitely have to declare them. It must not be worth the hassle. The Glossybox Mothers Day Edition is a prime example of what happens when you think you can sneak a flammable substance past a shipping company...

  3. My first box was septembers box but I didn't get a $10 off code???

    1. They send it via email so you may want to check your spam folder. The code is: BBSOCIETYSEP14 and can be used on any purchase over $50. It expires October 5th. You'll get another one next month, too.

  4. Replies
    1. This "Bits and Boxes" website is cute and helpful. I am enrolled in Allure, so thanks for the peak, and also I will look forward to your review in October. I was going to drop "Allure" as I don't care for the writing style of the mini-mag, as they call it, and it's not really a mini-mag, but simply a product brochure. Why not add a one-page article on seasonal fashion trends or self-care tips? Then it would truly be a mini-mag. Also you get almost the same exact sort of products in several other boxes that are $10 only. Do you agree with me or...?

    2. The mini mag used to be just what you describe and had nothing at all to do with the product in the box. The new inserts (because you are right, they shouldnt be called a mini-mag) are much more informative regarding the actual product that comes in the box. I appreciate the fact that the editor reviews are objective, rather than just uniformly praising each item.
      I do think Allure Sample Society gives better brands and in many cases better sizes than Ipsy and Birchbox, which are both $10. Also, value-wise, Allure is off the charts in comparison to those two. A good Birchbox may be a $30 value, but the September Allure was over $100 and Octobers box is heading that direction as well.
      Then again, value is dependent on whether you, personally, feel the box is worth it and if you will be able to use what's inside. So far, since the rebranding, every box has been fantastic for me :D. I think if I had to choose between Ipsy and Allure, i would keep Allure. No competition, really, at least in my opinion.

    3. Thanks for a good analysis, Sarah. You're right, the writer for the Allure "product guide" gives nice pointers on how to use products. I question the judgment of someone who thinks 2 models (whom I never heard of) and Martha Stewart are "the coolest people on the planet" !?!? Oh well, this is the mentality of the fashion business I guess, LOL.