Thursday, September 18, 2014

Barkbox September 2014 Review "Yip, Yip, Hooray!" + 15% off Coupon Code!

The Barkbox September 2014 theme is Yip, Yip, Hurray!  Cheerdogs unite!  Actually, this is a ridiculously cute theme and I can't even believe they found these things.  It's pretty stinking adorable.
It's probably wasted on the dogs but us dog mamas certainly appreciate it.
This Barkbox contains five items with three treats and two toys.  My favorite combinations of doggy goodies.  My little fetch monster, Bugsy, always loves getting the toys.  Dexter, my fat kid, loves treats.  And used Kleenex but we won't go into that.  I think he needs therapy to get rid of his paper fixation.  No paper towel is safe from the jaws of my little blue dog.

The Cost:$29/month or less, depending on the plan you choose.

What You Get:  Every month you will receive a box in the mail with four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!

Loopies Letterman Jacket- Specially made for Barkbox pups, this jacket has textures, squeakers and some crinkles.  The info card says its also durable buuuut...  I'm gonna say, not so much because it's guts are currently littering the floor.  Bugsy loved it well.  It says this worth $10 but that's probably stretching it.
Value: $10

Safemade Barkeley Pennant- Another Barkbox exclusive!  this has TWO squeakers and is extra, extra crinkly!  While Bugsy's original choice was the letterman jacket, he ran around crinkly squeaking this until I went nuts and took it away.  I kept thinking all that crinkling meant he was digging in the garbage.  Also, stretching it to believe this is worth $10, too.
Value: $10
Nootie Jerky Burger BBQ Duck-4oz- These delicious burger treats are made from American duck and contains no wheat, grains, soy and corn.  Perfectly sized for training treats.  I am definitely good at spoiling my dogs but Barkbox takes it to a whole new level.  These BBQ duck treats will make the boys very happy.  I'm not opening them yet because I opened the other treats already. :D
Value: $7

Etta Says Rabbit Chew- Made from American rabbit.  This is a crunchy stick.  I easily broke it in half and let each dog have some.  It did get bits on the carpet but they got licked up.  Must have been good.  I tried to get a picture of Dexter eating it but he ran off to hide and chew in luxurious peace.
He's like that.
Value: $3
Petsafe Indigo Smokehouse Strips-Bacon-3oz- Made with 100% pork, no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  You have to refrigerate these.  And they have to be eaten within three days! Ack!  I really will have a fat kid for a dog if I give them all these in three days!  I bet I can freeze them. Frozen treats are good, too!
Value: $7

Obligatory Bugsy photo with his letterman jacket.  Before he dismembered it, of course.
VERDICT:  Barkbox does it again! Another great box with some pretty awesome and original treats. According to Barkbox this box is worth $37 but I think $27 is probably more likely since I don't think those toys are worth $10.  Maybe $5 each, though. This box is normally $29 but I bought a six month subscription so my boxes aren't the regular month to month price.
So? Still worth it!  Plus, I was just thinking yesterday about how many toys we have now that Bugsy adores that came from Barkbox.  I'm glad I signed up for this subscription just because it gives my dogs way more variety than I would ever give them.  Both in toys and treats.  How would I ever have known how much Bugsy could love a pink rubber raspberry?!  We've had that toy for months now and he plays with it every day.
And Dexter gets so many tasty treats (hello, that one time we got alligator!?) that aren't chicken (poor allergic boy) so he's always happy!

If you would like to sign up for Barkbox and treat your dogs to something wonderful, you can do that here. When you sign up, make sure to use code: WL_SEPT_15PCT and you will get 15% off your total subscription!!  That's a great deal, especially if you get a longer subscription.


  1. That letterman's jacket is ADORABLE!!! But I can see how it wouldn't hold up to strong jaws so well. Have your dogs tried the smoked pork yet? I didn't think of freezing it...great idea!!

    1. Oh, yah, they loved it! I tortured them first by opening it just a crack and letting them smell it. Dexter hit the deck in an immediate Down, Stay and Bugsy tried to stuff his nose in the package like the bad dog he is. Dexter got his piece first :D.