Monday, September 15, 2014

Birchbox Fall Fete Limited Edition Box On Sale 9/16 + Coupon Codes

Birchbox is releasing its Fall Limited Edition Box!  Fall Fete will have you throwing the best party around!

Here's the video!


Here's a list of everything that's in the box:

Royal Rose Simple Syrup in Lavender-Lemon and Raspberry-$11.00
govino® ‘go anywhere’ decanter 12-$14.95

I'm not sure how much the box will be but I think it sounds great!  I think I could use just about everything in the box.  Except maybe the confetti.  Although...

It has approximately a $100 value.  I do have some BB points sitting around that I could use toward this box if I decided I wanted it.

Thank you, Rachel, for figuring out that it's $48!

The Cost: $48

Don't forget to put a Mystery 2-Pack in your cart!
And don't forget to use codes!  TAKEOFF20 will get 20% off.

Get Your Fall Fete Box!

It goes on sale tomorrow, September 16th!


  1. This looks like a fun box. I do have points laying around but I have a huge wishlist. Since the value is $100, I am hoping the price is considerably lower than that since their limited edition boxes usually have a higher value than what they cost. Fingers crossed that it's well priced because it's super cute! I love those salad hands! haha :D

    1. There is so much usable stuff in this box. I'm probably getting it :D

  2. Oh wait a minute, it says right at the beginning of the video that it's $48. That's a great deal! UGH Now I'm totally going to cave! LOL

  3. Aha! I see it now! I was waiting for them to SAY it! :)