Monday, September 29, 2014

Candy Japan Subscription Box Review August 2014

This is the Candy Japan August 2014 second shipment review!  I was so happy to see it in my mailbox, too.  I've been thinking it got lost!

I first discovered Candy Japan when I was looking for a fun subscription to send to my friend Marjolein.  I needed a subscription that could ship anywhere in the world because she lives in the Netherlands.  And since she is a fellow Memebox fanatic and loves K-dramas and probably listens to J-Pop, I figured this would be something fun and interesting to send to her.

Candy Japan is actually really easy to gift which is great.  You can just choose how many months you want, enter in all the information and in a month, that person will receive their goodies.  It does take awhile to get to where it's going, I admit.  This particular box was sent to me for review and took 28 days to arrive in the US from Japan.  Still, it's a LOT of fun as you will see!

The Cost: $25/month

What You Get: Two shipments a month, shipped two weeks apart, packed with interesting, unusual and adventurous Japanese candies and snacks.  Ships Internationally.
This particular shipment came with four snacks.  One came with some English writing but the rest I couldn't read at all.   One thing I immediately noticed upon opening the box was all the bright colors.
It's hard not to be happy looking at a picture of a bright green smiling frog and neon pinks and blues everywhere.
CalorieMate Block-  First up is the only one with English!  This has two packs of 2 chocolate bars inside.  They are actually energy bars and have been around in Japan for over 30 years.  They have a really unusual texture.  Maybe like a shortbread but very soft, not hard like a shortbread usually is.
The bar goes to crumbs in your mouth and does have a pleasant chocolate taste.
I can't say I loved it but I didn't hate and it didn't taste bad at all.  It's just different! And interesting!
Baby Star Yakisoba Snack- Now *these* I really liked!  I already ate them all.
These are skinny, crunchy yakisoba noodles with a fantastic flavor.  Maybe they have soy sauce on them.  I don't know but they're delicious and I wish I had more.  Yum!
Soft Ramune Balls- There are two English words on this bag: Soft Candy.  This is a soda candy that supposed to fizz in your mouth.  It tastes like bubblegum.  In fact I thought it was gum at first.  It melts (or maybe disintegrates is a better word) in your mouth and has a gooshy center that I don't really care for.  It tastes fine, it's just a texture thing for me.
The pieces are also individually wrapped so you can hand them out to your friends.  Which I'm going to do.  There's a LOT of candy in this bag, I can't be the only one that gets to experiment with strange Japanese candies!  Share the fun!
WakuWaku Zukan Gummies-"Waku waku" is a way of saying excited and nervous in Japanese. "Zukan" is kind of liked an illustrated encyclopedia. (It's even used to describe the Pok'eDex in Pokemon).
These are gummies that depict the lifecycle of a frog! LOL!!  Really! The pink ones are the eggs and are muscat grape flavored.  The greed tadpoles are apple flavored.  Then there is the frog.  But I think I ate him.  Whoops.  I didn't know what I was eating when I first dug in to taste them.  These come in a resealable bag which is nice.  The flavor of apple is very pronounced and the gummies aren't super sweet either.  I wish I would have read the directions and not eaten Mr. Frog first thing.

VERDICT:  Way too much fun!  I wasn't even hungry and I still nommed all these snacks.  The Candy Japan subscription sends two packages a month from Japan for $25/month.  Which makes this package $12.50.  For $12.50 I got to try four authentically Japanese candies and snacks that I never would have discovered or known about any other way.  It may not be getting super value for your buck (I have no idea how much Japanese candy costs) but this is too much fun to care.

The holidays are coming up and if you have kids or someone in your family who loves all things Asian, this would make a perfect gift!  Personally, I'm thinking this would be something fun to send to a nephew of mine. You can print out the Gift Code they give you when you purchase a gift subscription and put in in a card, letting the recipient activate the subscription OR you can activate it yourself and send the box as a surprise.

My dad used to travel to Japan a lot when I was a kid and we loved it when he would bring home sacks of weird candies we'd never heard of.  I was not a fan of candies made out of beans.  Some kind of bean, I don't remember.  Blech.

Anyway, check out Candy Japan, look at their recent boxes and think about putting this on your gift list.  If you have one.  Maybe I'm OCD but I make a list of names of people I need to get gifts for and then when I see something during the year, I write it down under the name of the person I think it would be perfect for.  Then, when its time for the holidays, I just sit down and look at all the ideas I've had and make my decisions.  Okay.  OCD, right?  I just can't do the last minute thing!

*This box was sent to me by Candy Japan for review purposes.  All opinions are my own and unadulterated.


  1. Those frog gummies look AWESOME! Life stages of a frog? Classic! Plus it looks like Keroppi on the package :) Were you talking about azuki beans (what red bean paste is made out of)? I love those! I would've nommed all those bean snacks for you! :)

    1. Yes! That sounds right! I would have handed you ALL the little candies like that for sure. I'm a fan of gummies and I think these are pretty good. I do like the fact that this wasn't ALL candy, too. Snacks are fun :D

  2. Interesting curation... but I would never sign up for this since I can literally buy all of the items you received in several local Japanese supermarkets that I frequent. XD Calorie Mate is really gross haha, when I interned abroad in Japan, the grad students made us try it and bleh. :p

    I hope they send you some actual regional snacks - like flavored Kit-Kats. :D

    1. When we were in Croatia they had so many different flavors of KitKat, I couldn't believe it!! Green Tea, even. I don't like KitKat to begin with but I did pick up a couple and bring them home for others.