Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fab Fit Fun VIP Fall 2014 Box Review and $10 off Coupon Code!

The Fabfitfun VIP Fall 2014 box arrived today just as I was leaving.  This meant that I had to wait until I got back to snatch it off  my porch, run into the house and dig in.
Fabfitfun VIP is a lifestyle subscription box.  It's not a box of samples, it's a box full of fun products dedicated to different areas of your life.  So there's a little beauty, a little home, some snacks and whatever else they find that is interesting and will fit in a box.
It used to be curated by Guliana Rancic but I think that partnership ended.  I don't know who is curating it now but whoever they are, they have some great ideas.

The Cost: $49.99/quarterly

What You Get:  Over $200 in full size, premium products in  Beauty, Wellness, Fitness and Fashion categories.

After seeing the first spoiler for this box, I knew I was going to love it.  I didn't know at the time just how much I was going to love it, though.  One thing I really like about Fabfitfun is that they always include a big ticket beauty product.  It's been Julique, Sonya Dakar and now Dermalogica for me since I started getting this box.
Jessie Steele Apron- This is a totally adorable apron!  Mine is brown with white colored polka dots and I love it.  It ties at the waist and neck and has pockets (pockets are KEY!).  Part of the fun of this apron (besides that it's so cute) is the fact that my husband loves it when I wear aprons when I'm cooking and I feel extra girly and 1950's.  I don't wear aprons all the time and I should since I've managed to ruin a few shirts.  Sorry about the picture but I couldnt get the whole thing decently in a photo. :(
Value: $32
The Honest Co. Hydrating Shea Butter Soap in Tangerine Vanilla- This is an 84% organic cleansing bar soap made with coconut, olive and argan oils that naturally moisturize, condition and soothe skin. Plus I love Jessica Alba (she doesn't know that, of course) and am a fan of Honest Company products.
Value: $4.95

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster- A super luxe, ultra-hydrating concentrate that moisturizes deeply and  minimizes fine lines.  This contains hyaluronic acid, panthenol (vitamin B), glycolipids and algae extract to provide the best possible moisture conditions.  Based on the actual ingredient list, this seems like it will do what it says it does.  I'm disappointed to see lavender oil in there, though.  I wonder if I could use this without trigging my allergies...
Water/aqua/eau, Glycerin, Panthenol, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Glycolipids, Hydrolyzed Algin, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, Sea Water, Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer, PPG-5-Ceteth-20, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Linalool, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil.
Value: $56
Beauty for Real True Color Lip Cream in Always There- This is a lip cream made with capuaca butter, plus organic neroli and mandarin oils.  It gives a smooth, high-impact, long lasting color.
This is a glorious color with fantastic pigment.  All those oils just moisturized my lips into smooth perfection!  Plus even more fun, this has a lighted cap and a mirror on the side of the bottle so you can apply your lipstick in the dark in case all the lights go out while you're in the bathroom.  Or whatever.  It's fun and I turned off the lights and applied it.  Love this for SURE!
Value: $22

La Natura Superfruit 100% Pure Vegan Body Butter in Pomegranate-  This is a travel size and is formulated without sulfates, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances and a bunch of other stuff.  Pomegranate oil is a powerful antioxidant known for soothing dry skin and regenerating skin cells. Ones of natures most potent antioxidants, pomegranate improves and balances skins texture, moisturizes and protects.
I haven't opened this because I just don't use body butters.  This will go up for swaps, most likely
Value: $18
Great Soles Pink Ribbon Ballet Barre Socks- Never slip or slide in a yoga class!  These ballet inspired socks will help you perfect your moves without slipping.
So, is it bad that when I heard we were getting these, I was almost more excited about this than anything else?  I've been hunting for a pair of these socks that didn't cost an arm and a leg and now I get them in a box!  I like to do workout DVDs at home (yes, I'm one of those) and I don't like to always have to put my shoes on to keep from flapping all over the place.  I don't do yoga, I do Jillian Michaels but these are handy anyway!

FitFusion 3 Month Gift- This is a 3 month subscription to a website that has alllll the fitness videos I could ever want to work out to.  It works on an iphone (what!? who could do a workout to that tiny picture?!), ipad, laptop, TV, etc, etc.  Normally it's $9.99/month but you get three months free with the very un-unique code *cough*.
Unfortunately, they also make you put in your credit card number.  So they can charge you for the fourth month, I'm sure.  HOWEVER, while I don't like that, I *do* like the fact that you can cancel very easily from your account.  No emails, no phone calls, no crap.  Just cancel.  Yay!
I'm actually going to use this (with my new socks) and I think it's fun!  I can try out some new videos and trainers.
Value: $29.97
Gramr Gratitude Co. Thank You Card Set, Sealing Wax and Wax Press-  Now here is where I think the person who curated this box is genius.  Sure, this won't appeal to everyone but *I* think it's AMAZING!  I love period books.  I love fantasy.  I loved Outlander.  And Jane Eyre.  And the Scarlet Pimpernel.  So, when I see that I now have a wax seal and wax, I can hardly believe it.  Now, the cards aren't as interesting to me.  My favorite one is the one in the front, the girl on the bucket in the rain.  But they are printed on very heavy cardstock and I have already been thinking I need to do Thank You cards again.  There's just something about getting a card in the mail that makes me happy and I want to do that for other people.
Value: $43
Just when I thought I was done, I realize there are more items!  This box has so much stuff!

CHI 44 Iron Guard- Protect your locks from the damage of heat styling by using this thermal protection spray.  The weightless formula delivers moisture to your parched strands without ugly buildup.
I don't really use hair products and I've never heard of this brand.  It gets great reviews, though.
Value: $14.50
Last but not least, we have the bonus items!  Okay, they are the least but whatever.

Mary's Gone Crackers Chipotle Tomato Pretzels-  This had no air in the bag and my dogs wouldn't stop sniffing them so I'm pretty sure there was a hole in the bag.
They weren't tasty.  I did not like them and I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with the fact that they might have been stale.  Blech.

Numi Organic Tea in Aged Earl Gray- Yesss!  Give me all the tea!  I love tea, I love Numi and I love Earl Gray.  It's only one tea bag but I don't care.  It's a freebie and I'm happy to have it.  If it wasn't so late I'd be drinking it right now!

VERDICT:  I just love my FabFitFun VIP boxes.  I really do.  They are a nice change from the typical beauty box.  The box is worth a whopping $230!  With a $10 coupon, I only paid $39 for it!
Even for full price and $49, this box is worth it to me.  I got some cute stuff, some things I wanted, some things I didn't even *know* I wanted and a few stocking stuffer gifts!  Really, this was a great box for me.

If you would like to sign up for FabFitFun VIP, you can do that here.  You will get this exact box if you sign up now.

Make sure you use a coupon!  Get $10 off when you enter SAVE10 at checkout!!  That makes your first box only $39.99!  This is a quarterly sub so it only comes out four times a year.  You can cancel after your first box or keep it and get the Winter box when it comes out!  As of today (10/18), that $10 off code is working.

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  1. This is such an awesome box! I ALWAYS wear an apron while cooking so I'd be all over that. And the habit has now rubbed off on my BF and he always "borrows" my favorite one. I would be excited about the socks and wax seal too! You have to put extra postage on letters with wax seals though, just FYI.

    1. I was actually wondering about that! The postage thing, I mean. I was going to ask next time I was at the PO but now I don't have to. The apron is seriously adorable and if my husband wore it, I would laugh my head off. :D