Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Loot Crate September 2014 Galactic Review + Coupon Code

I love my Loot Crates, it's no secret.  It's a box of awesome for a gamer like me.  There's a lot of nostalgia involved as well.
Hey, I started gaming with Wolfenstein on a Commodore 64.  I know I'm not the only one, though, so I have to share my love of Loot Crate with others who might feel the same way.

No other box I get is like this.  It's actually kind of like Christmas every time this box shows up.  For the most part, I don't check spoilers so I rarely know what's going to be in my Loot Crate.  It's always totally worth the price.
The Cost: $13.37/ month

What You Get: A box of gamer gear, nerd loot and fanboy awesomeness delivered to your door.  Regularly includes exclusive collectibles and T shirts.
Lots of treasure in this Loot Crate!  I'm pretty happy with everything I can see!
Star Trek Tribble Exclusive Looter Edition-  I still remember the first time I saw that Trouble With Tribbles Star Trek episode.  At first I thought they were cute and then I was horrified by how many of them there were.  I was probably 9 when I saw it.  I think it gave me nightmares because I don't have fond memories of that episode at all.
Now I have a Tribble of my own!  Or actually two (horrors!) since I got two boxes this month.  I wanted my own goodies without having to share with DH.
Alien Re-Action Figure by Funko and 20th Century Fox- I got the Alien and so did hubs.  I wish we had gotten two different ones but oh, well.  Apparently you could get Kane, Ripley, Dallas or the Alien.  Alien actually *did* give me nightmares.  That was the scariest movie I think I'd ever seen up to that point.  I'm pretty sure I hid my eyes for large portions of it, the first time I saw it.  The suspense is killer!
This also glows in the dark and has "gruesome" teeth that are retractable.
Firefly Vinyl "Mal" Exclusive Action Figure by Funko-  Now I *love* Firefly.  Love it. Own it. Still watch it.  I have Serenity, too, of course.  I want Mals' brown coat.  I want Jayne's hat.  I want to be that cool.  Seriously.  Nathan Fillion has to be awesome in real life.  My friend got to meet him, that lucky girl.  Not while he was Mal, though, but while he was Castle.  Also, I had a hard time separating Wash from Tucker in Dale and Tucker vs Evil (hilarious and awful movie, btw).
I want more Firefly!  Someone please make more.  But only with the same actors.
Firefly Bank Robbery Money- I'm not sure what I'll do with this but anything related to Firefly is worth keeping.  I think I need to go rewatch all the episodes in honor of this Loot Crate.
Star Wars Exclusive Retro Arcade Magnet- Yes!  Another magnet!  Keep 'em coming, Loot Crate. I want my fridge to be a bastion of nerdy magnet awesomeness.

Pop Rocks Candy-  An explosion in your mouth, of course.  I'm a fan!  Actually, they don't taste great but the mouth feel is too hard to resist.  I love the popping.

Loot Crate Pin- I don't really have much use for a pin but I've been collecting these.  They send one with every Crate.  I've been pinning them on a lanyard from PAX Seattle.
Star Wars Poster 9 x 27"- It's Hans Solo encased in carbonite.  I wish it was lifesized but this can join the wall collection.  Harley and the Joker are already there.

Loot Crate Magazine and Bonus Digital Loot- Each Loot Crate comes with a magazine full of interviews, puzzles and other fun anecdotes.  I read them because well... why not?  The digital bonus is Digital Halo comic codes.  I'm not really in to Halo.  I never truly played it because FPS just make me sick to my stomach.  FPS' and Mario Galaxies just make me want to toss my cookies.  I didn't have the same problem with Wolfenstein and Doom, though.  Probably because it wasn't nearly as realistic.  Oh, and I have literally zero sense of direction.  I wish I did but it's not something you can fake.  

VERDICT: Love all the collectibles in this Loot Crate!  Three in this crate and all licensed.  I'm gonna need more desk space.  I hope that we get a T shirt next month.  My favorite thing is Mal, of course.  Then the Tribble.  And I have another pin to add to my PAX lanyard! Yay!

**Next month we will be receiving a T Shirt! It is confirmed!**

If you would like to sign up for Loot Crate, you can do that right here.  Use the code SAVE10 to get 10% off any length subscription.

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  1. omggg so jealous of your captain mal vinyl!!

    Jeff and I got Loot Crate for awhile but they started having a LOT of sponsored boxes and it got really boring so we stopped. I think the last one we got was the one that had all merchandise from some youtube cartoon or something? I only vaguely remember. It looks like the boxes have really gotten better though so maybe we'll rejoin!

    1. I think our first box was in May? I've liked them all except the Villians crate. My husband really likes getting the T shirts so it's always worth it. He is so funny because he's starting to get really excited about adding new little collectible figurines to his desk. I suppose it's the kid in him. LOL! I thought this one was fun. I'm anxious to find out what the next month's theme is.