Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Memebox Special #30 Tea Cosmetics Review

This is the Memebox Special #30 Tea Cosmetics Memebox.  I have been waiting for this particular theme long before it came out.  Not because I love tea so much (okay, maybe a little) or because I think it's good for your skin (it most likely is neutral) but because I love the smell of tea.  Silly reason, maybe, to buy a box but whatever!

The Cost: $23 plus shipping

What You Get: Each box will have at least 4 - 8 full-sized products and deluxe samples all revolving around Korean skincare and beauty.

I was instantly happy to see A-True in the box.  I think they might be the premier tea cosmetic company and they actually sent me quite a few of their samples to try and review.  You can read about that here.  I was instantly sad to see the biggest product in the box contained lavender because I'm allergic to it.  /sigh  Still!
There are so many good things in this box!  And the tea is one of them.  That little cotton bag has two tea bags of the most heavenly black tea I've ever had.  Love it.
A;T Fox Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water-100ml- This is a facial mist made from mineral water and vitamin rich tangerine peel oil.  It is highly prized for its brightening and moisturizing effect.  Replenish, soothe and refresh with a quick spritz whenever and wherever.
This has a very light and refreshing scent. It doesn't smell overly citrusy either. I do caution those of you with sensitive skin not to use this or to test it somewhere less noticeable than your whole face.  Citrus extracts can be an irritant for those with sensitive skin.  I don't know how much citrus is actually in there since I can't translate the ingredient list.
Value: $10

e-Choice Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack-70g- Infused with jasmine, rose,  chamomile, green tea and white tea extracts, this sleeping pack is boosted by the tea complex that works to deliver deep nutrition, moisture and soothing effects over night.
Value: $10
A;T Fox Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet- This is a mesh teabag with some tea leaves and a tablet in it.  You drop the teabag into a bowl of water and the tablet melts.  Once it's melted you use the water to wash your face.  Sounds intriguing and... well, unnecessary but that doesn't mean I won't do it for fun.
Value: $1

The Skin House Lavender Lightening Emulsion-120ml-  This is a huge bottle!  It's an emulsion so its heavier than a serum but still lighter than a regular moisturizer and is infused with lavender.  It provides hydration and nutrition to rough and dry skin to keep your face smooth and moisturized.
This actually has nothing to do with tea so I'm not sure why it's in here.  I might just be bitter because I can't use it.  It's got some good ingredients including sodium hyaluronate and plenty of antioxidants. There is one thing tea related and thats the camellia sinesis Leaf Extract but it's the bottom of the list so it's barely in there.
Value: $30

Now comes the best part!  Hooray for A-True!  I wish they sold their products here in the states. They don't unless you email them specially and then I'm sure the shipping is an arm and a leg.
Inside the red tin, there are five producuts (plus the not pictured tea).  Each bottle is 20ml and enough for QUITE awhile of use.  The Black Tea SPF 50 is 10g and the Water Gel Cream tub is 15g.  From the left:

Vanilla Black Tea Day Relief Body Wash-  This smells so good my mouth waters.  It's like vanilla in your earl grey.  The Vanilla extract provides a moisturizing effect to soften the skin whilst simultaneously providing a rich lather for that luxurious bath or shower experience.
Value: $3

White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence-  This also has a heavenly smell.  This is my second bottle and I'm very happy to have it.  The whitening and moisturizing properties of the brilliant essence help the skin to be resilient and glow with both a pure and natural radiance. The brilliant essence has been formulated using Oriental Beauty Fruits Newplex (Korean Patent).  This is one of my favorite things.
It's silky smooth sinks right into my skin and smells so good.
Value: $25 (yes, you read that right- the full size 40ml bottle is $55)

Himalaya Black Tea Watery Gel Cream-Fresh and Lightweight moisturizing gels help decrease the skin’s temperature to instantly relax it. This leaves it less stressful and replenishes a deep hydration to give off a radiant and revitalized skin tone.  This has a stronger scent and is a little too floral for my tastes.  I feel like it's a little too much for my skin.  I have combination skin and when I use this I feel like I'm oilier than usual.
Value: $15

A-True Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream SPF 50+- Blended by using the golden ratio of black teas; Orange peel and Cinnamon which itself has many Anti-oxidants, helping improve the skin’s complexion whilst respectively calming it.
This is the one product I'm not fond of.  It's thick, sticky and goes on white.  It also has orange peel extract which can be an irritant to those who have sensitive skin.  As long as it doesn't go on your face, you should be fine, though.  I should note that this does have cinnamon in it but it is in a form that is non irritating (cassia bark extract NOT cinnamon leaf oil).
Value: $5

Sweet Song Black Tea One-Step Cleansing Water-The cleansing water effectively removes daily makeup, impurities, and even eye and lip makeup.  The Black Tea, ‘Sweet Song,’ is harmoniously blended with Verbena leaf, referred to as the ‘mysterious herb,’ and Orange petals, which symbolize ‘purity.’
This is my favorite thing ever!!  Unfortunately, it's $55 for the full size product and that is just too much for me!
It smells fantastic and leaves my skin feeling gloriously clean.  I prefer not to use water on my face unless I'm in the shower.  You'll laugh but I find that water tends to dry out my skin.  So I prefer to use a cleanser to remove the day and my makeup without having to do a water rinse.
This works perfectly for that.  It also has some fruit extracts in it to soften and remove dead skin.  However, if you have sensitive skin, you might find these irritating.
Value: $5

VERDICT:  I love this box, obviously.  I love A-True so much and I'm thrilled to have more.  I'm excited to try the Fermented Tea sleeping pack.  I wish I could find the ingredients since it's only a $2 product.  I always love spritzers and it's nice to see A;T Fox products.  I'm really bummed about the Lavender Emulsion but its a great product and a good brand so it definitely adds to the box.  Even if it isn't tea related.

If you love A-True and you want to see the US price list I can send it to you along with the person to contact in order to buy what you like.  Send it to the email on my Contact page. :)

Check out Memebox to see what else they have to offer.  Theyve got lots of new boxes these days.  I recommend Global #17, especially after how amazing Global #14 was!

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  1. ughhh I love lightening/whitening products and I love A True and a:t fox so this was a fantastic box that I totally dropped the ball on! womp womp! :(

    1. You were being thrifty, though, and that's far more important!

    2. LOL you're right, you're right! But with this box and the global 14 I feel like I totally missed a goldmine of goodies! </3 I have to keep thinking of the storage bins full of unused product to help me get through the regret haha :)

  2. A-True win! Vanilla body wash... mmm that sounds heavenly. Was it as moisturizing as it sounds?

  3. OMG there's the new Intro to Korean Skincare Tea Set for $40 and you get the FULL SIZE A TRUE Gel Cream and Essence!!! I actually set my alarm at 3am in order to take advantage of their Box Party Week deals. The site was sooooo slowwwww because everyone globally was probably hitting the page up but my order went through! Whew! Thanks for your review, it helped me quickly decide if I should get the Tea Set or not.

    Oh and btw, reading another blog, I think the sleeping pack was mis-priced at $2 - It shows up at $9.99 on other sites. So yay, I was wary that any skincare item at $2 is sketchy.

    1. Did you get it?! I waited too long because I was trying to stack my cart up to get to $100 and it sold out! I think you'll love it. And yes, I think I must have meant to put $12 but forgot the one! Haha! I'm going to update it with what you found! Thanks, lady!