Thursday, September 11, 2014

Memebox Superbox #50 Anti-Aging 3 Review

This is the Memebox Superbox Anti-Aging 3 box and it really is packed with full size items like superboxes should be.  I was laughing when I read the info card because it says "gone are the days when women start to worry about aging in their 40's (try 20's)!"  Which is pretty true, only I wish I'd started worrying about it in my 20's.  All the research  now says you should start with antioxidant moisturizers by age 25.  At 25, your body slows down it's natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin.  Slows down doesn't mean it comes to a complete, juddering stop but it is noticeable.  By 35, if you haven't been using sunscreen on your face, you will definitely want to be using a brightening cream with niacinamide in it to even out your complexion.
I'm by no means a scientist, but research consistently says that you should be using a sunscreen of at least SPF15 on your face every time you'll be in the sun.  Since I know I never used sunscreen when I was a kid, I think the younger generation has lucked out by the popularity and availability of sunscreens these days.  In other words,  use sunscreen all the time.  It doesn't have to be straight from a Coppertone bottle either. These days most BB creams and foundations has sunscreen included.  If it doesn't. consider another one.
You are going to have your skin your whole life.  Take care of it!

The Anti-Aging Superboxes tend to be more expensive than the regular ones but I'm not really complaining.
If I'm getting anti-aging products, I want to know that they are going to work and I'm willing to pay more for effective ingredients.  This Memebox did  not disappoint.

The Cost: $39 plus shipping (I got this as part of a Value Set)

What You Get: Each Superbox comes with its own theme, and contains 4-6 full-sized items.

Tosowoong Super BB Cream-50ml- This has a SPF15 and glides onto the skin smoothly for a perfect no makeup look.  It also works to cover imperfections and enhance smoothness.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  It goes on light.  I'm pretty pale and I think maybe I'll have to wait til winter to use this.  I did just get a tan while at the lake but...  One thing I did like is that it doesn't have a powdery finish that I've noticed with other BB creams.  It also has a slight "old lady" scent.
Value: $12

Seatree Tibet Mushroom Neck Cream-45ml- Infuse youth and vitality into your sagging neck area (really, these descriptions make me feel like a hag!) with this adenosine-rich neck cream.  It contains various organic ferments such as Tibetan Muschroom (kefir) and lactic acids.
This is a gel and has a very light, pleasant scent.  Adenosine is an anti-inflammatory that is naturally present in our cells.  I'm going to use this on my face and see if it helps with redness!  I mean I'll use it on my neck, too, why not?  But it's my face that needs the redness reduction.
Value: $12
ProYou S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream-100g- The regenerative power of EGF, peptides, and adenosine support natural cell renewal to improve skin structure and enhance the overall look of skin. Peptides nourish the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles as firmness and elasticity are restored. Skin is left renewed, smoother, and more radiant.  It has sodium hyaluronate, coenzyme CQ10 and acetyl hexapeptide.
All good for your skin, cell regeneration and moisturizing!  Can't wait to use this.  I have to use up what I've got right now before I can start on this.
Value: $45
Simply When Present Perfect Mask x 3- Great for aging, tired skin. Helps firm and hydrate skin.  I can't find an ingredient list but masks are always fun and they've included 3 which I'm very happy about.
Value: $3 each

Pro You Professional Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot Cream-15g- This has sodium hyaluronate, macadamia seed oil, olive oil, acetyl hexapeptide-8 (yay, peptides! The more the better!), shea butter and some plant extracts.  This wont disappear your wrinkles but it will hydrate the skin around your eyes and lips which will make the area plump up and cause fine lines to dissipate for a period of time.
This also has great ingredients.  There are three Pro You items in this box and while normally I would like a little more variety in branding (if it was Hope Girl, I'd be straight up grumpy), I'm so impressed with the ingredient contents that I don't mind.
Value: $20
Pro You Multi White and Wrinkle Ampoule Set-2ml x4- THIS is what I'm the most excited about.  This is a day and night ampoule kit.  An ampoule is like a serum but more concentrated.  So if you see a product called an ampoule, it means that it has fewer but more concentrated ingredients in it.  So it's essentially more powerful than a serum would be.
Both sets of ampoules say they are for all skin types.  One set is is whitening and contains sodium hyaluronate and niacinamide.  It's got several kinds of plant extracts contributing to it's antioxidant values as well.
The second set is my favorite.  It's the wrinkle defense ampoule.  It also has sodium hyaluronate but it also has copper tripeptides.  Copper tripeptides help stimulate collagen production and can help promote wound healing (acne prone skin would love this).  I think I'm going to start using this on Monday.
Value: $36

VERDICT:  I really didnt know what to expect with this Memebox.  This was the first Anti-Aging  box I've purchased and after looking at the first two, I was questioning my Memepurchasing judgement.  Luckily, I think this is the best of the three for value and efficacy.  It's also the most interesting, especially with the ampoule set.  I'm VERY excited to try it.  This box was $39 and was worth well over $100 and that's not with the Meme-flation that seems to happen on the info cards.

I liked this box a lot and I'm very happy that I chose to get this box along with the Tea Cosmetics box in a value set.

To see what else Memebox has to offer, head to their website and look around.  They've got so many boxes available.  I recommend starting with Global #17 if you haven't tried Memebox before.  I'm also highly recommending Memebox Special Step-by-Step Skincare based on the last Skincare box we had.  Read my Memebox Skincare review here.

Here are some coupons to get you started:

GWFF- $5 off until Sept 19 (if you haven't previously used a 4 letter August code, this will work)

10%OFF$1004U- Get 10% off orders above $100

CHEAPSHIP2- $7 off shipping of 2 Memeboxes
CHEAPSHIP3-$14 off shipping of 3 or more Memeboxes

Has anybody  had any experience with the Pro You brand?  I'm ridiculously excited to try these things and I'm wondering what the thoughts are about it.

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  1. I'm so excited for this box but it's taking its own sweet time to arrive. Mushrooms for your neck! Whatever next?

    1. I know! At least it wasn't birds nests or silkworm poop, I suppose. I do like it and my neck needs it!

  2. Jealous of this box!!!

    1. Are you getting the Step-by-Step Skincare box? I think that one will be super good, too. I got it yesterday, I didnt want it to sell out while waiting for new codes. I love their skincare because it's so full of good ingredients.

  3. Ooh that ampoule set looks pretty amazeballs! I didn't really start thinking that seriously about skincare until my late 20s - I think more people are giving thought to it now because it's easy to find lots of information on the internet. Which is not bad! Anyway, yay for mushroom neck cream? I don't have any creams specifically for my neck. Totally missing out here.

    1. I'm sure it's just a way to sell another cream. Just like eye creams. I use my regular stuff on my neck, serums, etc. I use my eye creams as moisturizers and use my regular moisturizers under my eyes. As long as the ingredients are good, anyway :D Eye creams can have some great ingredients that the rest of the skin loves, too.

  4. This is most peculiar. I got the same box, yet the prices on my information sheet are totally different. The Renewal Cream retails for $96, the eye cream for $30, the ampoules for $48 etc.How is this possible that the info sheets differ? Does it make any sense to estimate the value of the box if we've got the same boxes, but due to the discrepancies in pricing givern, mine is 'worth' almost twice as much as yours?

    1. Oh, I should have mentioned it. I got the prices from the internet and NOT from the cards because I don't believe them. I specifically choose not to use the values on the cards because they are SO wonky half the time. I was just not putting values at all but thought it would be better if I included prices I could find on the internet (not ebay) instead of nothing at all.
      My card says exactly what you've quoted. Memebox notoriously inflates the value on them. I have no idea why they do that since the boxes (even with the normal prices) are all worth more than was paid for them.

    2. I couldn't agree with you more! I've noticed exactly the same thing and that's why I hardly ever quote any prices in my blog posts, I just try to focus on the products themselves instead of getting overexcited by the financial aspect of the boxes!
      Very clever of you to have researched the prices! I just thought I was being 'cheated' pricewise even more than everyone else!