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Petbox August 2014 Review + 50% off Coupon Code!

My August 2014 Petbox arrived late.  Very late.  In September.  Normally they ship around the 20th but for some reason my box didn't get out when it should have and I ended up having to contact them about it.

Happily, though, here it is!  My rat terriers loved it and that's what counts.  This is my first monthly Petbox and I admit I've been very interested to see how it stacks up against Barkbox, which we also receive.
I purchased my subscription from Gilt City and I ended up getting a year because it made each box about $16.  Since that's basically two bags of treats each month, I figured it was worth it since I'd spend that anyway (although not really any more because I get Barkbox).

I contacted customer service about which level of box I would be receiving because Gilt City said the box was normally $29 but on the Petbox website they don't have a $29 option.  After I finally managed to get a straight answer, they told me that the boxes purchased using vouchers from Gilt City or Groupon were different than the other boxes.  These boxes will contain 4-5 items.  I'm happy with that because those are the same parameters as Barkbox and I love my Barkboxes.

The Plans:

The SNACK plan it comes with 1 full sized bag of treats that PetBox chooses for the month, coupons and samples as low $7.95/month.

With the DELUXE PetBox, you will receive around 3 items for as low as $14.95/month.

With the PREMIUM PetBox you can choose your 4-6 items OR choose to be surprised, as low as $29/month.

With Multipet PetBox you choose up to 12 items for as low as $49.95/month.

Keep in mind that the best thing about this subscription is that this is not just for dogs!  You can get a box for your cat, too!  Finally!
This month there were five items plus a sample.  I can already tell a difference between Barkbox and Petbox.  Petbox sends more pet accessories.  I'm not opposed to this but I think I might prefer more toys.  I havent decided yet.
Petkin Value-pak Petwipes-40 wipes-  These can be used for dogs and cats and are deodorizing as well as cleansing.  These are actually handy and especially good for when our friends little chihuahua/jack russell mix comes over.  She is constantly getting in the way of the spray stream of my dogs.  Gross, I know.  She has no sense of privacy, I guess.  Now, instead of a full on bath everytime, we can try these.
Value: $2.99

Alcott Essential Adventure Bowl- This is great!  I did receive another travel bowl but I was just wishing we had one for both cars.  Now we do!  This one is especially nice because it folds up quite small and can be tucked into a coat pocket or backpack if we're out hiking.  Very handy and I'm happy to see this in my box.
Value: $9.99
Loving Pets It's Purely Natural Chicken Jerky- This is a full size bag of 100% natural, made in the USA chicken jerky!  It's shaped like bones and are pretty good sized.  If you recall, Dexter is allergic to chicken so he can't eat these but Bugsy can.  
Value: $5.99

Healthy Dogma Pumpkin Ginger Flavor Barkers- Lucky for Dexter, he can eat these instead!  And he loves them.  They are made with applesauce!  These are also made in the USA.  These do have unfortunate packaging.  It's really cute (there's a plastic dome cap that goes on top) but
 as you can see, when you take the cap off, there's a big mound of treats that fly everywhere.  These are really small treats, perfect for training and perfect for your pocket while you're on a walk.
Value: $9.99
Aussie Naturals Minty Double Tug-Small-  This is mint flavored cotton rope and is 100% natural.  Bugsy went nuts for this.  He has shredded part of the bag but he *loves* tug of war and they've been having fun running around holding each end and growling.
Value: $5.99

Yummy Paws Baking Co. PB & hint o' honey treats- These were an add-on I made using some of the points I received as part of my Gilt City Voucher.  I received 1200 points which is enough for 6-12 added items through the course of the year.  These were 200 points.  I added them because I need non-chicken treats for Dexter.  
These are made in the USA and all natural with only six ingredients!  I haven't opened them yet because we did get the Healthy Dogma Pumpkin Ginger Treats.

VERDICT: I'm very pleased with this box and the selection of items.  I do hope to see more toys in the future.   I'm disappointed my first box was so late but they sent it the day I wrote the email wondering where my box was.  So it was immediately taken care of (although I didn't appreciate the customer service agent telling me that there was "a slight delay but boxes do ship at the end of the month".  Please.  It was September 3rd and my box was not shipped, I can see the tracking.  Don't make excuses.  Am I snotty or what? :D  Don't worry, I didn't tell her that.

Petbox sends natural, made in the USA treats and I prefer that so I'm glad they do it.  I don't want treats made in China.  I'm glad I got a one year subscription and I am curious to find out what other kinds of toys they will send.

This box was worth it and over it's posted value of $29.99.  I'm disappointed that Petbox does not have a regular subscription at the $29 price point.  They jump from $19 to $39.

The moral of this story is if you see Petbox on Groupon or Gilt City, snap it up!  Ooo! I just randomly checked and Groupon *does* have a Petbox deal. It's for the Deluxe Box (reg. $19.99 with 2-3 items).  You can see the deal here.  It's a step down from the box I've reviewed here.

Or you can get your first Petbox for 50% off with the code PBROCKS50!  If I were you, I'd get the BIG box with 12 items with the 50% off code.  It's normally $60 but it'd be SO worth it for $30!

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