Friday, September 12, 2014

Popsugar Must Have September 2014 Review + Coupon Codes

There is no denying that Popsugar Must Have knows what it's doing.  The September 2014 box is no exception to the awesomeness that I've routinely found in this particular box.  If you are looking for a fun box with interesting, high value items that are all full size, you should  put this on your list of boxes to try.
Everything was very nicely packed and packaged.  I was happy to note that I got the blue earbuds although I'm not sure if any other colors were options.  I wanted blue.  The scarf appeared dark gray and I was curious about whether variations extended to the scarf as well since I thought it was supposed to be ombre.

The Popsugar Must Have box is not a box of samples.  This is a box packed with fashion, fitness, food and lifestyle items.  The variety is always good and the quality is definitely there.

The Cost: $39.99/month

What You Get: You'll get an exciting monthly box full of fun, full-size products that are hand-selected by the Popsugar editors. Full-size products and premium items in beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food.

The Popsugar Must Have box for September 2014 in all it's glory!  There were eight items this month and the value is well over $200.  For a box that's $39.99 that's pretty fantastic.  With the coupon THIRDLOVE or BJB10 you can get $10 off and make it only $29.99!
Tilo Scarves Modal Gradation Scarf in Raisin- This hand-dyed modal scarf provides warmth and style as you layer your way into Fall.  Since it's Raisin, that must mean everyone gets the same scarf.
That's good and this is a truly beautiful scarf.  It's pretty big (as tall as I am, so five feet) but is so soft and delicate that it drapes beautifully.
I tried to take a picture up close of the colors.  It's not brown and the name "raisin" makes sense.  I don't have a name in my head for this color.  It's not burgundy and its not mauve but...  It's also got some nice shades of gray to it, too.
Tilo scarves are sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and Fred Segal.  These aren't cheap and this one is worth $125.  Yes.  Worth so much more than the cost of the box you wonder how they managed to snag this for it.  Love it.
Value: $125
Ghirardelli Minis Milk Chocolate Sea Salt and Almond- I don't like milk chocolate or salted chocolate so these will go to my mom who loves both those things.  Popsugar always includes a food item and who am I to complain about nice chocolate, right?  If it was dark chocolate, I'd be all over these. :D

Rifle Paper Co. Garance Dore Assorted Girls Set- This is an 8 card stationery set with blank interiors and great illustrations.  They are a collaboration between Garance Dore, a French fashion photographer and illustrator, and Rifle Paper Co.  I love these so much I want to find a way to frame them and put them on a wall somewhere.  I should have photographed all the cards.  Oh, well.
Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds- I didn't know Nicole Miller made anything but clothing and accessories.  Maybe she just picked the color on these?  They're a beautiful royal blue and they'll definitely be used.  We seem to lose our earbuds faster than nail clippers around here.
These are round interlocking earbuds with a microphone and controller for answering/ending calls or play/pausing your music.
Value: $20

Oribe Superfine Purse Size Hair Spray- I love the Oribe brand but it's ridiculously expensive so I just wait till it shows up in a subscription box.  This is my third Oribe product and I'm very happy to see it's a hair spray because I just ran out of my other can.
Value: $21.50
Urban Remedy Almond Brownie- Made with 100% organic ingredients this almond brownie is 100% raw and gluten free.  The info card says Cindy Crawford is a brand ambassador but I'll tell you right now that she doesn't eat this stuff.  This is horrifyingly terrible.  I don't know why anyone would buy one, much less eat one.  One bite and...  yuck. I was going to say it's the worst thing ever and if it isn't it's probably close.  If you were dying on a desert island and you had one of these, then yes, it might be worth eating but until then... No. Just no.
It also came with a $10 off gift card which you should give to your worst enemy because if the rest of their products are this gross, you're not going to want to use it.
Value: $6 (that's what you should pay to not have to eat this)
Letter C Design Gold Foil Arrow Pencils with Sharpener- It's back to school days!  Pretty pencils are always fun although I don't use pencils much anymore.  I do prefer drawing with a regular pencil, though, and I've been thinking about starting up again so I'll keep these in my stash.  I'm glad they included a sharpener because you know those things also disappear like nail clippers.
Value: $5

Nike $20 Gift Card and Measuring Tape- This is a special extra and isn't counted toward the value of the box.  It's to promote Nikes new bra collection.  The tape is to help you figure out your size and the card is to help you buy one.  I think you can spend the $20 on anything, though, which is nice. There's no minimum purchase required either so it really is a gift card.  There's also a code for free two day shipping! Quite a generous gifting from Nike, I must say.
Value: $20 for gift card + $15 for free 2 day shipping

VERDICT: This is a great Popsugar Must Have box for me.  I love the scarf and the earbuds.  My mom will love the chocolate.  The pencils are useful and the Rifle Co. cards are beautiful and if I can frame them properly will liven up my walls.  I will use the Nike gift card to buy something exactly $20 so I don't have to spend extra money and the free shipping code will come in handy for that.  I'm very glad to have the Oribe hair spray because I needed more.  The vegan brownie met the garbage can with a kiss of death and is no more.  And I know to stay far far away from the brand.  Gag.
This box has a value of a little over $200 including the extras and it is definitely worth the $39.99 pricepoint.
It's even better when it's $29.99 so if you want this box, use code THIRDLOVE or BJB10 to get $10 off your box.  Sign up for Popsugar Must Have here.  It's really easy to cancel, right from your account, and the customer service is wonderful.

I should note that the Popsugar website is down until September 16th.  This stinks because it means you can't buy this box right this second.  I also hope they don't expire the $10 codes.  But on the 16th, if you want this box, you can sign up!  A whole week without anyone buying a box, should mean there will be plenty left to buy!

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  1. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who was horrified by that "brownie". I took one bite and then stupidly took a second one to give it another chance. No. Just no.

    1. It was SO bad, wasn't it?! They must not have tried it before they agreed to put it in the box because OMG it was TERRIBLE!

    2. Aww this brownie is so hated this month. I tried it as soon as I opened the box, expected to hate it and actually LOVED it. It's a flavor profile I'm used to, though, and i'm adventurous with natural foods. I'm sure that that helps. My boyfriend would have hated it, so I get it isn't for everyone.

  2. PopSugar looks "meh" to me sometimes but this one is pretty awesome. Aside from the horrifying garbage disposal type "brownie", of course. I don't use regular pencils much anymore but those are pretty darling!

  3. I did get this one and the only things I liked was the scarf (which I cannot believe is worth 125.00!) and the chocolates...

    I don't think I am a fit for Pop Sugar. I really want to like them, but I have been disappointed by this sub.

    1. If anyone in real life paid that much money for it, I hope it was because they have too much money and don't know what to do with it. I totally agree with you :D I never would pay that much for it.
      I love my Popsugar boxes but I totally understand that they aren't for everyone. I think it's a nice change from the more traditional beauty boxes.