Saturday, September 27, 2014

Time to put some Bits in the Boxes!

Hooray for random pet photos!  I love Dexter.

You've probably noticed my header has improved.  It's not exactly what I want but for now it works and is way better than one created by me in MSPaint.  Ten thousand times better.  I don't think I've used Paint since I was in high school when we had to learn about it in computer class.
Or not.
Because I think we used Apple computers back then.  Back before the internet was as necessary as air.  At least I can say it was the nineties!

I've also had the hardest time figuring out Google+!  I don't know what my problem is but I've been trying to make my posts available via a page connected to my account on Google+.  Then I hear about this thing called Google Friend Connect.  
If someone is brilliant and has Google figured out, email me or comment or something and tell me what I should be doing with it!

I've been neglecting my garden because it's been raining so much.  The weeds are probably out of control.  I need to get bark down but I need to figure out when I wanted it delivered.  I'm the one that has to muscle it from the big pile they'll put in the driveway so I'm not truly looking forward to it.
My Passionflower "Incense" has been blooming!  It died to the ground last winter and I thought it wasnt coming back.  It did though!  It's not much, just one vine but it flowered!
Also, besides my Passionflower, my asters and an Echinacea "Sombrero" in the background.
Here's an Echinacea Pow Wow Wildberry bloom with my Flying Dragon sapling in the right foreground.  It's getting ready to lose it's leaves and they are the most glorious colors right now.
This evergreen on the left is one of my faaavorites!  It's a form of Golden Hinoki Cypress and I love the color SO much.  On the right is a Nana Gracilis evergreen.  It's a dwarf and  grows very slowly. It has the best branch spray habit ever, I just love how it looks.  This isn't a fantastic picture of it but I'm lazy right now.
In the center, the pink flowers are Anise Hyssop/Agastache which the hummingbirds love.  I could hear them yelling at me from the trees nearby because I was too close to their food source.  Silly birds.  The tall spiky leaves are a daylily.  Fairy Tale Pink, I believe.
Speaking of daylilies, most of mine have bloomed and are done.  This photo is my new favoite, Luther.  I have one daylily left that's a late bloomer and it's a new one so I haven't see the bloom yet except in pictures.  I had four daylilies that did not bloom this year.  South Seas, Mini Pearl, Chance Encounter and Phylly Marlene.  All of those were new from last year.  I think Chance Encounter didn't get enough sun and the Mini Pearl got eaten by rabbits so often I don't think it had enough energy to put out a bloom scape.

I did want to do a little comparison photo of the same basic area.  The top one is last year and the bottom is this year.  They are different angles but I had no idea how fast things grew!
It's pretty messy and I need to figure out a way to clean it up but I want to see what it looks like when everything has died for the winter before I mess with too much.  That is a Limelight Hydrangea there on the right.  It's turning pinky in preparation for Fall.  I'm going to cut a bunch and dry them.  It's been raining so they're all droopy and heavy, too.  I need to cut it back further this winter than I did last time so I can strengthen the branches.

I'm going to be going to Texas for my uncle Jack's 93rd birthday.  He's actually my great uncle, I think.  He's my dad's uncle?  Wait, no, because I don't think he is my grandma's brother.  Maybe he is my grandmas cousin.  I don't know.  I just call him Uncle Jack.
He's amazing.  He was in the first wave that hit Normandy Beach back in World War II and his stories are insane.  I love listening to them.  His short term memory is shaky but the long term is fine.
He also died of colon cancer.  Yep.  He had stage 4 colon cancer, died on the table, they zapped him back to life and he's been cancer free for ten years now.  CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT!?  My brain explodes just thinking about how many impossibilites are contained in his life!  The guy is indestructible, hilarious and the sweetest man you'll ever meet.

My Texas family is so interesting.  That's my dad's side of the family.  When we go visit, it's like we've never left and all the aunts, cousins, uncles, once removed, etc. etc. all come out to the party. It's really wonderful and I think it's something that doesn't happen very often any more.  I don't know if it's a Texas thing, a Southern thing or just my family thing but love it.

It's definitely different than Washington State, I will say that.  So many boots and cowboy hats.  My cousin raises cattle and has horses. He lets us go riding and I love that.  I don't really know how to ride but I love horses.  I'm definitely terrified of going flying off when the horse goes any faster than a walk but that doesn't mean I don't love it!
Uncle Jack lives on a plantation with a mansion built in the early 1900's.  The furniture inside reminds me of JFK and Jackie O.  It's like stepping back in time.
Also, it's Texas, so of course there is oil on the property.  And hogs.  Only these hogs are ENORMOUS and can ruin the land and kill people!  They're considered a menace and can be killed without impunity.

Then there's the part where they have 400 acres so they can "live off the grid" if they need to. Considering they're all handymen (and women), they've built everything themselves.  No, there isn't an underground bunker, but there is a grill long enough to cook steaks for 50 people!

So yeah, I'm going visiting there and I'm pretty excited about it.  It's always SO much fun.
It's not quite Croatia... But it's full of fun people.  Croatia was great.  I want to go back.  Being in Dubrovnik was probably one of the best experiences of my life.  We also went to Split and Hvar but I felt the most at home in Dubrovnik.
It's possible you've "been" to Dubrovnik, Croatia and didn't know it.  Did you watch Game of Thrones?  Dubrovnik is now the official setting for King’s Landing – the capital of the Seven Kingdoms realm. You are looking at the fictional Blackwater Bay and that fort is The Red Keep! (It's actually Fort Lovrijenac.)
We were going to explore it but we couldn't because they were setting up filming while we were there.  Covering up all the handrails with fake rock and all that.  We were sad but it was cool to know that Game of Thrones was there.
This is a photo from our trip, from the wall around the opposite side of the city.

So there you have it!  I hope your day is fabulous and everything goes smoothly!


  1. I don't understand Google Friend Connect either; I'm kinda curious to find out what it's all about too. Your garden is SO colorful! I love the daylily pic! I can never get them to grow/stay alive :( Wow, your uncle's property sounds amazing! Horseback riding is on my list of things to do :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I do love it even if it's a lot of work.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about Google Friend Connect. It's been around for a while, and there have been a couple of scares about it possibly getting discontinued for good which I think caused a bunch of people to jump over to other networks. GFC was originally sort of like social network meets blog following platform, as I recall ... but it's becoming sort of obsolete. Originally any site could use GFC, but now it's just Blogger blogs (which encouraged a lot of people to start using Google+ for networking or Bloglovin as a reader). I've never had the GFC widget on my site but people still do occasionally add me on there ... probably because it's still their feed reader of choice. Google+ is a completely separate thing. TLDR: Focus on Google+ and don't worry about GFC! :P

    Anyway, I highly approve of random pet photos. And I'm quite envious of your lovely garden situation!