Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tique Box September 2014 "Nesting In Portland" Review and Coupon Code

The October Box - "Spooky and Sweet Portland"
I have to say that I love what Tique Box is doing.  I live here in the Pacific Northwest and love handmade things.  I also like to support independent artists.

Tique Box is run by two gorgeous women who hand-pick every single item that will appear in your box each month.  Tique Box officially launched in July 2014 and ships all over the US.   They look for talented Portland-area artisans, along with local products and crafts, to feature each month.  They generously sent the September Tique Box to me for review.

What Tique Box has done is curated a box that will give you the best of the best. Hometown goodies, made right in their area and shipped to you.  This is your chance to explore a little of our Pacific Northwest wholesome goodness.
The Cost: $25/month or $30 singly (includes shipping, get $5 off a single box with code: OCTB&B5OFF )

What You Get: A box full of curated local products and crafts- made exclusively by Portland artisans.  Each Tique Box is filled with their products and delivered from our city to yours.
First look!  This box was very carefully packed and I loved all the colors and textures.  I was really excited to get into this box and discover everything.  When it's not a beauty box, you really have no idea what to expect.  Boxes with handmade goodies are always a wonderful surprise and change from the usual.

The box also contained a sheet of paper describing each item, the artisan or crafter who produced it and all the contact information necessary if you would like to get more.  I was glad to have that information because I absolutely want more of a couple of things.
Scrapcycling Lavender Sachet-These lavender sachet sets are handmade from upcycled linen scraps and filled with nothing but aromatic French lavender that is certified organic and kosher. Throw them in the drier as an alternative to chemical drier sheets and give your laundry a fresh, summery scent or put them in a drawer or suitcase to keep everything smelling fresh.
Each sachet pillow has been machine washed , dried and ironed and is double serged for sturdy seams. They will not disintegrate after a few uses like some of the papery store bought drier sachets. If you want to revive the scent after wear and tear, simply sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil on both sides and keep using!
Seriously?  I think this might be my favorite thing.  I checked out the Scrapcycling store and I want everything in it.  Scrapcycling was started in 2011 by a Fashion Design graduate.
Value: $4

ZenShine Handmade Goat Milk Bath Soak- Made with Goats milk, honey, baking powder, love, corn starch, black tea and fragrance oil, this handmade soak smells so good I want to eat it.  Technically, I probably could but it's for the bath.  I don't really take baths but I might make a foot soak out of this. My mouth won't stop watering just smelling it.  Zenshine has an Etsy store packed with handmade goodies like this, check it out if you want to know more.
Value: $2
Sage and Sea Farms Rainier Cherry Shrub- Oh my!  This stuff is unbelievable!  It's a sipping vinegar which is something I've never even heard of.  I smelled it.  It smells like vinegar.  I don't like vinegar. But I'm reviewing this box, so I have to taste it.
Taste.  Taste again.  Taste another time. What!? It doesn't taste like vinegar.  It tastes like heaven! How is that even possible?  I don't know. What I do know is that it's delicious and I have to find a way to use it that isn't drinking it straight because that would mean it would be gone too quickly!
It suggests adding it to your favorite beverage or drizzling it on anything from salad to cheesecake. Oh, this would be sheer utter delight on cheese cake.  It would fantastic on a spinach salad.  I wonder if I could put it in my tea...
Sage and Sea makes their sipping vinegars (shrubs) from a family recipe using only vinegar, fruit from Oregon and Washington and sugar.  Those three ingredients make something wonderful, I must say.  This one has bits of Rainier Cherry floating in it.  I love Rainier cherries.
Value: $6

Oregon Rain Soap Spritzer in Ocean Mist-8oz- A room spray made with rain water collected, filtered and purified, then fragranced with essential oils.  This particular one smells like lavender.
The Oregon Rain Soap company makes all natural, soy free, paraben free, palm free, and gluten free soaps, lotions and sprays by all hand at very reasonable prices.  I think I need more.
Value: $6
P'illoporto Yellow Horse Linen Towel- This is a bright yellow tea towel with a cartoon horse embroidered on it. P'illoporto's goal is to create fun, smart objects for your home by putting a twist on the tradition of adorning objects with imagery.  Illustrator Phil Marden's original designs are inspired by cartoon art, traditional illustration and an appreciation of vintage design.They will add a dash of humor, whimsy and maybe a little irony to your home.
I do admit this is whimsical.  I can always use another tea towel though this one is a little bright and strange for my kitchen.
Value: $12
MarshMueller Coffee Cup Sleeve-  Made from 100% cotton. Fabric has been pre-washed and is machine washable.  It is double-insulated to protect your hands from even the hottest americano!
Fits most to-go coffee cups, including the Starbucks reusable "to-go" cup.
This is super cute.  There are a bunch of colors available on her Etsy site.  I've been wanting one of these for ages since I hate the waste of the paper ones they give you.  The sleeve is very comfortable and does fit on the re-useable Starbucks cups that we have.
Holly Marshmueller also makes mom and baby items like bibs, blankets and boppy covers all in the most gorgeous fabrics.
Value: $5

VERDICT:  This is an excellently curated box of handmade goods.  It is spa and kitchen oriented which, of course, fits the Nesting in Portland theme.  And everything is authentically Portland.  (I cannot stop smelling the bag of Zenshine bath soak- seriously, it smells that good).  Everything is useful, even the funny hand towel.  I also like the fact that there were items included in this Tique Box that will last a long while.  The towel, lavender sachet and coffee cup sleeve are something I can use until I lose them.
This box values at $34 which is more than the cost of the box, including shipping.  For a box of artisan crafts, that is excellent.
If you are looking for a quirky sort of box with a eco-friendly influence, Tique Box is where it's at. The Pacific Northwest has a wellspring of creativity and personality that I don't think is quite like anywhere else.  There will never be a shortage of crafty goodness in a Tique Box.

If you would like to purchase a Tique Box for yourself or as a gift, this particular September box is sold out but the October one is available.  If you purchase a single box, you can use the code OCTB&B5OFF and get $5 off your purchase.

Monthly subscriptions ordered before the 10th of the month will ship on the 15th of the month. If you order after the 10th, you will receive next months box.

The theme for the October box is "Spooky and Sweet Portland".  I wish they could fit a Voodoo doughnut in there but that's a little too perishable.  It sounds like it's going to be a fun box!  I like sweets...

Have you received a Tique Box? What did you think?  I really thought this was a great box and would make an exceptional gift for a friend or loved one, do you agree?


  1. oh my gosh what a great box! It's really well curated and I feel like I'd use everything in it! The towel his hysterical, I would totally use it in my kitchen because my decor is super eclectic (see: yard sale finds) And I'm definitely interested in this magical sipping vinegar!

    1. I thought it was pretty amazing, too! And it is definitely a box where everything is useful. I wish I could explain the sipping vinegar... I honestly thought it was going to be awful but it's not at all! I might have to send you the towel. If it was blue with a horse on it, I'd be all over it but yellow isn't working for my kitchen. :D

  2. This box is SO COOL! I have actually heard of drinking vinegars before, and as a vinegar AND cherry lover I'd be all over that. The towel is really cute too!

    1. Oh, this Sage and Sea Sipping Vinegar would be right up your alley! It's ridiculously good mixed with seltzer water (yes, I tried it already).