Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Try The World Review- The Paris Box Plus Get $15 Off your First Box!

I thought I 'd check out Try the World when I saw Gilt City voucher deal offering a chance to try it for a mere $22. The Try The Worlds' team of travelers and local experts curate a collection of products that best represent each city the particular box focuses on. As a subscription, you will receive a box every two months. The box contains some of the most delicious gourmet finds but also a companion on the history of the products and how to use them, as well as a few cultural tips like music, movies, and things to do.

The Cost: $45/bi-monthly (Use this link to get $15 off your first box)

What You Get: A collection of authentic gourmet foods from selected cities around the world. It will also arrive with a booklet telling you historical information about that city and includes a card to describe how you can use each item provided.
You can find out what each box contains on their website. It's not a mystery box like most subscriptions. The first box is the Paris box and it's the first box everyone receives I believe.
The very first thing I noticed was the quality of everything included. The box was gorgeous and very sturdy.
The included pamphlet giving historical information on France was on heavy cardstock. Inside the booklet, I found information on French music, poetry, landmarks, movies and even a recipe for crepes. On the music page Try the World included a link to a playlist of French music. For culture, links were provided to learn more than what could be included in the book. Restaurant recommendations were also made in case you're ever in Paris traveling.
Here is everything you will receive in the Paris box. The one thing I have to say is that this box would make an unbelievable gift. As I read the booklet and took out the items, all I could think was how the entire box was set up to be the best gift ever for some unsuspecting friend or loved one. I think I may have to put this on my Christmas list as the perfect thing to send someone far away who likes not just the food, but also the experience that this box is.
Le Saunier De Camague Fleur de Sel-  This is an artisanal unrefined finishing salt cultivated along the southern coast of France.  It is harvested by hand using centuries old traditions.  It is sold in it's purest form without chemical treatments or additives.  Fleur de Sel is one of the most exclusive finishing salts because of it's scarcity and labor intensive production.
It has chunky, flaky crystals and is slightly damp so it should be sprinkled by hand over the dish.
I don't know what it is but this salt is so amazing. It makes everything taste better, it melts beautifully into steak. Its... I hardly know how to describe it. It opened my eyes to a new world of salt. I want to have this type around always.
Value: $11

Clement Faugier Chestnut Spread- This is a unique recipe created by master confectioner Clement Faugier in 1885.  It combines chestnuts from the Ardeche region of France with a hint of vanilla.  This puree can be used alone as a dessert, with cookies or used as a sweet topping for crepes, yogurt and ice cream. You can also spread it on toast, a croissant or fresh brioche.
Value: $3
Les Confitures a L'Ancienne Hot Chocolate Powder- A traditional powdered chocolate from the finest cocoa beans, carefully roasted. This is a flavorful, rich chocolate drink with Bourbon vanilla for a subtle and smooth finish.
The best chocolate drink I've had in ages. This is gorgeously chocolaty, rich and delicious. I bought more in their shop, that's how good it is.
Value: $2

Le Palais des Thes Fine Tea- This tea combines the allure of the Orient with the panache of the French tea culture. Three tea bags are included. The flavors are The des Moines, a black and green tea blend, The Des Amants, blend of black tea, apple, almond, cinnamon and vanilla, spiced up with a hint of ginger, and Fleur de Geisha, a green tea flavored with cherry blossoms.
Value: $2
Domaine des Vignes Whole Grain Dijon Mustard- In 1856, Jean Naigeon created the recipe for the famous Moutarde de Dijon with it's strong, unique taste. Whole Grain, with mustard seed hulls folded-into the delicious recipe has great, tender crunch. Perfect with charcuterie, sauces and dressings.
Value: $6

Bonne Maman Fig Preserves- This French brand makes delicious 100% all natural jams. Fig Preserves are made with ripened, tender figs that feature smooth, sweet favors that are perfect for savory flavor combinations. The figs’ natural flavors combine beautifully with bread, cheese, ice cream and more!
Value: $4
Paris Caramels Salted Butter Caramels- This recipe was born in 1946 when the French celebrated the return to leisure at the beach in Brittany. These are made using Breton butter and Brittany's famous fleur de sel. Paris Caramels is a family owned and run company that specializes in the confection of artisanal chocolates and gourmet caramels.
I don't particularly care for salted caramels but these are soft and delicious. And soooo buttery!
Value: $7

Chabert & Guillot Nougat- The Chabert family has been producing nougat in the city of Montelimar in southeastern France since 1848. Their nougat is so well known throughout France that you can find it anywhere. Made with almonds and honey.
I thought this tasted boring.  It's crunchy with nuts but I like a little more sugar in my sweets. :D
Value: $3

La Mere Poulard Sables- The famous restaurant and bakery named after its founder remains a benchmark in French gastronomy for variety, originality and light touch. These cookies only have five ingredients including salted butter from Brittany.
These are rich and buttery and basically melt in your mouth. Very good with a slight hint of sweetness.
Value: $3

VERDICT: I like this box a lot just for the gift aspect of it. It's quite impressive in that realm. The cost of this box is regularly $45 and the value came out to $42. With specialty food boxes, the value isn't always in the money aspect but in the originality of what you are receiving. Of course, I expect the value to be at least what I paid for it and in the case of this particular box, the value for me is great.
There are some interesting treats in this box. Most of them I've never tried. Okay, I've never tried any of them and that actually is fun.
I prefer the way Try the World makes their boxes over Escape Monthly. Escape Monthly just did a Paris box, too, and while they are different, Try the World is so much classier.

While I may not get another Try the World box for myself, I am definitely considering it for a gift. It really is fun and is so tastefully done up that it's going to make anyone happy to receive it.

If you'd like to know more about Try the World, you can sign up here (and get $15 off with this link) or just explore what they have to offer. The next boxes are Tokyo, Rome, Istanbul, New Dehli and Rio. I bet the Istanbul one is fabulous... Maybe I should stay subscribed.

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  1. Agreed that this seems a bit nicer than the Escape Monthly Paris box. And you are so right about the gifting aspect ... I bet my dad and his GF would LOVE this. I know he at least is a fan of fancy mustards and other treats. :)

    1. I wonder if you are gifting, you could choose a different box. From what I can tell, they've got the six boxes and then... rinse and repeat? Maybe I should ask them about that.
      I definitely felt like I was opening a present with this box, it was pretty fun :D