Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All the Random Things! (and Giveaways!)

Okay, everyone!  It has been a week of all kinds of fun stuff!!

Congratulations to Moi for winning my Memebox Giveaway!  
She chose the Super Luckybox #11 and that will be winging it's way to her home around the end of November.  I hope all the fun and amazing things are in there!

Also, I had a super crazy opportunity to work with Memebox on showcasing some of the products they have in their USA shop!  This was completely out of the blue and I had about a week to prepare for it.  Not long!  I may end up doing a post explaining how it all works but for now I'm just amazed it even happened.  It's pretty exciting for a new blogger like me to be able to take part in something like this.

If you haven't entered the giveaway associated with the Memebox Haul of Fame sale and you are a resident of the USA, you can head to this post and get your entries in.  It's kind of like a Naked Box except its not a box. So its technically not like a Naked Box at all. Especially because I picked the items in it. You'll get $70 worth of goodies shipped to your door, so get over there and do it!

The hardest part was not being able to include all my international readers.  I am happy I was able to have my own Memebox giveaway earlier that allowed an international winner! Yay, Moi!


I have two other giveaways running as well!!

If you love candles, enter my Andrea Schroder Specialty Gift Set giveaway!  You'll get to choose the candle scents they send you, isn't that awesome!?  I'm glad they agreed to do that since it's more fun when you know you'll get something you love.
The other giveaway is for coffee lovers!  Bean Box is offering up a SIX month subscription to their coffee subscription service.  That is ridiculously generous and one of the best valued coffee giveaways I've seen yet!  If you like coffee, make sure you enter right here.

In other news, I've got so many new and fun boxes to review for you this month!  If you are like me, you are thinking of Christmas right around July. Of course, that's because I celebrate Christmas. Presents for oneself are also amazing!  Now that I know about how awesome subscription boxes are, I'm going all out on gifting my family members!  Lots of box companies have gift subscriptions so you don't have to worry about cancelling them.  I'm compiling a list and I'll post it in a Tab at the top of my page so you can get some ideas if you need them.

I had a mini vacation and went to Texas to see that side of my family and had WAY too much fun!  I ate so much.  Sweet rolls, pralines, chicken fried chicken, catfish...  /sigh.  We have nothing even close to that kind of goodness here in Seattle.
We also celebrated the 94th birthday of my great uncle Jack.  Yep, 94 and going strong!  I got to hear stories from the war about landing on Normandy Beach.  Times were different back then.  My other great uncle Delbert (who is 90) was a radio operator.  He would sneak into enemy lines and put up his antennae and then post his code so the planes above would know where to drop their bombs.  Scary!

Speaking of scary, while we were there we made an interesting discovery.
I know it's blurry but I tried so hard to get a photo of this Zombie Apocolypse Disaster Response Team van!  HILARIOUS!  The front end had a skewered head on the grill, while the back (as you can see) had half a bloody torso.  That made for a little excitement after hanging around people all over the age of sixty for two days.

When I got back, I came home to a couple Birchbox orders!  So Birchbox has the best points program in the universe.  If you're subscribed and not reviewing your items, you need to.  It adds up and you can buy fabulous things like Bodum mugs and double walled tumblers.  And It Cosmetic brushes.
If you're me, you even sneak a box of tea in the cart.  Is it bad that I was relieved I didn't have to review my stash?  It's also bad because I wanted to show you all what I got anyway! Haha!  I still have too many boxes to review to do it but maybe soon.

My camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (which I love) has been driving me nuts.  It's not actually the camera, it's the storage.  I can't figure out what it's doing but somehow Picasa has invaded my phone like a virus and keeps telling me I'm using up too much storage.  So FINE!  I deleted some off my phone. Then *poof* those pictures disappeared from my blog posts! What the?!  I'm still too grumpy about that to go back and fix them all but I need to.

I'm currently burning my Mulled Cider wooden wick candle that I received in my Flicker Box. It's by 2nd Star to the Right (an Etsy store) and I have to admit I'm not too impressed with the throw. Fine. Not impressed at all.  Especially when compared to the Andrea Schroder candle which filled the entire room and out into the hall!  And that was a Travel Candle!

Thank you, wonderful readers, for stopping by Bits and Boxes!  I'm loving sharing all my finds and fun with you and hope I haven't enabled you tooooo much! ;)

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