Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Allure Sample Society October 2014 Review

Allure Sample Society has been hitting it out of the park with it's past few boxes.  This is the fifth month since it's rebranding and I'm still excited about it.  It's consistently packed with good brands, fun products and new-to-me things.

The Cost: $15/monthly

What You Get: Five deluxe-size beauty samples from a curated mix of skin, hair, and makeup products, as well as fragrance. You'll also receive $10 gift card to redeem on any $50 Beauty Bar purchase every month.

I think this particular month was getting a bad rap because there was a pretty huge mistake made with one of the spoilers.  I was not happy about the mistake but I'm still glad to get to try the product.  The second issue was the appearance of a L'Oreal Shampoo and Conditioner.  I don't really have a problem with this because I hate hair products no matter what brand they are.  However, just because I dislike getting them doesn't mean a box is bad.

Here's what we've got going on this month. Yay, October!  Only three months till Christmas!
Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum-  Now that is a handful of a name!  This is also my favorite thing in the box.  Originally, this was billed in the spoiler as being one ounce.  Not so much luck.  It's actually 7ml which as you can see, is still a decent size.
It's designated a serum but is a lot thicker than I was expecting.  With the bottle being as small as it is, I'm going to need a super tiny spatula to get out every last drop because I just don't see this flowing smoothly into my hand.
It's got an enjoyably light scent and isn't overly cloying.  I approve.
Value: $15

Bond No. 9 High Line- I dislike fragrance in general but can be won over at times when a good one appears in a box.  This one is a mix of bergamot, rhubarb, rose, tulip, grape hyacinth, sea moss, bur oak, musk and something called purple love grass.
It reminds me of something I can't identify and I don't really like it much.  It didn't win me over like Harvey Prince Hello did.  Sadly.
Value: $2
L'Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner- This is for dry and damaged hair.  Which I have!  Maybe for the first time ever, I'll try a shampoo I got in a box!
Okay, I just smelled it.  And drooled.  I'm definitely using these.  If they make my hair smell so good I want to eat it, I'll be thrilled.  I might have to go use it right now.
Value: $4
Emi-Jay Hair Ties-Before you get all bummed out about getting hair ties, don't!  Well, okay, you can if you want (and especially if you have short hair) but I have fallen in love with this style of hair tie.  These are sparkly and cute, too.  I don't have sparkly ones yet.
They don't leave dents in your hair, they don't look like an 80's hair scrunchie and they add a little pizzazz to a run of the mill ponytail.  Like the kind I sport pretty regularly.  The only bad thing about these? Losing them.
Value: $6
Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara in Black- This is a dark, rich black and will give you very natural looking eyelashes.  I tend to prefer mascaras that lengthen and separate my lashes like this mascara does so I'm very glad to have this in my box.  It's got kohl pigment in it so it's super black, too. Yay!
This mini mascara is exactly half of full size and should be enough for ten applications.
Value: $14

VERDICT: The Sample Society box this month had six items when normally there is only five.  That's because they awesomely included the shampoo and conditioner duo and counted it as one sample.  I like generosity like that!  The box has a value of $36 which is more than double what I paid for it.  It's a lot less than usual but I'll end up using everything in the box except the perfume so this was a total win for me, which I wasn't really expecting!  The inclusion of the Estee Lauder Enlighten is fantastic plus the Bobbi Brown makes it even better.  Super happy and can't wait til next month.

If you would like to sign up for Allure's Sample Society, you can do that at the Beauty Bar website. Beauty Bar takes care of the financial, packing and shipping side of Sample Society while Allure curates each box.  The box used to be branded as a Beauty Bar Sample Society because of that but Allure has decided to take a bigger interest in the box now which is great.


  1. I know a lot of people hated getting the shampoo and how they weren't specific on the size of the Estee Lauder sample. Personally, I'm fine with it. Not a lot of boxes can give us brands like Estee Lauder and Bobbi Brown,

    1. Exactly. And my hair does smell great :D I don't have an issue with L'Oreal. That lip color in the last box is pretty high up on my favorite lipstick list.