Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blind Surprise October 2014 Review + 50% off Coupon Code!

I got my October 2014 Blind Surprise box today!  This is my first Blind Surprise Box and I really didn't have any idea what to expect.

What Blind Surprise does is hunt down all the fun, quirky things that the internet has to offer and sends their favorites to your door.  You will have literally no clue whatsoever as to what you might be receiving.  Actually, that might be a little bit not true.  You do fill out a profile with some facts about yourself so you won't get a box of men's underwear if you are a woman.  That sort of thing.
The presentation is pretty cute, I love the big "Surprise!" written on the top of the box.  What I wasn't expecting was a theme.  This box definitely had a party theme with some pretty ridiculous items in it.
Blind Surprise never said they'd send anything practical, they said they would send something fun and unusual.  They definitely delivered on that promise.

The Cost: $31/monthly or get a one time Gift Box for the same price.

What You Get:  2-3 unusual products from places like Etsy, Uncommon Goods and Quirky.  Blind Surprise tries to feature new artists every time.
Fred Cool Shooters Fill and Chill Shot Glass Mold-  Fred is an interesting company.  They get independent designers to create something for them, then sell it.  These shooters were designed by a guy named Anthony.
The best thing about these is the fact that the mold is silicone.  Which means I can use it for soaps!  I don't think its very practical for drinks, though.  How are you going to hold an ice cup in your hand? Sounds uncomfortable.  So these will become my new soaps! Hopefully I can make the outside one color and then fill the inside with another color/scent.
Value: $7.99
Fred Citrusaw Bottle Opener and Citrus Knife-  Okay, this is cool!  I like it just for the saw part.  I wonder if it works.  Plastic might not be super awesome at cutting limes.  We'll see!  I hope my MIL isn't reading this because it's going in her stocking. :)
Value: $8.45

Fred ChitChats Conversation Starting Drink Markers-just complete the message on the talk bubble, stick it on your glass, and let the fun begin. ChitChats not only start conversations...they help you remember whose glass is whose. These static cling stickers work on glass, ceramic, or smooth plastic; they remove instantly; and they're reusable. You get 48 talk bubbles in each pack, along with a permanent marker pen.
This can be handy even if it's just for marking which glass is yours.  I like that they are reusable and aren't actually stickers.
Value: $7.99

VERDICT:  I think this would be a great gift.  I don't think that I would get another one for myself but it would be fun to do for a friend or family member that lives too far away to visit.  And has a sense of humor.  I paid $18 for this box because I had a coupon of some sort.  It might have been off Rue La La or something but I can't remember now.  Since the box value was $24 (according to Amazon prices), it's worth it to me.  But if I had paid $31 ($25 plus $6 shipping) I would be a bit miffed.  I do like the curation even though it's not my style.  I don't go for drinking gadgets much but it's okay.  All of these would be good stocking stuffers.  I think maybe that's what Blind Surprise is.  A box full of stocking stuffers.  If that's the kind of thing you want, this box is great.

If you want to sign up for Blind Surprise, you can do that here.  Make sure you use coupon code: TRYITOUT and get 50% off your first box with a subscription!  It's totally worth it for $19, imo! (That's $12.50 plus $6.50 shipping).  Use code GREEN and get $3 off a one time box.

They also have a new box called High End Surprise that's $100.  I don't know what's in those but that's a lot of money to toss around to find out.  If you've received a High End Surprise, tell me what you got!

Actually, I'm curious to know what you got in your regular Blind Surprise box.  They're all different so give me the deets!

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  1. OMG the citrusaw! I need it! I think I would actually love this box - maybe not on a monthly basis, but once in a while when I'm in a "I want random funny crap" mood. Which is most of the time, actually. Maybe I do need a monthly subscription.

    1. I want the Citrusaw but it's SUCH a good stocking stuffer, that I can't bring myself to rip it open and try it. :D I totally agree that for me this is a "once in awhile" box just for the insane variety of it. It's more than I would want to spend on a monthly basis, though.

  2. Ugh unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my wallet's sake) I find no appeal in this box. It just seems like cheap random crap. A little bit like the fancy boxes. (side eye to both companies)

    1. Hah! You are totally right! I don't know why anyone gets Fancy, quite frankly. They're a recipe for clutter and uselessness! Okay, so this box kind of is, too. I'm just lucky these will make superfine stocking stuffers :D