Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fabletics October 2014 Pick or Skip Time + My Order!

 fabletics october 2014
If you are subscribed to Fabletics, make sure you pick your outfit for the month or skip if you don't see anything you like.

Fabletics is an athletic clothing company started by Kate Hudson.  I find that the quality is quite good and since I would normally end up spending more on items like these, the cost is worth it.

One more thing I like about it is that you can skip any month without penalty!

The Cost: $49.99/month

What You Get: Your choice of a 2 or 3 piece athletic outfit in fashionable colors and styles.

I happily was able to find an outfit so I didn't skip this month.  Here is what I decided on:

This is the Polar outfit. This includes the Davis asymmetrical jacket and the Lima Capris.  I'm pretty excited about it and I did get it in these colors as well.  I love blue!

You can sign up for Fabletics and get your first outfit for only $25!  That's what I did.  It's definitely worth it for me.  I don't like any of their sports bras but I've been very happy with the tops and bottoms I've gotten.  They are also super good at exchanges if you don't get the right size.  AND if something just looks bad, you can pick something completely different which is nice.

They do have a style quiz, which you fill out and then they will suggest a page of outfits based on your priorities.  So if you prefer long sleeves or don't want to bare your abs, they'll show you all the outfits with long sleeves and no crop tops.  You can, of course, access ALL the outfits, though, so there's no limits set on you.

You can skip or cancel your account right from your account page.  You can earn points toward free outfits by posting reviews or inviting friends.  The only thing you need to pay attention to is whether you skip or not.  You can skip before the 5th of each month.  If you forget to skip, you'll be charged for one month and receive an outfit credit.  I haven't had any issues because they send you an email reminding you (which is seriously awesome- they aren't trying to trick you).

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