Monday, October 13, 2014

Julep Maven October 2014 Dark Arts Review and Free Halloween Set Coupon Code!

I got my Julep Maven October 2014 Dark Arts box a few days ago.  They used to ship from Seattle and get to my house in two days but now they're coming from Ohio and take a lot longer.  When I was in Seattle yesterday I saw a Julep nail parlor and got a little happy feeling.  Like I'm part of a special club or something, since I'm a Maven.  Silly, probably, but you know what I mean.

Julep is more than a nail parlor, though.  They send a box each month full of nail polish and other related beauty items.  They've really been branching out and are the creators of my new favorite lip crayon, the Plush Pout!

The boxes you get for being a Julep Maven are completely customizeable so you can always make sure you are getting what you want.  When you sign up, you'll take the Style Quiz (Take the Maven Style Quiz here!) and you'll be matched with a polish profile.  I'm a Bombshell.  And it's pretty spot on because I've rarely varied from the Bombshell box.

The Cost: $24.99/monthly

What You Get:  You'll get a customizable box worth at least $40 with full size, limited run nail colors and beauty products.  You'll be able see your box each month and swap out your items so you get only the ones you really want.  You'll also get 20% off regular Julep prices, free shipping and access to the Secret Shop.

Some months there will be special Limited Edition boxes you can swap your entire box for.  So this month, instead of getting my normal Bombshell box, I swapped my whole box to get the special Dark Arts LE October 2014 box!  This box had more than usual so it was a spanking good deal!
The Dark Arts box comes with three polishes, nail decals, and Juleps special Oxygen Top Coat.  Plus some candy corn which I didn't get to eat because my dog got to it first.  Sneaky rat.
The only bad thing is that these polishes were really hard to photograph because they are so dark.
They're so perfect for Halloween, though, I hardly know what to do with myself.  I love them all!
Julep Glam Roc Stardust Finish- I *adore* this!  This is a Midnight purple & gold stardust (matte glitter).  LOVE!  Plus it has texture to it, so it's even more fun.  Get it glossy with a top coat if you want.  It's got great coverage, too, one coat is all it takes and it dries fast.
Value: $14
Julep Cleopatra Black Latex Finish- This requires two coats if you do it thin like I prefer to do.
You could totally glop it on and get it done in one, though.  This doesn't actually have latex in it but it does look just like black latex gloves with that dull, smooth finish.  It's a great partner for some Jack Skellington-Nightmare before Christmas artwork, for sure!  It dries quickly.  I wouldn't put anything but a matte topcoat on it because the finish is really what sets this apart.
Value: $14
Julep Oxygen Performance Top Coat- A fast-drying, long-wearing top coat powered by breakthrough Oxygen Technology, nutrient-rich caviar extract, and scratch-resistant platinum.
This will add shine and longevity to your polish.  I was super glad this was included in the box because I don't have this yet.  I haven't tried it yet but I will!
Value: $18 (currently on sale for $10)

Chevron Nail Decals- I have to admit I've never used nail decals before.  But now that I have these I will try them.  Maybe I'll see how they look with the Black Latex polish.
Value: $1

VERDICT:  This was probably one of the most fun Maven boxes I've received so far.  I like being able to pick my colors and get things I know I want but I also like the ability to just get something a little out of my comfort zone and still get an amazing deal.

If you want to sign up to become a Julep Maven and receive your own box each month, you have a few choices right now!

You can take your Style Quiz and go with the box they pick for you (you can't customize your first box) and get that box for FREE with the code FREEBOX.  Sign up here!
you can get a unique, limited edition Halloween 4 piece first box for FREE with code FREETREATS!  Sign up here!

Either way, you'll be able to customize your subsequent boxes to include exactly what you want (or do what I did this month if they have special box and swap the whole thing).

What did you get in your box this month?  Any colors that wowed you?!

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  1. I've loved the Freedom Polymer top coat for a year - it's probably what made me keep my Julep subscription - but this new Oxygen top coat puts Freedom to shame! My mani's are lasting at least 2x as long until they chip (Freedom would peel in flakes when it started coming off, no little chips) It's not quite as glossy as Freedom but if I can have a dark polish mani stay for 5 days without chipping or peeling then I can live with less gloss...anyway, hope you like it!

    1. Oh, that is good to hear! I've been using Freedom as well for the last few months. It's almost gone so the fact this showed up was timely. I do love the shine but you are right, I'd happily sacrifice that to have one of my dark blue or purple polishes last a little longer.